News Archive - 2007/08

8 May 2008 - Regional Event - Tuesday 13th May 2008 - 7:30pm - The Coach and Horses, Bexley
The MSC are holding an informal meeting on Tuesday 13th May at the Coach and Horse's pub, North Cray Road, Bexley. All fans are invited to come along and join us for a drink and the chance to talk directly to members of the committee. So if you have any thoughts or comments you would like to discuss with the us why not come along.

20 April 2008 - MSC AGM
The MSC Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 30th April (7:30pm) at The Den. The AGM is open to all MSC Members and Season Ticket holders so why not come along and find out what the MSC has been up to for the past twelve months. It's also your chance to give us some feedback and help shape the MSC's aims and objectives for the coming year.

10 April 2008 - Ticketing Arrangements for Millwall v Leeds United – Update
As seemed likely.......
Following consultation with police and in the interests of our local community, it has been decided that tickets for the Millwall v. Leeds fixture on Saturday 19th April will not be on sale on the day of the game. The advice is – get your tickets asap. Ticket Office is staying open late (until 7.00 p.m.) next Thursday and Friday (17th and 18th April).

9 April 2008 - GFL V JB
Graham Ferguson Lacey is again causing an unwelcome stir at Millwall FC, without even saying anything in public. Lacey is currently the largest shareholder of Millwall PLC, but his actions suggest that he has no interest in the wellbeing of Millwall Football Club, only in the potential profits to be earned from property development in the locality of the Den. With or without a football club at its heart. It is unhelpful that he has never stated his intentions, but does appear intent on doing battle with the board of Millwall PLC and chairman John Berylson in particular. Obviously this is an unwelcome distraction from the business of the fight against relegation, which is where all the clubs energy and resources should be deployed. John Berylson has again demonstrated his commitment to Millwall Football Club with another loan of £3m. The fans are fully behind him in the fights against relegation and against Graham Ferguson Lacey.

9 April 2008 - Hartlepool Jobsworth Alert
Millwall FC have received a letter from Hartlepool United welcoming our fans to Victoria Park on Saturday. Hartlepool have asked us to draw attention to the fact that they operate a zero tolerance policy towards persistent standing and offenders will be ejected.

8 April 2008 - Regeneration Suggestions
Back in February 2008 we asked fans to provide us with suggestions on what you would like to see included when the club draw up their plans for the future regeneration of the area around the Den. As fans, we are sitting here waiting to see what the clubs plans may be. Being a financially sensitive issue, they haven't been discussed with the MSC or individual supporters. The MSC see there is no reason not to take your ideas to the club. They may be ignored or, it may be seen as advantageous to include them. Regardless, it is surely important to speak up about what we want to see around our club? Following our consultation the following suggestions were put forward and will be presented to the club at our meeting at the end of April.

Supporter Suggestions

  • Bigger Supporters Bar
  • Supporter Parking Facility (possibly underground, could be used by commuters during the week)
  • Millwall Museum
  • Betting Shop
  • Bigger, Better Ticket Office
  • Statue of a Millwall Legend (Harry/Kitch)
  • Bigger Club Shop
  • Decent Food Outlets
  • The Gates

8 April 2008 - Fancy Joining the Committee?
It's that time of year when we call for nominations for next season to serve on the MSC committee. As a committee we have worked hard to try and make things better for fans and feel that, along with the fan on the board, supporters' views are better represented than ever before. Being on the committee is not an easy job and will definitely involve you having to give up a fair amount of your spare time, but of course it is rewarding to contribute to improving things for Millwall fans. We are always keen to get new people on board to bring enthusiasm, drive and hopefully new ideas to the committee. Hopefully you think you can make a difference for other Millwall fans. If you do, please let us know via email or letter (address at the bottom of this page) by 12noon on Monday 14th April. If you have any questions at all, please do contact us via the same email address as above or call 07895 022 325. We can have up to 13 people on the committee and if we get more than 13 nominations there will be a vote at the MSC AGM on Wednesday 30th April.

