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9 June 2017
MSC statement - London Bridge and Borough Market

All at Millwall Supporters Club are immensely proud of Roy Larner for what he did on the night of the terror attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market, which undoubtedly saved many lives. Without a thought for his own safety, he single handedly took on three terrorists with his bare hands to allow others to get to safety.

I'm sure we would all like to think that we could stand up to such a barbaric act, but in the heat of the moment, he showed what a true hero he is, and what our “Millwall Family” spirit is all about.

There were also other Millwall fans involved in the incident. Gerard Vowls fought off attackers with chairs and bottles to try and distract them from attacking others - he was lucky to not be hurt himself, but two others who do not wish to be named were attacked and are recovering from their injuries. We would like to wish them and all the other victims well, and of course send our sincerest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives.

We are continuing to work closely with the club to ensure all those affected are supported in every way possible.

26 May 2017
Can you help?

Millwall Supporters Club was concerned to learn of an unprovoked attack on Lions fan Kasey Conlon, 21, at Wembley last Saturday, which was reported in this week’s edition of the Southwark News.

Kasey has unfortunately received some serious injuries and the MSC is appealing for any information which would help the authorities with their investigations into the incident. If you are able to assist please contact the MSC at

24 April 2017
Bristol Rovers Beamback

Millwall head to Bristol Rovers this Sunday for their final-day Sky Bet League One clash (kick-off 12noon) - and if you aren't one of the 1,279 lucky Lions fans to have snapped up a ticket for the game at The Memorial Stadium, head to The Den for our beamback!

For just £10 adults and £5 juniors, you can join fellow Millwall supporters in the Executive Lounge on what is set to be an exciting afternoon full of twists and turns in the race for the Play-Offs.

Doors will open at 11.00 am, with a choice of a sausage or bacon baguettes on offer. There will be no parking available at the stadium on the day. Tickets will go off sale at 5.00 pm on Friday 28th April. No ticket sales will be available on the day of the match.

17 April 2017
Steve Morison wins MSC Player of the Year

Steve Morison has been crowned the MSC Player of the Year for 2016/17. The experienced frontman has netted 16 goals so far this season and has been at his influential best in helping The Lions with their push for the Play-Offs. Morison earned 40% of the vote, finishing ahead of runner-up Byron Webster (25%) and Ben Thompson in third (22%).

The 33-year-old said, "I'm very honoured to have been chosen as the Player of the Year. I think I've played some of my best football at times this season so am chuffed to have been recognised by the fans in this way. I know how uncommon it is for forward players to collect this award at Millwall which makes it extra special and it's a great feeling to join the list of winners. It's always nice to win individual accolades but my full focus is on helping the team finish as high up the League table as possible and prolonging our season."

10 April 2017
Family Club of the Year

Millwall Football Club picked up the Nickelodeon Family Club of the Year trophy at the annual EFL Awards in London on Sunday evening.

The Lions collected the prestigious award for the first time in the club's history.

A complete overhaul of the club's strategy in attracting new young supporters and families to The Den began in the summer of 2013 when the new Zampa's Family Stand was opened in The Dockers Upper. For the first time it provided a dedicated area for families, equipped with games consoles, confectionary stalls, a mock dugout as well as face painters, regular drawing competitions and so much more.

Events inside Zampa's Family Stand have improved year on year since then, as have activities on matchdays and non-matchdays elsewhere. Pre-match Sports and Family Fun Zones have continued to be popular and away from The Den consistent improvements to the club's player appearance schedule have paid dividends, especially when it comes to events arranged alongside an ever-increasing list of official Junior Lions partners.

Chief executive Steve Kavanagh, who collected the trophy alongside marketing manager Samantha Catchpole and junior supporter and partnerships co-ordinator Nena Gibson, said: "It is a fantastic achievement to win this award and everyone associated with Millwall should be very proud.

