Official Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2008

Held at The Den on Wednesday April 30th commencing 7.30 pm
A total of 14 people attended the meeting including ten Committee members. Peter Garston (The Fan Director) attended together with the following Committee members, Bob Asprey (MSC Chairman), Paul Robinson (MSC Vice Chairman), Ian Toal (MSC Treasurer), Graeme Smale (MSC Secretary), Damien Fox, George Lampey, Sam Masson, Dave Hart, Mark Holland and Peter Heard.

Introduction and welcome by MSC Chairperson
Bob Asprey started the meeting by thanking those who were present. He said he was disappointed with the attendance but thought that this meeting was difficult to sell to the fanbase and only became exciting if the club was experiencing unrest or major problems. He then referred the meeting to last Years AGM Minutes, which had been distributed to those attending, and asked for them to be accepted as a true record. The meeting accepted the minutes unanimously.

Summary of the MSC year and the Committee's achievements by the MSC Chairman
Bob commenced by saying that at the beginning of the year the Committee discussed what it wanted to achieve over the next 12-months after the Committee had been viewed as somewhat timid and spineless in previous seasons. He then took the meeting through the objectives included in the MSC Constitution.

To improve communications between Millwall FC and its supporters, representing the views of its membership and encourage and assist MFC to take proper account of the interest of its members - Bob thought this objective had been generally achieved. A survey had been organised at the start of the season to gage fan aspirations. Some attempt has been made to involve supporters using the Club's database and consultation has definitely been made on the message boards. The MSC has established a routine of regular monthly meetings with the Club where it discusses fans views, considerations and complaints. "

To represent the greatest possible section of the membership - This could continue to improve but as noted above the MSC was trying to be pro-active in this area.

To Organise The Election Of A Suitable Candidate To Be The Supporter Director On The Board Of MFC - The Committee had been in the process of organising the election and initially a candidate stepped forward to take on Peter Garston who currently held office. However, this candidate withdrew before any voting could take place and Peter was elected for another term unopposed. "

To provide benefits to members, in association with MFC - Initially, membership of the MSC only gave members the ability to travel to away fixtures. This year, however, the committee has secured a membership discount of £2 on tickets provided they were not bought on match-days. It is now the aim of the Committee to secure ticket discounts to members on the day of games. "

To Promote Membership Of The MSC - The Committee is trying to promote membership by the steps mentioned above. It arranges Regional Meetings, the next being on the evening of Tuesday 13th May at the Coach And Horses Pub Bexley. "

Other initiatives to engender supporter interest in the MSC include the production of a Radio Show on South London Radio - George Lampey can be thanked here for his persistence when it became clear that the Club was not prepared to run the show itself. George had provided the initial contact for the Club at the Radio station but when negotiations stalled he worked on the idea of a supporter's run show. Fellow Committee members, Paul and Graeme are thanked for their help in producing the show, which was increased from one to two hours shortly into its run. Anne, George's wife should also be recognised for her efforts in answering the phones on the show. Further, Mark should be thanked for providing pod-casts of the show. "

Mark has also made a major improvement in the MSC's website which has meant that hits on the site have doubled to 10,000 since the start of the season - Well done Mark. "

The MSC has encouraged the Club to use its database to contact members and some newsletters have been produced with MSC input. It is hoped that more regular letters can be produced next season.

The MSC has had a much more confidant stance on the message boards. It has stated its case clearly and concisely and it has increased its stock by doing this.

In other areas, the MSC having been asking the Club for a fans forum. There has been only one forum at the beginning of the season, as John Berylson has been unable to find a convenient date to match with manager Kenny Jackett. However, another forum has now been arranged for next Tuesday 6th May.

The MSC has fallen down in providing material for the fanzines and this should be improved next season.

Bob reviewed other targets set for the Committee at the beginning of the year, which included 6 members at the AGM aside from the Committee, which has not been achieved. A full thirteen members on the Committee, which again has not happened. An increase in MSC membership, which has not been achieved but depends less on the Committee's actions than the Club's performance. The Committee has, however, formed stronger links with the Lions Trust who are no longer seen as in competition with MSC and are working with The Junior Lions to try to improve Away Travel. The Committee has consulted the fans on such issues as catering and regeneration ideas, which have been taken to the Club.

Finally, Bob made special mention of Sam Masson's efforts to raise funds with her outstanding ability to sell raffle tickets.