3 April 2008 - MSC Raffle - VIP Day Out for 4
Congratulations to Peter and Kim White whose numbers came up last night when they won the MSC raffle for the VIP day at the Den for the Leeds game. We hope you enjoy your day! The MSC would like to thank everybody who supported us by buying raffle tickets.

2 April 2008 -Ticketing Arrangements for Millwall v Leeds United
Leeds United fans have been allocated the Upper Tier of the North Stand for this match, the Bukta flag will be removed. The police did not object to tickets for the rest of the ground going on to general sale. The club spoke to the MSC regarding ticketing arrangements in the event of Leeds selling out their allocation, bearing in mind that

  1. There is a high potential for disorder at this fixture.
  2. Following a number of incidents at the Den this season Millwall is under the particular scrutiny of the FA.
  3. The size of the Leeds fanbase is such that they have many fans who live in London, indeed they have a London Supporters Club.
  4. The safety and security of supporters of both teams is paramount.

It was agreed, if and when this occurs, that it would be prudent (many fans described it as common sense) to restrict ticket sales for the home fans' areas to Millwall fans. This has now occurred, but there is no limit to the number of tickets Millwall fans can buy. Take some evidence of being associated to Millwall when you buy your tickets. This match is NOT members and season ticket holders only.BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL MATCHDAY. Whilst this is not yet the case, it is possible the club will be instructed not to sell tickets on matchday.

17 March 2008 - Dean Leigh
After hearing about the incidents after the game on Saturday, we have been in contact with Dean Leigh to check that he is alright and are pleased to pass on that he is ok and out of hospital. He is a bit sore and bruised but will be back at work soon. Dean said he appreciated the messages of support posted on the message boards by Millwall supporters. The fact that this happened to someone who has been such a staunch ally of Milwall fans, home and away, is truly shocking

 5 March 2008 - Fan on the Board Election
The deadline for nominations for the upcoming Fan on the Board election has now passed. Millwall Supporters Club has received two applications, one from Peter Garston, the existing FOTB, plus one other. After further consideration of the likely impact on his family and work, the new candidate has decided that he cannot commit, at the moment, the time needed to do the job successfully. Consequently he has withdrawn his nomination.
With no other nominations, Peter is elected for a further three years as set out in the FOTB Terms of Reference. Congratulations to Peter, and Millwall Supporters Club looks forward to continuing to work together with him to represent the views of our supporters and ensure that the unprecedented influence of the fans at Millwall FC can be developed further. MSC Chairman Bob Asprey said "Peter Garston has been widely praised by the fans for the way he has gone about the role of Fan on the Board, and what he has achieved on our behalf. He has also earned the respect of his fellow board members at Millwall FC. While it is disappointing not to have an election to provide a FOTB with the majority backing of the fans, I am sure that most supporters are happy to see Peter continuing his good work."

21 February 2008 - Message to Supporters from Football Club Chairman
As many of you may know the Football Association visited The Den this week to meet with Club officials and Supporters' Club representatives to discuss their concerns over several incidents that have occurred this season. Following this meeting, John Beryleson (Football Club Chairman) has issued the following message to all Millwall supporters:

Dear Supporter,

I am taking the unprecedented step of writing this letter to you directly because Millwall Football Club and I need your help.

Since I came on to the Board at Millwall I have been astounded at the depth of passion and loyalty to be found amongst our fans. I have praised our supporters, and only wish that we could attract more like you so that the team can benefit further from the terrific vocal backing you give them.
However, in our midst there is a mindless minority whose recent actions are threatening our club in a very serious way. The most common and worrying of these incidents has been the throwing of objects onto the pitch, some of which were clearly aimed at officials or opposing players. Everyone needs to be painfully aware of the threat the people who perpetrate these acts pose to Millwall Football Club. We need to unite to identify them and ensure that it is these few who are punished for their actions - not the rest of us or our football club.

Many of you may know that the Football Association visited The Den this week to meet with Club officials and Supporters' Club representatives to discuss their concerns over these incidents. We were able to inform them of our intended actions and for the time being obtained their support. 

