News Archive - 2008/09

20 February 2009 - Congratulations Neil
In recognition of his record breaking goalscoring achievement the MSC on behalf of the fans presented Neil Harris with a special award. Neil's goal at Crewe in the FA Cup 3rd Round took his tally to 112, relieving Teddy Sheringham of a share of the record.

Neil was presented the award before the Scunthorpe game at the end of January by: Bob Asprey (MSC Chairman), Peter Garston (FOTB), John "Grandad" Butler and Mark Holland (MSC).

29 October 2008 - Worldnet 2009 Vets Tournament
The MSC are looking to take a veterans team up to the prestigious Worldnet Tournament which features supporters team from all over the UK and takes place in Leeds on the 24-26th July 2009.

Although that is a long way off we need to know if we can find enough players over 30 years of age to field a squad before the team places disappear. Although at any one time we can field two players below 30 years old.

On the Saturday we will be placed in a group of 4 teams where we will play 3 round-robin 30 minute games. Come the Sunday it becomes straight knock-out.

We will also be taking the usual MSC football team squad up to the tournament which will play in regular Worldnet Cup alongside 63 other supporters team.

If you are interested in playing in the tournament please get in contact with Ian Toal either by sending an email to, or by calling 07895 022 325.

16 September 2008 - Football Fans Congress
Over the summer MSC committee members Dave Hart and Samantha Masson attended the first ever Football Fans Congress held over two days at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium. Over 250 Fans from 28 Countries representing over a million supporters were in attendance taking part in 6 different workshops ranging from policing to safe standing at football games.

It was decided that committee members would choose the policing workshop run by Dr Clifford Stott from Liverpool University. We were shown footage from police forces across Europe and how fans are treated. Fans were then given a chance to discuss different ideas on how policing can be improved both in home countries and abroad.

Delegates from Denmark, Israel, Norway, Germany, Hungary, Italy and many more countries were also in attendance. We noted that the police treat British fans much better than fans are in other European countries. In Germany, if a fan is ejected from a ground they are automatically banned for 5 years with no appeal. Also in Germany, neo-nazi groups do stewarding at some of the more high profile clubs and this causes no end of problems. It was a very worthwhile seminar to attend and it never does any harm to see how the other half live and to see that Millwall are not alone in their experiences at the hands of Police, British Transport Police and Stewarding up and down the country.

The day ended with a summary of all workshops and a new Football Supporters International committee being introduced with nine different countries represented, which will develop the network, organise the next Congress and work towards establishing a constitution that can help protect and represent their interests at a Europe-wide level. Fans were also involved in workshops on topics such as fan culture, policing and repression, anti-discrimination, ticketing and club ownership,

The steering committee will consist of the following representatives:
Kevin Miles, Football Supporters Federation, England
Martin Endemann, Búndnis Aktiver Fussballfans, Germany
Dirk Vos, Supportersfederatie Profclubs (SFP), Belgium
Ashley Green, Progetto Ultrá, Italy
Shay Golub, Israfans, Israel
Moira Boyd, Asociación Señales de Humo, Spain
Michal Riechansky, LÚdia Proti Rasizmu (People Against Racism),Slovakia
Vjegar Hjermundrud, Norske Supporters Allianse, Norway
Daniela Wurbs, FSI-Coordination

Throughout the season committee members will be involved in more meetings so if there is anything you would like us to bring up contact us in the usual ways.

31 August 2008 - Fyling the Flag
As some of you may have noticed the Roaring Lion and the Flag of St George are once again flying proud over the Den. This follows work by the FOTB in agreeing a compromise deal which has seen the MSC contribute 50% towards the funding of the new flags. As you will see from the picture below our sponsors CYC have also funded their own flag.

25 August 2008 - Fancy Joining the Conmmittee?
We are currently looking for fans to join the Millwall Supporters Committee. As a committee we have worked hard to try and make things better for fans and feel that, along with the fan on the board, supporters' views are better represented than ever before.

We want to improve further...... But we need some help!

Writer Wanted!
Amongst the various things we would like achieve are regular contributions to the various fanzines and the production of an MSC E-newsletter.
We're not looking for the next George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway or even a J.K. Rowling, just as long as you can write or co-ordinate the production of relevant and interesting articles that would be perfect.