Presentation Of Annual Reports And Accounts by MSC Treasurer
Ian Toal presented the Income And Expenditure Account for the year ending 31st December 2007.and reported the following.

The figures show that we made a loss for the calendar year of £250.40 compared to a loss of £673.76 in 2006. For the first time these accounts include the £1 the MSC receives for each adult membership, which was introduced for the season 2006-7. The loss mainly came from running a couple of weekend trips away to Blackpool and then a Blackpool / Carlisle combination. We were let down by quite a few pull-outs and left with a bill to bear as hotels and coaches had to be paid for well in advance. This was a learning curve for those of us involved and meant that we were reluctant to run other weekend trips away and pulled the plug on the Hartlepool trip this April, as we did not want to waste membership funds on another loss making trip. The loss on the two trips was just over 20% of costs, using up just over £2,100 MSC funds. Now we receive £1 for every adult member, trips aside, our surplus would be around £2,000-£4000 per annum depending on commitments and membership take-up.

We had a total income of £14,048 for the year. The majority of this, £8,225 came from supporters paying for weekend trips so if you take trip payments out, you get a better idea of true income, nearer to £6,000. We are again very grateful for the Coach And Horses Pub for renewing their sponsorship of The Man Of The Match Awards bringing in £600 over the calendar year. Their sponsorship makes many a young fan happy. Also we are very grateful to Peter White & Co who became the first sponsors of our website. As always, I have to genuinely thank all fans for support of the raffles and social nights. The income provided continues to help us to operate. As ever it is an appropriate time to thank the Committee for selling the social nights well.

We had a total expenditure of £14,298.40. Deducting the costs for the trips, this becomes £3889.40. Included in the expenditure for this season was an up front cost of £564 for the kit sponsorship / VIP day out. We raffled this off at the beginning of 2008 collecting £531, therefore nearly breaking even. This will be shown in the 2008 accounts. There were various other expenses including Player Of The Season Trophies, FSF membership and website hosting. The accounts are currently being voluntarily audited.

Bob thanked Ian for his report and his work in other areas including the matchday programme.

A proposed change to the MSC Constitution
Bob explained that this change to para 4.3 was necessary as this year there had been a tied vote for MSC Chairman and the Constitution had been silent on the procedure to adopt. The alteration read as follows: The MSC Chairman will be elected by the standing Committee at the first Committee meeting after the AGM but must also be acceptable to fifty percent of those who served on the Committee for the preceding year. If there are no Committee members who have served in the preceding year, then the MSC Chairman is elected by the standing Committee. In the advent of a tied vote involving the person who has served as Chairman for the preceding year, then that person will prevail and will therefore serve for the next year. Where two candidates are contesting the post of Chairman, who have not served in that office before and a tied vote occurs then the Chairmanship for the coming year will be decided by the candidates drawing lots. The Committee should also elect a Secretary and Treasurer. The change was voted in unanimously.

Address By Fan Director Peter Garston
Bob congratulated Peter on gaining another term of office and said that he had won the respect of the fans by the way he carried out his duties. Peter replied that the stronger MSC Committee this year had certainly helped him as Fan Director. He was disappointed in the low attendance at this meeting.

Peter continued that his job had been difficult to begin with when in the first 3 months he had seen off 2 managers. However, he now felt he had grown into the role. Some issues had been difficult especially the badge. However, the Board had seen the benefit of incorporating a fan representative on issues such as the choice of managers and the problem with Ferguson Lacey. He had tried to get more supporters involved by asking them to meet Board members with any grievances but he had been unable to stimulate any interest in this initiative. He was happy that with Damian's help, he had been able to overturn several banning orders.

The New Committee
Since the Committee had received no new nominations from those wishing to stand and none of those currently on the Committee wished to stand down, the same 10 members would take on the challenges of the new year.

Aims And Objectives for the New Year
Bob stated that he thought that the current Committee was strong and could build on the progress made last year. The constructive relationship with the Club, which has now been formed, should be built upon and the MSC should strive for more fans' views through on-line polls, questionnaires and through the Club's database. A closer relationship with the fanzines should be fostered. Peter suggested that a decent supporters badge could be produced for say £4-5, which had bars to show the number of years of support.

Bob closed the meeting by thanking all for attending. The meeting ended at 9.12 pm


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