Beginning with this Saturday’s match v Port Vale, and continuing for the foreseeable future, only season ticket holders will be allowed in West Lower Blocks 27 to 30. Our intention is to inform all Millwall fans of the situation and ask for your support.

I urge you to ensure that the message gets across loud and clear to everyone; the minority amongst us must stop hurting our Club or the consequences of the damage done could be catastrophic. I feel the Club is capable of performing at a much higher level and I look forward to working with the team, management and fans to achieve this. 

Allow us to progress together and get our Club moving forward again.

John G Berylson.

6 February 2008 - Got Something Millwall Related to Sell?
The MSC is regularly contacted to see if we can sell and find a good home for Millwall related items. Items ranging from old programme's to parking spaces! Due to increasing volume of these requests, we have decided to set up a new section on this website called "Roaring Trade". Here you will find items we've been asked to try and sell to fellow Millwall fans. If you would like to advertise an item on here please email us

6 February 2008 - Are you Running The London Marathon?
The MSC are aware that a number of Lions fans will be taking part in this year's London Marathon, raising much-needed funds for a variety of fantastic charities. We at the MSC want to encourage and assist any Lions supporters taking part as best we can by helping to advertise on this website who is running, for what charity and how people can sponsor them. We will publish all the relevant details on our Charity Appeal page if you are running.

5 February 2008 - Regeneration Suggestions
For some time now, the "powers that be" have been working towards their regeneration plan for the area surrounding the club. As fans, we are sitting here waiting to see what they may be. Being a financially sensitive issue, they haven't been discussed with MSC or individual supporters.
This is no reason not to take ideas to the club from fans however. They may be ignored or, it may be seen as advantageous to include them. Regardless, it is surely important to speak up about what we want to see around our club? Many of you may know that a great deal of work has gone on to get a Millwall Museum off the ground. Should facilities be provided for that? With several local pubs closing what about additional supporters bars?
Better club shop or facilities to purchase tickets outside of the clubs opening hours? Ideas may be for the benefit of Millwall fans, or you may have suggestions of what you think the club should include from a financial point of view, for the long term benefit of the club. Whatever they are, we need to hear them. You can let us have your ideas by contacting the MSC via the usual routes.

29 January 2008 - Letter from The Professional Game Match Officials re: Keith Friend
The MSC has received via a supporter, a letter from Keith Hackett, General Manager at the Professional Game Match Official office concerning the performance of Referee Keith Friend at our home game against Oldham.

27 January 2008 - Millwall Fit Club - Update
The pounds are dripping away from the magnificent seven Millwall fans taking part in the Fit Club. The benefits of regular exercise and a balanced diet are becoming increasingly obvious to all - just check the following results taken at the third weigh-in prior to the Tranmere game on January 19th.

11 November 2007 - Car Break-Ins
In recent weeks the problem of supporter's cars being targeted by criminals has again been brought to our attention. The MSC are in ongoing discussions with our Police Liaison Officer in order to help combat this problem. We would like supporters to let us know of any car break-ins so we can pass these onto our Police Liaison Officer so patrols can be increased around the problem areas while the match is going on. Please report any problem areas either by email, writing, by phone or by speaking to a committee member.

11 November 2007 - Dockers Day
Chris Bethel and Pete Garston have been busy sorting out the dockers day event and we hope it will rival last year's. We will be getting the team that played in the unbeaten 59 game run along to join in the celebrations of the club's heritage. If you are an old docker and you wish to attend, or you know someone who was, please write in to Chris Bethel c/o Millwall FC, The Den, Zampa Rd, London SE16 3LN. We would like to get a short piece form all applicants giving a little bit of history regarding how it was following Millwall as a docker, and if your piece is selected then you will be invited along to as a VIP guest. The day will be held on Saturday February 23rd when the Lions play Port Vale.

