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26 October 2009 - 125 Reasons to Celebrate
The 2010/11 season marks 125 years since the birth of the football club we all know and love and to help celebrate the occasion the club are planning various events and looking at possible 125 merchandising. That's where the MSC and YOU come in.....

125 Committee
We are looking for your ideas on possible events/merchandise opportunities that we can take to the 125 Committee (which has been set up to help co-ordinate the celebrations and which the MSC are part of as the fans representatives). Next season also marks 100 years since the lions relocated south across the river to The Den in 1910. You can let us have your ideas by contacting the MSC via the usual routes:

16 October 2009 - The MSC have sent the following letter to Chairman John Berylson to show our support in the fight against the FA Charges

We would like to take this opportunity to be clear that all Millwall supporters are fully behind you and Andy as you fight the good fight against the charges brought against us by the F.A. We are as shocked and disappointed as you that we have all been affronted in this way and hopefully the investment of time and money being made will result in Justice For Millwall.

We understand that if our defence is not successful then there might easily be ramifications both for Millwall FC and for Millwall fans which must be avoided.

Therefore Millwall Supporters Club would like to make a small financial contribution to the legal costs incurred as a demonstration of our full support for the approach the club is taking and the stance of yourself and Andy.

Millwall Supporters Club

3 October 2009 - Our Club, Our Behaviour, Our Future
The following joint statement has been issued in the Matchday Programme on behalf of Millwall, The MSC, The Fan on the Board and the Lions Trust.

On 12 occasions last season the behaviour of Millwall fans was reported by match officials to the Football Association.
Nine of these were home matches and the reports centred around:

1. Pitch Incursion
2. Missile throwing
3. Racial Abuse

All of the above are criminal offences, and any breach of the regulations, whilst constituting a crime, can lead to serious penalties inflicted on the Club.

Meetings have taken place with the Millwall Supporters Club, The Lions Trust, the Fan on the Board and other parties at which it was agreed the club must continue sanctions against those who are arrested/ejected for such offences.

1. Pitch Incursion
As soon as anybody comes over the concrete wall, the offence is committed. The pitch is everything the other side of the concrete wall. The Law does not differentiate between celebratory or aggressive incursion.

2. Missile throwing
Missiles can, and do hit anyone; including fellow supporters (including children), staff, players and officials, and are the main subject of the aforementioned official reports.

3. Racial Abuse
Unacceptable; illegal and hurtful to the Club, staff, fellow supporters, players and the wider community.

All people arrested are automatically banned until the case is completed, and bans for other offences are for a minimum period depending on circumstances.

For Millwall Football Club to achieve the success we all desire, we cannot afford the potential financial penalties or ground closures associated with these offences.

This is our club - help us protect it.

John G Berylson (chairman)
Peter Garston (FOTB)
Bob Asprey (MSC)
Jes Holden (Lions Trust)

8 September 2009 - Millwall and the Media
Following the events at Upton Park last month the MSC have been busy over the last couple of weeks responding to a wide range of media requests.
Committee members have taken part in TV, radio and newspaper interviews both here and abroad (coverage reaching as far as brazil!). From BBC's Football Focus, BBC News 24, Sky News, Channel 5 News, Radio 2 and Radio 5 Live, Talksport, Talkradioeurope to various Local and National Newspapers. A letter of complaint has also been sent to the BBC following Victoria Derbyshire's Radio 5 Live show on 31st August which in the MSC's opinion was a completely unbalanced anti-millwall programme.

Dear Mr Van Klaveren

I am writing following Radio 5 Live’s coverage of the incidents surrounding the West Ham v Millwall Carling Cup tie on 25th August.

In my capacity as Chairman of Millwall Supporters Club I was invited by your producers and participated in
Discussions on air relating to football hooliganism, on 26th and 31st August, both during the Victoria Derbyshire programmes. I agreed to do both broadcasts in the hope that I would be able to at least give the coverage some balance, some reasoning and to ensure that the voice of ‘normal’ Millwall fans is heard.

The background was that 1. Prior to the match there was disorder outside the stadium involving ‘1970’s style football hooliganism’ which, despite being widely predicted, was not contained by the policing arrangements, and 2. There were three major pitch invasions by West Ham supporters inside the stadium. The news coverage on Radio 5 Live reported the events accurately.

The first broadcast on 26th August was reasonably balanced with a contributor from each of the clubs involved, which would have been satisfactory but for Victoria’s negative comments about Millwall. She did not make any such remarks about West Ham or the police. You may be amused to know that our members complain to us, Millwall Supporters Club, about BBC broadcasts!   We had numerous complaints about this aspect of the broadcast.

On 31st August you ran a long piece featuring a self-styled football hooligan, “Tony”, who claimed to be a Millwall fan, whose words were spoken by an actor. Not surprisingly he was condoning criminal activity.