"When I first arrived at this club it was very quickly apparent just how much thought and hard work went into fan engagement and making the matchday experience as good as it could possibly be for young supporters and their families.

"This club perhaps has to work harder than any other and it's very pleasing for Millwall to have been recognised with what is a very distinguished award.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank and pay tribute to all members of staff who have contributed along the way and of course to the supporters, without whom this isn't possible.

"But it's important that the club doesn't rest on its laurels. This should provide a platform for even bigger and better things for years to come."

9 April 2017
Proposals for amendments to the constitution

The following proposals for amendments to the MSC constitution have been submitted for discussion and vote at the AGM.

1. At the time of the election, any current member of the Millwall Supporters’ Club is eligible to stand for the role of Fan on the Board, provided (s)he is not subject to any club ban or sanction or any football related legal proceedings or sanction. This is a change to existing clause​ 3.4​ which says: Candidates for the role of supporter director must be MSC committee members, with a minimum of twelve months' continuous service, a satisfactory attendance record, and not subject to any MFC restrictions, at the time the election is called.

2. The term for the role of Fan on the Board shall commence on the first day of the football season following the election and end on the final day of the second full season (including any play off matches) following the election. This is a new clause.

3. Any one individual can serve a maximum of only two terms as Fan on the Board. These can be consecutive or non consecutive terms. This is a new clause.

4. Any current member of the Millwall Supporters’ Club is eligible to stand for the role of Chair of the MSC. This is a change to existing clause​ 4.4​ which says: Candidates for the role of MSC chairman must be MSC committee members, with a minimum of twelve months' continuous service, a satisfactory attendance record, and not subject to any MFC restrictions.

31 March 2017
Join the MSC Committee

We have vacancies on the Millwall Supporters Club committee, so please come forward if you would like to help.

If you have skills we can use then so much the better but wanting to help your fellow fans is the most important. If you have any experience of writing, graphics, websites, taking notes, or even Facebook and Twitter then you can help. There are also opportunities to get involved with Lions Live, Man of the Match presentations and other matchday activities. We meet one evening a month during the season and occasionally during the summer.

If you think you could help us, or would like to find out more, please contact us by 12th April either by post (to The Den) or email

26 March 2017
MSC Annual General Meeting

The MSC AGM is scheduled for Wednesday 26 April and will begin at 7.00 pm in ‘Arry’s Bar at The Den. In order that we can accurately cater for numbers, please let us know in advance if you plan to attend. You should send your name and membership number to, text to 07985 022325 or speak to one of the committee members on the Blue Bus before home games.

9 March 2017
Bryan King

How would you like to contribute to a special gift for Kingy’s 70th birthday? Bryan’s daughter, Charlotte, has contacted the MSC so that we can share her plans. Bryan turns 70 on 18 April and Charlotte is planning a special gift of a DVD, made up of birthday messages from people that want to contribute. There will then be a surprise presentation on 20 April, when Bryan is next in the UK.

If you know Bryan, have worked with him, or watched him play, and would like to take part, send your video clip by email. The video need only be 15-20 seconds long and those filmed on mobile phones will be fine. Alternatively, you might like to take a still photo, where you’re holding a written message. The completed video may even find its way onto YouTube. To allow time for the video to be produced, please send your contribution through by 6th April.

6 March 2017
Fans' Forum - 16th March

Millwall Football Club is hosting a Fans' Forum for supporters at The Den on Thursday 16th March. It will take place in the Executive Lounge between 7.00 and 9.00 pm and is a chance for Lions fans to put questions directly to Neil Harris and, for the first time, chief executive Steve Kavanagh.

MSC chairman Bob Asprey and future Fan on the Board Micky Simpson will join Harris and Kavanagh at the top table.

Supporters wishing to attend can do so on a first come, first served basis by contacting the MSC by email, with your name, to or by phone on 07895 022 325.

3 March 2017
Fan on the Board

Millwall Football Club and Millwall Supporters Club are pleased to confirm that Micky Simpson will be the new Fan on the Board. Simpson will fill the position vacated by Pete Garston, who is stepping down after 11 years in the role.