5 December 2007 - MSC Statement Following the Leyton Orient Match
We had a great night last night. The fans were up for it and the players were up for it and we got the result. It was a timely reminder of the passion we can generate and how the players can feed off it. Even a couple of board members have paid tribute to the performance of the fans. However, we potentially find ourselves in the dock, again, because of a very small number of idiots. We really can't afford to have sanctions taken against us, and we really don't want any further restrictions on our away travel, but these incidents make such impositions so much more likely. Whilst there are always circumstances surrounding incidents, and we see similar incidents at other clubs go unpunished, you can NEVER throw things on the pitch, any more than you can ever run on to it. There is no upside to such behaviour. It does nothing but harm. Now let's get back to being what we want to be famous for, a noisy, impassioned, energetic, single-minded group of fans, both home and away.

12 December 2007 - Kevin Bremner Q&A Session - Arry's Bar: Saturday 15th December
The MSC are please to announce that before this Saturday's game against Oldham, Lions Legend Kevin Bremner will be joining supporters in 'Arry's to take part in a special fans question and answer session. The Q&A session should start around 12:30-12:45 so if you've got a question you would like to put to Kevin, why not join us in 'Arry's.

25 October 2007 - Leeds United Away - Saturday 27 October
This is a reminder to fans travelling to Eland Road on Saturday to take your season ticket/membership card with you to the game as these will be checked at the turnstiles along with the match ticket. Anyone not in possession of the relevant card will be refused entry.

8 October 2007 - Willie Donachie
The MSC committee has sent this message to Pete Garston, our representative in the boardroom, this morning....

The unanimous opinion of ALL those who have contacted us since Saturday, and of the MSC committee, many of whom were present on Saturday, is as follows....

The performance of the team on Saturday was the final confirmation that this team is not going to progress under Willie's management. There was a whole catalogue of things which were not right which were clear to all those present. It would be superfluous to list them all here but Willie has quite obviously lost the confidence of the players. It has been a long painful decline we have witnessed this season, and Willie must be removed from the manager's position as quickly as possible. To delay further merely makes his successor's job more difficult. We think our squad is plenty good enough to compete in this division and we believe that Willie’s permanent replacement should be a manager with successful experience at this level.

The time is now.

9 October 2007 - Lions Directory. Could your business use an extra 20 thousand fans?
The Lions Directory is the new business-listing directory produced by Millwall fans, for Millwall fans. By advertising your business in The Lions Directory you will be seen by 20,000 or more Millwall supporters. Fans who are loyal to the club and loyal to other supporters.The deadline for entries is Saturday 20th October.

9 October 2007 - Quiz Night
We will be holding our first quiz night of the season at The Den on Wednesday 24th October.
For a bargain price of £7 per person you can have a fun night out testing your knowledge against other Millwall supporters. Teams should consist of no more than four people. The price of the ticket includes sausage and mash with vegetarian sausages also available.
Please phone the MSC on 07895 022 325 or email if you want the vegetarian option.
Tickets must be purchased in advance and they are available from either the blue routemaster on matchdays or the ticket office during the week.

25 September 2007 - Leeds United Away - Saturday 27 October
After discussions with both Leeds United and West Yorkshire Police, Millwall have today confirmed that the above fixture will remain a 3pm kick-off with no traveling restrictions being placed on Millwall supporters. Millwall have been allocated 1,500 tickets which will be on sale to season ticket holders and members only. Supporters will need to take their season ticket/membership card with them to the game as these will be checked at the turnstiles along with the match ticket. Anyone not in possession of the relevant card will be refused entry. Tickets go on sale to season ticket holders from Monday 8th October and members from Saturday 20th October priced at £20 adults, £13 over 60s, £10 U16s. Tickets go off sale at 2pm on Friday 26th October (subject to availability). MSC Chairman Bob Asprey said"Given that many clubs in our division have been alarmed by the disorder at two of our away games this season, and the history between the Lions and Leeds United, I think this is as good a deal as we could have hoped for. Almost anything else would have been worse. Obviously we don't like to see constraints on Millwall fans attending away matches, but I think most will understand this situation."

