Official Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2006

Held in The Executive Lounge at The Den on Thursday April 20th commencing 7.30 pm
The following Committee Members were present. Paul Burkmar (Chairman), Ian Toal (Treasurer), Suzanne Roberts-Attwood, Bob Asprey, Samantha Masson, Dave Hart, Mick Thurbin, Graeme Smale (Secretary). Peter Garston, the fan director, was also in attendance.

Introduction And Welcome by MSC Chairperson
Paul thanked those who had come to the meeting for attending and stated that the meeting would involve adopting a written constitution for the supporters club, the election of members who had decided to stand for the committee and an address by Peter Garston.

The Chairman's Address
Paul stated that it had been an awful year for the football club on the pitch and it also had been very difficult year for the supporters club. The events of last summer had led to a breakdown in the relationship between MSC and the football club Board and this had resulted in the resignation of the last Chairperson Beverley Fenn and the entire MSC committee. Paul then took over as Chairman together with Ian and Mick. They were joined shortly by three other new committee members Bob, Dave and Adam Callieu. Three more joined last November, Suzanne, Samantha and Graeme. He stated that it was firstly necessary to establish links with the Club again and was able to set up some meetings between the MSC committee and the acting football club chairman, Theo Paphitis.

The supporters club committee was also able to sit in on some banning and ejection cases involving its individual members. Paul thought that the football club had improved in the banning / ejection area with almost all orders now being instigated by the Police and explained that where the Police were in the process of laying charges MSC could not intervene. He pointed out that largely due to the actions of MSC, those who were on the coach turned back on its journey to Hull were given ticket refunds by Hull FC.

The committee was also able to gain the football club's agreement to a Fans Forum last December despite the fact that the football club had initially decided against any more Forums following the events of a previous Forum when Dennis Wise was manager.

At this December meeting, the acceptance of the idea of a fan director marked the beginning of a change in fan / Board communications which Paul hoped could be built upon. With the arrival of PDS as chairman, an era of more openness seems to be happening. MSC was asked to supply a candidate for this role of the fan director but decided to hold an election involving the whole membership. MSC organized the election itself, initially consulting representatives of the Lions Trust, websites and fanzines and committee members worked three solid days, disturbing their work patterns, to fill nearly 12000 envelopes with ballot forms. The candidates who came forward fought a very positive campaign and although it was a great shame that only 1 in 10 voted, an admirable choice had been made.

Paul said that the only real point of contact with the club for the last year was Ken Brown and this had sometimes been difficult but was now improving as other people from the football club were becoming involved with the new openness.

Aside from the above, the committee had also arranged successful social events including a great Quiz night and an excellent trip to Bruges. The committee also produced representatives for the Tyme Radio show and arranged the Man Of The Match Awards, which made the day of particularly the younger fans when they met their favorite player. The recent Charities Day run by MSC at the Plymouth game raised over 1,100 pounds for some 18 charities All in all Paul thought that from a poor start it had been a year of achievement for the committee. With the promised contribution to MSC from next season's membership fees offered by the football club, Paul hoped for regular mailshots to members next season.

Adoption Of The Draft Constitution
Paul set the draft constitution before the meeting for its adoption. However before it was voted on, he stated an amendment was necessary to section 4.3 to allow a chairperson to be elected from members of the committee who had served for the previous year and to be voted in by all members of the new committee. Further, it was suggested from the floor that an additional section should be added to state that a quorum of seven committee members should be in attendance to validate a meeting. A question was asked regarding safeguarding special skills that might be contained in an existing committee and the questioner was informed that the initial provision to vote on all the committee places each year had been changed to only voting on seven of the fourteen places to address this problem. In response to a question about why thirteen places had been chosen, Paul stated that this figure had been considered as a correct number by this current committee for the duties that are envisaged and avoided tied votes. The constitution with the above amendments was agreed by the meeting without objection.

The Voting Procedure For The New Year's Committee
Paul explained that three of the current committee were standing down including him, Mick and Adam Callieu. The six remaining were re-standing leave nine candidates for seven places. An election was therefore necessary. However, before the election procedure could commence two of the nine candidates withdrew for personal reasons, Stan Godwin and Roy Hobson. This meant that the following seven were automatically elected: - Cliff Hughes, Paul Robinson, Graham Cooper, Tony Manock, Jes Holden, Damian Fox and Nick Hart. Despite the fact that no election was necessary each new committee addressed the meeting. Each spoke of a new beginning in communications between MSC and the football club on which they hoped to build. Tony now ran the HOF website, Jes and Cliff were on the Lions Trust committee and Nick wrote for fanzines including NOLU under the pseudonym of the Archbishop.

Treasurer's Report
Ian stated that MSC made a profit of 588 pounds 49 pence for the year with income of 3439.1 pounds and expenses of 2850 pounds 61 pence. He hoped that with additional income hopefully coming to MSC from the football club, who had agreed to give the supporters club part of membership fee next year, communication with MSC members would be improved in the future. He thanked the Coach and Horses Pub for its support of the Man Of The Match Awards and pointed out that all the social events made money. He thanked Mick for his great efforts on the social side. He also pointed out that none of the current committee had taken expenses this year.

Address By Peter Garston
Peter stated that since the arrival of PDS thinks were changing at the club. There is now a desire to communicate with the fans by the Board. He had already taken a group of fans to speak to Constantine Gonticas on the football side and had taken another group to discuss policing. He said that within the next couple of weeks more changes at Board level. Simon Menneer was also helping to improve communications. Peter had been very busy and had been able to take on the role largely due to the fact that he is currently on "gardening leave" before taking another job. He said that his relationship with MSC was vital for support and that we should all help and protect each other to take full advantage of the present changing circumstances. He also informed the meeting that, as a director, he was entitled to some expenses from the football club but he had decided not to take these in return for the provision of some away fixture tickets.

Any Other Business
Since they were standing down, Suzanne took the opportunity to thank Paul for his work as Chairman. The fans had noticed the achievements of MSC under his tenure. He had been a great leader and communicator and had greatly improved relations with the football club. She also thanked Mick for his tireless work on the fund raising side and Adam for his great contribution to the committee. He sentiments were echoed by the meeting. There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.35pm.


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