Lions chief executive Steve Kavanagh said: "I'd like to welcome Micky on board. I'm looking forward to working with him for the foreseeable future. Micky is fully deserving of this position and I know he can't wait to get his teeth stuck into the challenges ahead. I'm certain that he'll be an excellent representative for the fan base."

MSC chairman Bob Asprey added: "Micky is full of good ideas for taking the role forward and this appointment should be good for the fans and good for the club. We look forward to working with him."

As a gesture of good will and gratitude for his tireless efforts since 2006, Lions chairman John Berylson has offered Garston a position as non executive director of Millwall PLC - an invitation he has accepted.

23 February 2017
Letter from Steve Kavanagh to Lewisham

Dear Cllr Smith,

I am astonished and dismayed to read in the papers for the 22 February Council meeting that the reason the Cabinet has not met with Millwall Football Club is that there were a number of preconditions set out in a letter from the club's lawyers which made a meeting impossible.

The club wrote to the Cabinet suggesting a framework by which a meeting might proceed and to date has received no response bar this misinformed and misleading written answer.

You may recall that you responded to my 9 January request for a meeting by suggesting a time and place on 11 January with barely 24 hours notice.

When I offered to reschedule, you proposed a meeting on the very same day that the CPOs were on the Mayor & Cabinet agenda - both scheduled for 8 February. To hold two such important meetings within hours of one another would not have allowed any time to review, research or report on any of the issues raised by the club in its meeting with the Cabinet.

The letter from Millwall's lawyers to which you refer, dated 25 January (not 1 February as indicated in your answer), welcomed the opportunity to communicate openly and, quite within reason, requested that adequate time be allowed between the meeting of the Cabinet and the club and the scheduled CPO decision, whilst also setting out a fair timetable for each party to respond to any issues arising from the meeting of the club and Cabinet.

The timelines raised in the letter would have been a point of discussion and agreement in a meeting between the club and the Cabinet and, had the Cabinet responded at any stage, it could have suggested any number of mutually agreeable alternatives.

Following news articles uncovering false funding claims related to the Surrey Canal Sports Foundation, the club also sought clarification from the Cabinet in the 25 January letter.

Mayor Bullock's statement on the CPOs came within hours of that letter being sent, washing away any of the letter's core conditions for a meeting. Given the CPO was withdrawn from the Mayor & Cabinet agenda for 8 February and an inquiry subsequently announced, it would have been entirely easy to conform with the reasonable terms suggested by Millwall.

The club has still not received a response and to describe the club's requests as an insurmountable barrier for a meeting, in an official context, is a distortion of the facts.

On the occasion the club did receive a reply from Lewisham's Head of Law, Kath Nicholson, on 8 February, the letter did not answer any of the questions or concerns raised by the club's legal team nor was there any reference to the proposed meeting of the club and Cabinet. A follow up letter from our legal team remains unanswered.

Furthermore, on 1 February, Lewisham's Chief Executive Barry Quirk requested a meeting with me, which took place on 9 February. It was possible for this meeting to go ahead, irrespective of the preconditions to which you refer.

Both parties agreed in that meeting that trust and good faith needed to be re-established between the club and Lewisham Council. The suggestion, in your answer to Cllr Milne, that Millwall Football Club has been uncooperative and therefore a meeting could not be arranged does a disservice to those endeavours.

We would be happy to make all of the correspondence available to substantiate the club's willingness and preparedness to meet with the Cabinet and to assure the Council that there are no conditions which would preclude a meeting of the parties.

I welcome any Councillor to come and meet with me and discuss any of these issues, as I am doing with Cllr Maslin tomorrow.

The club wants to be at the heart of the regeneration and to assist the Council to deliver it, but misleading statements like this seriously undermine the good faith needed to do so.

Yours sincerely,
Steve Kavanagh.