25 September 2007 - Blackpool Illuminations and Carlisle Away (Fri 5th - Sun 7th October)
Following on from the two successful weekend trips we organised last season, we have organised another weekend in Blackpool for when we play Carlisle Utd away. For just £125 the trip includes return coach travel and two nights accommodation in a decent Blackpool hotel. (Match ticket not included).We also have some spare places on their coach for the return trip from Blackpool (not The Den) to Carlisle. This will leave Blackpool at 10.30am. This would be ideal for anyone who has organised their own accommodation in Blackpool but would rather not drive themselves to Carlisle. The cost for return coach trip is £20. Please contact the MSC to check availability.

17 September 2007 - Rail Works - Saturday 29th September - Swindon Town
Millwall fans are reminded that because of engineering works, South Bermondsey Station will be closed on the weekend of 29th/30th September. This will affect fans travelling to the Den for the game against Swindon.
Those of you who regularly use this route to The Den should allow a little more time for your journey. Here are some suggested alternatives:
New Cross, New Cross Gate, Bermondsey, Canada Water and Surrey Quays underground will be operating as normal. Surrey Quays is the closest (approx 10-15 mins).
Catch a DLR train to Deptford Bridge and then take the 53 or 453 bus to the junction of Old Kent Road/Ilderton Road.

24 August 2007 - Junior Lions Funday - Sunday 2nd September, 11am-2pm
On Sunday 2nd September the Junior Lions are holding their annual Open Day at The Den. The gates will open at 11am for the fun to begin. Admission is a very reasonable £3 per person. The event is open to anyone - whether members or not - so why not bring along your friends and family for a great day out! This year's entertainment will include a face painter, magician and various activities to try. There is also an opportunity to meet all your favourite players, get your photo taken and stock up on some autographs.

15 August 2007 - MSC Event - Arry's Bar: Saturday 18 August
The MSC are pleased to announce that Arry's Bar will open at 12.00 before Saturday's game against Cheltenham. From 12.00 to 1.00 it will be happy hour, with reduced prices at the bar. A simple selection of food (pies, rolls) will also be available from the bar. Portsmouth v Bolton will be on the big screen from 12.45. We should also be having Lions legends Terry Hurlock and Terry Brisley joining us for a pre-match drink. Terry and Terry will be popping into the bar for an informal chat with fans, and so will Football Club Chairman Stewart Till, and Director Andy Ambler. The MSC would like to make Arry's a proper supporters' bar, so come along and have a drink. Entry is on a first come, first served basis. Bring your Season Ticket / Membership Card, and get there early to avoid disappointment and for cheap beer.

24 August 2007 - New Catering Arrangements at The Den
Many fans will be aware that the catering in the kiosks on the concourses has been contracted out, and the new operators did not get off to a great start, indeed many fans have contacted us on this very subject. The following issues have been raised with us, and forwarded to the club so that they can be brought up with the new contractors.

  1. Same problem as last season with not all Kiosks being open (in South and West at least).
  2. A perception (at least) that prices are significantly higher than last season.
  3. No visible management presence.
  4. No evidence of the staff, in general, being any better trained or prepared than last season. Many didn't know the prices.
  5. The price list is now less visible than last season.
  6. There was a slightly farcical situation where some kiosks were without forks and others were using them as tea stirrers.
  7. No vegetarian burgers available.
  8. "Matchday Special" no longer available
  9. The new pies seem to be drier than the old, wrapped, Pukka pies.
  10. Health and safety / food handling. Staff were coughing and sneezing but not hand washing.

15 August 2007 - Bottled Beer in the Kiosks
The Good News
The kiosk operations at the Den have been widely criticised by fans over recent years. Many good suggestions have been made by supporters with a view to making improvements. As you may know the club has now taken decisive action on this, and the kiosk operations have been contracted out to Lindley Catering, a company involved in catering operations at many football grounds and other venues across the country. In an effort to improve service, the police have been persuaded to allow bottled beer to be introduced, in order to cut waiting times and indeed to guarantee quality. This has been suggested by fans on many occasions.
The Bad News
Unfortunately, during the pre-season games a few fans have tried to take the bottles into the seating areas. This cannot occur as it is against the law. This is not a local rule, it is the law of the land, enforced by the Police. If this problem persists then the club will be forced to withdraw bottled beer and we will be back to slow queues again. For the sake of your fellow fans please ensure that your beer stays on the concourses.