Can't write!
Don't worry we are always keen to get new people on board to bring enthusiasm, drive and hopefully new ideas to the committee. Hopefully you think you can make a difference for other Millwall fans.

If you fancy joining or have any questions contact the MSC via the usual routes,

23 June 2008 - Good news for MSC members. Join the MSC and stay quids in!
We have been attempting over a period of time to build some real value into MSC membership, to significantly increase the benefits for members.
Last season the return of the £2 discount for matchday tickets was a popular step forward but widely criticized for being unavailable on matchdays themselves. For this season we have been lobbying to improve on this and we're pleased to announce that for the forthcoming season, not only have we succeeded in getting the discount increased to £3, but it will be available up to 90 minutes before kick-off on matchdays. To facilitate this increased discount, MSC membership will increase to £12, but this can be completely recovered by attending just four home matches. There will be no matchday ticket price rises, indeed some are reducing. The club will confirm these later. Benefits of MSC Membership include...

  • Big savings - buy your tickets up to 90 minutes before kick-off and claim your £3 discount
  • You can apply to buy tickets for away games
  • Priority purchase period for high demand games
  • 2008-9 Millwall Supporters Club Badge
  • Collect Teamcard loyalty points, and use then in the Club Shop
  • Monthly draw to win prizes that money can't buy, such as a VIP trip to the Millwall Training Ground.

Full details and a downloadable application form are available on the website now. Existing members will receive a mailshot within the next few days.

12 June 2008 - EGM - Letter to Local and Isle of man Newspapers
The MSC has today written to all newspapers locally and on the Isle of Man stressing that unless Graham Ferguson Lacey provides some comfort and assurances regarding his short and long term vision for Millwall FC we will be strongly advising all shareholders to vote against Mr Ferguson Lacey’s resolutions at the EGM. The letter below has been sent today to all local newspapers and on the Isle of Man.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to highlight the concern of supporters of Millwall Football Club regarding the investment of businessman Mr. Graham Ferguson Lacey in Millwall, which is one of a small number of league clubs which is a PLC.

The business of running a football club is very precarious and notoriously unprofitable. Company performance relies heavily on the form of the team, and since our appearance in the FA Cup Final in 2004, this has declined and the Club has been struggling in League One (two divisions below the Premiership).

The current Chairman, appointed in 2007, Mr. John Berylson, has invested in shares and also lent Millwall some £8m, £5m of which is convertible to shares, to maintain and improve Millwall's standing, on and off the field. Millwall have also undertaken a significant cost cutting exercise, and become involved in a project to regenerate the land around the stadium with a view to generating future income streams.

Graham Ferguson Lacey initially invested in Millwall in 2007 and has built on this to become the largest shareholder with some 29.25% of the shares currently. These shares were purchased through the market and so did not benefit the company directly. When he first arrived Mr Ferguson Lacey was animated in his support for the Club. However, his support now seems less than total. He has been offered the opportunity to have more influence by taking a seat on the board, but this has been declined. He was rarely, if ever, seen at games last season.

Now he is forcing a vote at an EGM on two resolutions, which, if passed, could seriously affect the funding and operations of the Company and the Football Club. For some time, Mr Ferguson Lacey has not given supporters or shareholders any indication as to why he is not supporting a Chairman who has funded the continuing operation of the company, and why he is forcing this cash strapped company to hold an EGM at a cost in excess of £50,000.

Last Friday, the date of the EGM was announced and he finally issued his statement which was very critical of the Board. This statement demonstrated that his interest is primarily in the regeneration project and brought no comfort for the supporters. Before even considering support for him at the EGM, supporter shareholders would like to hear Mr Ferguson Lacey's thoughts on the football club, how it should be moved forward, where it should be playing, and how it should be financed.

Mr Ferguson Lacey's reputation in business, as a corporate raider and opportunist, irrespective of the damage left in his wake, is very well documented. Supporters are understandably looking at that record and fearing for the very future of a football club with more than 120 years of proud history. Unless he can give supporters some comfort and assurances regarding his vision for Millwall FC, and he has already been offered the opportunity to do so, we will be strongly advising all shareholders to vote against Mr Ferguson Lacey's resolutions.