What justification can you give for broadcasting this, and indeed making it the centerpiece of your morning show giving it a sustained level of focus and substance rarely heard on Radio 5 Live? This entirely negative spotlight on Millwall, to the exclusion of pretty much all other football clubs, cannot be justified, especially in the aftermath of the events at Upton Park.

Having discussed this with one of the show’s producers I was able to make this point on air and my fellow participant Hamish, the ex-policeman, agreed with the points that, firstly, this was all being blown out of all proportion, and secondly, that running all these negative stories about Millwall is entirely unreasonable, misrepresents what Millwall FC is, and ignores the disorder that occurs around Premiership matches every week.

Whether it was being done consciously or not, this implied an anti-Millwall agenda at the BBC, and Victoria’s comments during this part the show support this view. As I said on air, running all these negative ‘stories’ (which is what ‘Tony’s’ interview was) can destroy our 3rd Division football club, because neither potential new fans nor new sponsors will want to be associated with us. These are the new fans and sponsors that 3rd Division football clubs always need just to survive.

A further item was run at 7 p.m. on September 2nd featuring the Chief Constable of British Transport Police. I found this piece was entirely reasonable, balanced and indeed interesting!

We participate in your programmes in good faith and welcome the opportunity to do so. However, our faith in your radio station has been seriously compromised by the last ten days broadcasting.

Yours sincerely
Bob Asprey
Chairman – Millwall Supporters Club

The response from Radio 5

8 September 2009 - BITE Discount Card
The BiTE discount card is a great way for traveling lions fans to receive 20% off at food and drink outlets at railway stations across the UK.
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4 September 2009 - August Meeting Notes
Notes from August's meeting between the MSC and the Club are now available to read online. Items discussed include, season ticket and membership sales, security and catering.

17 August 2009 - West Ham Ticket Allocation
Millwall Supporters Club understands that a further meeting is to take place to consider the ticket allocation for Millwall fans at Upton Park. The MSC condemns the intervention of the police and the reduced allocation permitted and has teamed up with the Football Supporters Federation to urge the relevant authorities to restore the away ticket allocation to the 3,000 agreed by both clubs.

With only 1,500 tickets available for the away section, the likelihood of many Millwall fans acquiring tickets for other parts of the ground will do nothing for the safety of the crowd at this match. It makes more sense to house the Lions support safely in the Centenary stand lower tier, as was planned by West Ham.

It is hoped that the representations made by Millwall FC, West Ham FC, MSC, the FSF and others will result in the allocation being restored to 3,000.
Bob Asprey, MSC Chairman, said "Hopefully, common sense will prevail. It is difficult to see how restricting the number to 1,500 will help in any way. We are accustomed to getting shocking treatment from police forces up and down the country but to get a decision like this from our own Metropolitan police is, to say the least, disappointing. In the event of disorder at Upton Park, it is Millwall FC and West Ham United FC who will have to live with the consequences of this. Meanwhile many Millwall fans will be denied the opportunity of witnessing this much anticipated and mouth watering cup tie."

Read the FSF’s Letter to Newham Police below:

Dear Steve

I am writing on behalf of the Football Supporters Association to request a review of the decision to restrict the away allocation at the above game to 1500 tickets.

By way of background, the FSF is the nationally recognised representative organisation for football supporters. We work closely with the UK Football Policing Unit on football policing matters both domestically and abroad, and with the football authorities on all matters relating to football supporters. I am the supporter representative on the FA Council.

The decision to restrict the Millwall allocation to 1500 does not appear consistent with the experience of Millwall's last two visits to West Ham when approximately 2600 away fans attended on the lower tier of the Centenary Stand without significant problems. Neither is it consistent with the significantly reduced levels of disorder associated with Millwall generally compared with some years ago. It is difficult to understand the logic behind the reduced allocation given the capacity of the lower tier because it would be possible to accommodate the larger allocation in that area without significant additional management problems.

The decision will cause understandable resentment among Millwall fans and will not therefore contribute positively to building up a good relationship between their fan base and the police.

Given the close geographic proximity of the two clubs in the same conurbation, it is unlikely to deter Millwall supporters without tickets from travelling, and will increase the likelihood of away supporters attempting to gain tickets in the home areas, which could of course be counter-productive to the maintenance of good order.

I would urge you to reconsider this decision which appears unnecessary, short-sighted and potentially counter-productive. If you feel able to do so, we will be happy to give public recognition to the police's constructive response to the issue.

Your sincerely
Football Supporters Federation

16 August 2009 - MSC Away Days Guide
New for the 2009/10 season the MSC will be providing ticket, travel, pub and other useful information for all Millwall away games throughout the season. We plan to add information for all games as and when ticket details are released.


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