15 August 2007 - Policing at Doncaster
The MSC are aware of issues regarding the policing at the Doncaster game. The committee feel it is unfair to treat the entire traveling Millwall support badly because of the behavior of the minority who caused problems inside the stadium. Any supporter who experienced problems at Doncaster should contact the MSC.

9 August 2007 - Season Tickets
We have been informed by the club that it has now processed and dispatched all season ticket applications that were received by the ticket office before the middle of July. Any supporter who applied before then and are still awaiting their season ticket are advised to contact the club ticket office immediately.

24 July 2007 - Fans Forum - Meet the Manager - Tuesday 7th August
With the kick off to the new season fast approaching the MSC Committee are pleased to announce that a Fans Forum will take place on Tuesday 7th August, in the Executive Lounge at The Den, commencing at 7pm prompt. Click here for more information on how to book your seat. Last season's membership card will be accepted.

20 July 2007 - Millwall v Sierra Leone - Daily Mail
The comments appearing in the Daily Mail (20/07/07) which are attributed to 'a Millwall Supporters Club spokesman' are not from a Millwall Supporters Club spokesman, and do not represent the views of our members who have contacted us.

19 July 2007 - Millwall v Sierra Leone
MSC has written to the club to voice the opinions of numerous fans who almost unanimously condemn the hijacking of this fixture and it becoming a political event....
Most fans were supportive of the pre-season friendly v Sierra Leone as a decent warm up match for a League One club, indeed an interesting one, against a minor footballing nation. It may have brought some benefits in terms of attracting new fans to The Den and in terms of demonstrating our open attitude. However, it has now emerged that what we thought was a pre-season friendly is in fact a political event. Fans not surprisingly see this as exercise in political correctness supported by Lewisham and Southwark Councils and presumably Millwall FC too. It appears that there will be a highly misconceived minute's applause. I am sure that the political agenda here will make this event more appealing to political activists and far less appealing to football fans. For whatever reason, many Millwall fans will stay away. Either way, there is increased likelihood of negative PR from the occasion and the majority of fans who have contacted us are critical of the club becoming involved in this.

16 July 2007 - Race for Life Updated - We Did It!
On Sunday 15th July 2007, Annie's Walkers joined thousands of women on Blackheath to help raise money for Cancer Research UK.

21 June 2007 - New Deal For Members
MSC Members who buy their match tickets before a matchday next season will see their team in action for £1 a game less than last season.
Following consultation with the MSC, Members buying in advance will get a £2 discount on normal matchday prices. Supporters Club Chairman Bob Asprey said "I'm very pleased that we have been able to re-establish a substantial benefit for MSC membership, and to give the fans the opportunity to buy matchday tickets at a lower price than last season. The new MSC committee is trying to forge a more positive and constructive relationship with the new regime at the club and this a great start." The cost of MSC Membership remains £10 adults/seniors, £2 for 10-15 year olds, plus free for Under 10s. We have also introduced a new category of concession. Juniors U12 will now benefit from reduced admission prices too (just £5 a game if bought in advance), making it more affordable for families to attend home matches.

17 June 2007 - MSC Hotline
The MSC phone is becoming more active of late. Some of the calls that we have had include supporters that have been ejected from the ground, queries regarding season ticket prices and membership, availability of merchandise in the club shop, journalists calling about club matters and supporters on away coach travel who required instant answers to their problems. So if you require instant access for an answer to your problem call George on 07895 022 325 or see our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

15 June 2007 - Idea Request - Improvements to the Kiosks
Background: A message from the MSC was posted on the three main Millwall message boards House of Fun (HOF), Millwall Independent Supporters Association (MISA) and Millwall Online. The question posted asked "What improvements can be made to improve the kiosks at the Den".
Around 94 responses were received via the three boards. We presented these ideas to the club and will report back any response we receive.


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