23 February 2017
FA Cup - Tottenham Away

The date for Millwall's Emirates FA Cup tie against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane has been set for Sunday 12th March at 2.00 pm. The Quarter-Final fixture will be broadcast live on BBC One. Millwall will receive an allocation of 3,681 tickets and details of the selling procedures will be announced over the coming days.

26 January 2017
Millwall Supporters’ Club Statement

The announcement that Lewisham Council has decided to abandon its proposals to use CPOs to purchase land currently leased to Millwall Football Club is welcome news to everybody associated with the club. The potential implications of the CPOs have been well publicised – although the council continued to say that the club would be 'at the heart' of the regeneration of the area surrounding our stadium, their actions and proposals meant the exact opposite and the club may have been forced from the area that has been its home for over a hundred years.

Although the immediate threat has been removed – and we await formal confirmation of this – we also hold our breath and await further developments. We hope that the club truly is a partner in the regeneration of the area, a regeneration that everybody agrees is essential, and that all parties can work together constructively and amiably to achieve this long term objective. The club will continue to positively contribute to the community and work alongside and with its new and future neighbours.

The MSC would like to place on record its thanks to everybody that has supported the club and its fans in the campaign: Barney Ronay of the Guardian; the wider media that publicised the story, including our colleagues at Lions Live; our fellow supporters at the AMS that worked tirelessly; those politicians and councillors that made a stand against their political colleagues; and the supporters of other clubs – including many of our traditional rivals – that have helped keep the issues in the public eye and maintained and built the momentum that undoubtedly led to the crucial announcement.

24 January 2017
Barney Ronay – Still Fighting the Good Fight

As many of you will know, Barney Ronay, senior sports writer for the Guardian, has taken up Millwall's cause in our fight against the proposed Regeneration Scheme and provided some invaluable support in a series of investigative articles, all of which can be found here. The MSC would like to put on record our sincere thanks for all Barney's hard work on our club.

23 January 2017
Charity match at The Den on 18 May - Millwall Legends v Princess of Wales Royal Regiment

MickC posted this on HOF:
"As a lifelong Lions fan I am delighted to finally be able to announce a charity football match taking place at The Den on Thursday 18th May 2017 between a Millwall legends 11 and a team from the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment in aid of the regimental benevolent fund. The Friends of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR) has been set up to raise money for the Benevolent Fund and help those soldiers who face life altering circumstances as a result of serving our country. Over the last 14 years The PWRR has seen continuous action in Iraq and Afghanistan and is one of the most decorated infantry Regiments in the British Army. They have among their number one of only two serving recipients of the Victoria Cross – Sgt Johnson Beharry –as well as many others who have been recognised for their bravery. However, this high tempo of operations takes its toll and we have many who have been injured on the front line or who are displaying signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the biggest mental health issue faced by UK veterans.

The Friends of the PWRR fundraises throughout the year enabling the Regiment to provide ongoing support to our soldiers and their families. Whether this is access to medical treatment, rehabilitation, assistance with day to day tasks or guidance to help with their transition back in to civilian life, The Friends ensure that our soldiers have access to the correct advice when they need it most. An example of the recipients of the funds that we raise is Sgt Jay Baldwin who lost both his legs to an IED in January 2012. The prosthetics provided by the NHS caused immense pain and Jay was confined to a wheelchair. We raised over £90K to send him to Australia to undergo a process called osseointegration where titanium rods are grafted into the bone and prosthetics are attached via alum keys. Jay has now qualified as possibly the UK’s first bilateral amputee personal trainer!

I will be making announcements over the next few weeks to announce what Millwall legends will play, but the first to commit is Maik Taylor, himself an ex soldier. Alan Williams has been a great help in getting this organized and the club is taking no fee for the hire of The Den and any other facilities and will be selling tickets on our behalf. Watch this space for more info!"