Yours faithfully,
Millwall Supporters Club

10 June 2008 - Letter Requesting Clarification
The MSC has today written to Executive Deputy Chairman Heather Rabbatts requesting clarification on three pertinent questions which arose following the statement released last week by Mr Ferguson Lacey.

Request for clarification on points made in GFL Statement

Dear Heather,

The supporters have seen the statements from John Berylson and Graham Ferguson Lacey released last week and have had a few days to take them in and discuss them. As fans of Millwall FC it is clear that we must continue to back Mr Berylson, he being the one who has unequivocally proved by his words and actions that the future of the football club is key to his vision of future success at Millwall. As supporters our focus is on football and our prime concern is the health of the football club.

However, Mr Lacey raises some pertinent questions which the supporters (and shareholders alike) would like answered. The fans' support of current board of directors is not unconditional. That support, which to date has been rightly earned by their words and deeds, must continue to be earned by demonstrating the openness and honesty we would expect, albeit without compromising the appropriate confidentiality required.
We don't want to start asking backward-looking 'who said what to whom and when?' and so the questions are..

  1. We are led to believe that the regeneration is key to the future prosperity of the company and the football club. For valid reasons news on the project has been scarce over a prolonged period of time. Every date that has been suggested with regards to more information being released has passed. We now understand that the scope of the project has changed significantly. Whilst this may or may not be 'disturbing', more information regarding the latest regeneration proposals must surely be overdue?
  2. Mr Lacey suggests that he offered to talk about a loan but no talking took place. Can anything be said to indicate why this was?
  3. Mr Lacey has now clarified that he is only looking for shareholder approval of significant decisions involving real estate. Is this a viable proposition, and are such decisions possible without them affecting the football side?

The way recent events have been played out on a basis of 'it's him or me', appears to have been unhelpful and unconstructive. Given that the choice is between 'him or me' we continue to back Mr Berylson. Not surprisingly, current events, including the resignation of a uniquely long standing Millwall director, are very worrying for Millwall fans, who would appreciate some answers in order to maintain their support for the current regime.

Millwall Supporters Club

31 May 2008 - Lions Live - New Sponsors
We are please to announce that we now have a sponsor for the Lions Live radio phone-in show. First Glass are a family-run company glazing company based in Beckenham. Our thanks to them for supporting the show, which will be back on the air on 3rd July.

21 May 2008 - Extraordinary General Meeting - Statement
The past four years at Millwall have seen unparalleled turmoil in our club's history.
The decline from the FA Cup Final, UEFA Cup and competing at Championship level in 2004, to fighting relegation to the fourth division of English football this season has been painful for all Lions fans to endure.
Since the arrival of John Berylson as club chairman in 2007 however, there has been a prospect of real progress on and off of the pitch. To put it bluntly, his finance has kept our club alive - and for that we believe that all Millwall supporters should be grateful. Furthermore we believe that our club will make real progress with his backing.
The prospect of the upcoming EGM is destabilising and disruptive. We oppose any motion that seeks to constrain the board's ability to properly manage the company's business.
To this effect, we call upon all Millwall shareholders - whether large or small - to give their backing to the current board at this EGM.
We intend to do all that we can to unite Millwall fans and to campaign to reach the silent majority of our 43,000 small shareholders. It is possible that they will hold the future of our club in their hands.
Bob Asprey - Chair of the Millwall Supporters Club
Peter Garston - Fan Director at Millwall FC
Nick Hart - Chair of The Lions Trust.

18 May 2008

14 May 2008 - Finlay Cooper Charity Match - Millwall v Middlesbrough at The Den
The Lions are taking on Middlesbrough Supporters in aid of the Finlay Cooper Fund a charity set up by former Millwall favourite Colin Cooper after the tragic loss of his son Finlay. The match is being played at the Den this Friday 16th May - Kick off 12:30pm with a raffle and auction in 'Arry's Bar after the game. It should be a really great day as Colin Cooper will be the honourary captain of the 'Boro team and Alan McLeary will captain the Millwall side.

We would really like as many supporters to come along as possible to make it a good day and raise a good few quid for a great Children's charity. Entrance to the match comes with a purchase of a specially made £3 programme and will be by gate W14 in the South West corner of the ground by 'Arry's Bar. Importantly 'Arry's Bar will be open from before the game for refreshments! Please do come along and lend your support to this charity if you can.


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