12 January 2017
MSC Statement on Latest Regeneration Development

The MSC was pleased to hear of the latest development, when Lewisham Council adjourned the scheduled cabinet meeting of 11 January, where it was expected that the CPOs on land adjacent to Millwall FC’s ground would be confirmed.

Although the adjournment is only short, it does allow time for the council cabinet to reconsider its position and take up the offer by our club’s CEO, Steve Kavanagh, of face to face discussions. This conversation would allow the club to reiterate its support of the regeneration of the land around the ground, its proposals to partner in the redevelopment, and its plans to bring jobs and homes to the local community, while keeping the club, along with the Football Academy and vital Community Scheme, at the heart of the area.

We hope that the recent publicity has emphasised the depth of feeling in which the club is held within the football family, and how its essential work is valued by both those that directly benefit from it and by all our neighbours in south east London.

Although publicity over recent months and weeks has been damaging, ultimately, all that matters is the final decision, and there is still time for this to be the right one for the council, community and club.

9 January 2017
MSC Statement on Latest Regeneration News

This week, all Millwall supporters will have been shocked and saddened to hear the club mention the possibility of having to relocate, as a consequence of Lewisham Council’s proposed enforcement of compulsory purchase orders on land adjacent to our home.

The club has always been integral to the local community and is totally supportive of the regeneration of the area around our ground. However, the plans from the developers, Renewal, which are supported by the council cabinet, do not fully support the club, threaten its vital and successful academy, and jeopardise the club’s very existence. All the club asks is to act as a partner in this regeneration, where it can continue to make its contribution to the area it’s called home for over a hundred years, where it can continue with its award winning community scheme, and where it can secure its own future in its traditional heartland.

The council’s aggressive and absolute determination to grab this land from our club has forced a drastic reconsideration of our future and we now learn that this may involve a move many miles away, ripping the club from its generations of supporters and planting it in an as yet unidentified area, with no connection to the club and its proud history.

We urge the council cabinet to objectively consider all the issues surrounding this project and make the right decision.

The next council cabinet meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, 11 January. We await the outcome of this meeting with interest and remain ready to assist the club in any way possible, in the campaign against the council’s unjust and questionable proposals.

29 December 2016
Important Travel Advice for Gillingham Game

We have been advised that a normal train service to and from South Bermondsey this Friday night (30th) is not guaranteed and would therefore urge supporters attending Millwall's home game with Gillingham to seek alternative travel routes. Alternative transport includes local buses or train services from Bermondsey Station, Surrey Quays and both New Cross and New Cross Gate. For up to date travel information check with to plan your journey.

16 December 2016
CPO - Council's Decision Adjourned

Thursday night (15 December) saw the adjournment, until 11 January, of Lewisham Council's decision regarding enforcement of CPOs for land surrounding the Den. A letter sent to the club by the Football League Youth Development department had been presented to the Council earlier in the day. It focuses on the criteria regarding the availability of an indoor artificial pitch. The MSC will be meeting with the club to discuss their plans for next steps and offering any assistance that might be helpful. Updates will be released as soon as possible on this site and via Twitter.

15 December 2016
From Peter Garston, FOTB - Tuesday Night's Meeting

On Tuesday night, the Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel reviewed all of the recent CPO papers that have been published by Lewisham Council. They expressed their concerns about the process and some of the members expressed the view that the Mayor and Cabinet should defer making any decisions for time being. The Mayor and Cabinet are due to meet on Thursday evening to discuss these matters.

11 December 2016
Walsall at home - now on Tuesday 31st January

Millwall's re-arranged League One game at home to Walsall will now be played on Tuesday 31st January, kick-off 7.45pm. The Lions had been due to host The Saddlers on Saturday 7th January, but will now be in FA Cup action that weekend with a home game against AFC Bournemouth with details to be confirmed.

5 December 2016
AFC Wimbledon Beamback - Executive Lounge, The Den - 2 January

Beamback tickets will go on sale to season ticket holders from 9.30 am on Tuesday 6th December and any remaining tickets will go on sale to members from 9.30 am on Friday 9th December. Tickets are priced at £10 adults and £5 under 16s. A meal of bangers and mash (vegetarian option available) is included in the price. Bar opens from 11.30am.

12 November 2016
Junior Lions Christmas Party

On Sunday 18th December, between 2pm and 5pm, Millwall will be hosting the annual Junior Lions Christmas Party. Located in the main lounge in the Barry Kitchener Stand, there will be a host of festive entertainments including; Disco, Magician, Zampa and Bolina, Player appearances, Cold buffet, Refreshments, Face painting, Photo booth and Raffle. Parents are just as welcome to join in the fun. The Sponsors' Lounge will be open for adults, who can also take part in a silent auction. Tickets are priced at £4 and are available to purchase via Millwall’s Ticket Office, Ticket Window or online.

5 November 2016
Millwall v Charlton - rearranged for Wednesday 21 December

Due to getting through to the second round of the FA Cup, the home match against Charlton Athletic will be played on Wednesday 21st December, kick-off 7.45pm. Tickets for this game will go on sale at 9.30 am on Monday 7th November. Tickets purchased for the original game are still valid for the re-arranged fixture.

25 October 2016
Important Advice for Current and Former Shareholders

Current and former shareholders are advised that there is a fresh bout of scam phone calls by organisations in the USA. The latest approaches are easy to identify as scams because the callers indicate that their client holds over 40% of the shares and wishes to acquire more shares to gain control.

Chestnut Hill Ventures, the company controlled by John Berylson, owns over 70% of the share capital of Millwall so this cannot be true. They will also refer to your holding as the number of old shares of 0.01p that ceased to exist in 2010 when a share consolidation took place. Stories may vary and although they deny it at some stage, they will request some form of deposit or bank details. In no circumstances send money and do not give your bank details. THESE ARE SCAMS and should be ignored.

If in any doubt please contact the Millwall Company Secretary at

18 September 2016
Statement about Southend

Our Fan on the Board, Pete Garston, is working to resolve issues regarding the game at Southend. There are allegations that police were heavy handed and that a young Millwall fan was pushed around. Pete is talking to the boy’s father and hopes they’ll be able to attend our home game this coming Saturday, where the boy can enjoy a special day.

More importantly, Pete is arranging a meeting with the club and police to discuss the event and policing as a whole. This meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 20 September. If anybody has any relevant information or observations, please contact the MSC as soon as possible by email at or by telephone at 07895 022325.

Updates on this subject will follow over the coming days.

8 September 2016
Defend Our Den – Update from Pete Garston

As mid-week fixtures go, heading to Lewisham Council to stop the CPOs at a Mayor and Cabinet meeting was never going to be easy.

In spite of 25,000 signing our Defend Our Den petition, having the support of our local MPs Vicky Foxcroft and Neil Coyle and the Lewisham Labour Group of councillors, the Cabinet decided to go against us.

After a debate lasting well over two hours, the Lewisham Cabinet voted in favour of giving the Council CPO powers. 

Six voted for, one voted against and one abstained. The Cabinet member who backed us was New Cross Councillor Joe Dromey. He said there was no public interest in granting the CPO power, Renewal should have done more to reach an agreement with us and the amount of affordable housing they offered – 12%, of which only a quarter was capped at 60% of market rate – was far too low.

We also appreciated Councillor Brenda Dacres, also representing New Cross, who spoke out against the CPOs at the meeting along with resident Willow Winston.

So what happens next? Well, it's not over yet. 

The Council will now spend the next few weeks assembling the relevant papers and drafting their CPO. It will then notify Millwall, the Millwall Community Trust and the 20 other businesses and residents effected that the process has begun.

Lewisham Council will then submit this draft CPO to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. It's likely, because it's a contentious issue, that the minister will then appoint an inspector to head a public inquiry.

This inquiry will then allow Millwall and the others affected by the CPO to give evidence in public, along with the council and Renewal.

The inspector would then write a report and submit it to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. That minister will then make the final decision.

This whole process could last at nine months before that report is submitted.

So it’s all to play for. In the meantime, nothing changes. The land The Den stands on is not affected and the Millwall Community Trust will continue to serve our community. 

But as JB has said, we will fight on for the club, the MCT, the local businesses, the residents and the fans. The chairman is going nowhere and neither will we.

And we the fans, and that includes the staff, management and players, are going to play a huge part in the next stage of the campaign. Just look at how successful the Save Lewisham A & E campaign was when everyone from the club and local community worked together.

So we're one nil down from the away leg. 

But it's all to play for in the next game. 

Peter Garston, Fan on the Board

7 September 2016
Lewisham Council Meeting

Pete Garston has contacted us regarding the outcome of Wednesday evening's Council Meeting.

Despite the sterling efforts of Brenda Dacres, chair of Lewisham Labour Group, Joe Dromey, one of the Lewisham Council Cabinet members, and indeed Pete himself, the remainder of the cabinet have stuck to their guns and voted by six to one to start the CPO process.

This is not the result we were looking for, but this is only the start of the process, and the fight goes on. Millwall FC, and MCT, will now consult with their advisors and plan for the battle ahead.

2 September 2016
Regeneration - Chairman's Statement

Millwall chairman John Berylson has issued the following statement regarding the regeneration:

"Next Wednesday Lewisham Council's Cabinet will make a decision that could decide the future of this club and the Millwall Community Trust.

Lewisham Council wants to seek compulsory purchase powers to take the land we lease around our stadium and sell it to property company Renewal.

As you'll know, we have resisted their attempts because we want to be an active participant in the regeneration of New Bermondsey and not just shout from the sidelines.

Last February, thanks to the 20,000 who signed the Defend Our Den petition, the decision was delayed so an independent consultant could try to see if we could come to an agreement with Renewal. Lewisham's Cabinet also accepted our request to visit The Den and see the great work the Millwall Community Trust does at the neighbouring Lions Centre.

The MCT, which was founded by the club, has served many thousands of disadvantaged young people; indeed, its excellent work and value to the community was recently noted in an independent report. It was calculated that last year alone the MCT's work delivered a minimum cost saving of more than £7m to local communities. The MCT's very future is threatened by this.

Sadly the talks came to nothing as Renewal refused to even consider Millwall as a partner. They just wanted to seize our land - pure and simple.

So I have now instructed our advisors to draw up plans to seek planning permission so we can develop our land with the Council. Our rival plan, shown to the Council in 2013, will not only futureproof Millwall and offer security to the surrounding businesses threatened by the compulsory purchase orders but also protect the Millwall Community Trust.

Our excellent scheme was prepared by the leading architect, Ken Mackay, which fits in with and complements the scheme prepared by Renewal for the rest of New Bermondsey.

It guarantees the future of the club at The Den and allows for expansion should we gain promotion. It meets all modern health, safety and security requirements. It provides free accommodation and facilities to the MCT, it offers space on reasonable terms to the Millwall Cafe, Zampa Fish and the Rollins Street residents.

We have assembled a world-class team of professionals to help us deliver it, we have suggested a series of legally-binding guarantees to the Council that will assure our performance, we do not need to go cap in hand to banks as we have no need of external funding, it will not delay the rest of Renewal's development and we are ready to go. What's more, we have offered to share any profit with the Council. Renewal have not.

If the Council grants use of compulsory purchase powers, I am committed to fighting it all the way. I have to - for the sake of your club and its future at The Den, for our fans, and for our neighbours and friends. Doing so will considerably delay the much needed regeneration and cost the taxpayer money.

So my message to Lewisham Council is simple.

Let's take this into extra-time, avoid the financial penalties and work together to get a result we can all be happy with.

You can help us by going to where you'll be able to sign the petition and email the members of Lewisham Cabinet to do the right thing."

24 August 2016
Ball Incident versus Sheffield United

Following the incident at the Sheffield United game on Saturday 20 August, the MSC is pleased to confirm that this matter has come to a conclusion. The fan involved met with senior people from the club before the Forest match, along with MSC Fan on the Board, Pete Garston. No ban has been issued and the conversation ended amicably.

The previous day the subject of 'Ballgate' had been raised at a meeting between MSC committee members and the FOTB, and a frank discussion took place. Committee members had contacted Pete on the Sunday asking for a report from the club. Committee members also spoke to the fan.

Pete read out the club’s report but it was felt that some points needed clarification.

  • Why did someone at the club sanction the arrest?
  • Is it true that two balls went missing?
  • Do we know why the police chose to put out their tweets?
  • Were the club considering giving the fan any sort of ban?

This matter will obviously be raised at the next MSC / MFC monthly meeting with Andy Ambler and Alan Williams on 1 September.

22 August 2016
Junior Lions Fun Day - Sunday 11 September, 11.00 to 3.00

The fun fest begins in the Lions Centre where Junior Lions have a whole host of activities to choose from such as bumper cars, bouncy castles, face painting, arts and crafts, badge making and fun fair attractions for all the family to enjoy.

As ever, all your favourite Millwall players will be in attendance to sign autographs and pose for photographs, whilst Millwall Lionesses are in action against Durham at midday on the pitch at The Den. Each Junior Lion and their family that attends the Fun Day will receive a free ticket upon entry.

Zampa and Bolina will be there to join in the fun and ensure that the whole family has an enjoyable day!

Entry for Junior Lion members will be free on production of their 2016/17 membership or season ticket. If you are not a member, however, don't worry as you will be able to pay £2 at the entrance to the Lions Centre (cash only) and can pick up a Junior Lions application form.

Please note that there is a limit to two adults per child at the Fun Day and entry for parents is free. Unfortunately, there will be no car parking available at the stadium or Lions Centre. Limited car parking will be available on Verney Road (opposite Zampa Road).

9 August 2016
Legends Tours

Accompanying our professional Millwall tour guide will be a former great of the club. You will hear fantastic stories of their time at Millwall as they lead you around The Den taking in behind-the-scenes areas at the Club. Following the Tour there will be a Q&A and signing session where you will receive a limited edition signed picture. This is a special addition to the normal Stadium Tour package, with the whole Legends Tour experience lasting between 90 and 120 minutes.

Saturday 20th August, 11.00 am, with Billy Neal and Barry Rowan.
Saturday 24th September, 11.00 am with Les Briley.
Saturday 22nd October, 11.00 am with Alex Stepney.

Prices - Adults £22, Over 60s £12, Under 16s £12. Season Ticket Holders/Members - Adults £20, Over 60s £10, Under 16s £10.
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3 August 2016
No South Bermondsey train service on Saturday

We would like to advise supporters travelling to Millwall's League One opener at home to Oldham Athletic this Saturday (6th August) that there are major changes to services with no trains running to or from South Bermondsey.

For passengers coming from London Bridge during this time we would suggest taking the Underground to Canada Water and connect to London Overground services to Surrey Quays. Surrey Quays is a short walk to The Den. The nearest alternative overground stations are New Cross and New Cross Gate, which are approximately 25 minutes walk to the stadium. There will be a very limited replacement bus service between Tulse Hill and London Bridge. Check before you travel at

29 July 2016
Fans' Forum - 4th August

This year's Fans' Forum will be held in the Executive Club at The Den on Thursday 4th August. Millwall manager Neil Harris and Scott Fitzgerald have agreed to come and answer questions from Lions supporters from 7.00 pm.

Booking a place is on a first come, first served basis, so if you would like to attend then please contact the MSC with your name and membership number.

(Neil will also be appearing on Lions Live’s first show of the season on Thursday.)



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