Official Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2012

Held At The Den on 18 April 2012
The following attended the meeting. Bob Asprey (MSC Chairman), Paul Robinson (MSC Vice Chairman), Ian Toal (MSC Treasurer), Graeme Smale (MSC Secretary), Ayse Smith Coates (MSC Committee Member), Jason Roseman (MSC Committee Member), Chris Prete (MSC Committee Member), James Groves (MSC Committee Member), Dave Hart (MSC Committee Member), Sue Keegan and Richard Coates. Apologies were received from Peter Garston (Fan On The Football Club Board), Laura Romitelli, Jim Nash and George Lampey (All MSC Committee Members).

Introduction And Welcome By MSC Chairman
Bob welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

Minutes Of The Last AGM Held On 20th April 2011
The last AGM Minutes were accepted as a true record proposed by Chris Prete and seconded by Paul Robinson.

Chairman’s Summary Of The MSC Year And The Committee’s Achievements
Bob commenced by stating that he thought the Committee had had a successful year but would analyse achievements by looking at the good and bad aspects of its performance. He started with the good points:-

  • Through the monthly meetings, the Committee has maintained a constructive relationship with the club
  • Under the guidance of George Lampey, Lions Live continues to be a good quality show and helps MSC to communicate with our club’s supporters.
  • At the start of this year, new members to the Committee had been recruited who have made important contributions. James Groves had worked with the webmaster Jon Watts and had produced a decent new MSC website which is receiving plenty of hits.
  • Another person who was new to the Committee and who has made an outstanding contribution is Laura Romitelli. She has taken over the MSC page in the match day programme and produced a high standard content. Jim Nash, another new member, has written several interesting articles for the fanzines.
  • The MSC has helped the club with its funding of individual projects. It has contributed to the cost of providing flags above the stands.
  • It has contributed to naming the two stands, The Dockers and The CBL. It also has put money into the provision of new televisions in ‘Arry’s Bar.
  • Further, the Committee has improved in engaging fans on the message boards due to the efforts of members like James Groves.
  • The MSC is in the process of providing a stone on Wembley Way to represent the football club and its supporters and is currently selecting the wording for this stone.
  • The final piece of good news is that all current Committee members have agreed to stay for the new year. This committee is strong with decent attributes

Bob thanked all the Committee members for their efforts and also thanked Sam Brown and Anne Lampey, non Committee members who had made significant contributions to Lions Live. Bob then moved on to what he considered to be Committee failings.

  • The Committee had failed to attract new Committee members for the coming year.
  • The Committee has been too quiet about its achievements and business with most fans identifying with Peter Garston.
  • The MSC Newsletter failed to get off the ground after a couple of attempts.

Ayse thought that the newsletter had not succeeded as it had gone out under the Club logo and Andy Ambler (The Football Club Chief Executive) had control of what could be included. Chris thought that this comment could be made about MSC generally. He cited the renewal of the caterers contract for another five years despite the fact that the MSC had produced examples to the club of bad practice and inefficient operation. Andy Ambler had offered the contract extension without any consultation with the supporters club committee. Bob thought Chris’ statement was harsh and believed that Andy Ambler had used the feedback provided by MSC to revamp the caterers operations. The caterers have promised significant changes and improvements for next season and the jury is currently out on their performance.

Paul Robinson was disappointed that the club had taken the MSC idea of £23 for children season tickets around the ground for next season but had given the supporters club no credit in announcing this initiative. This is a clear instance where MSC had not taken recognition for a decent idea that will benefit some of its members. The need to publicise MSC good news is clearly evident and must be improved.

It was pointed out that the club promised to provide a plaque in ‘Arry’s to note the MSC’s contribution to the renewal of the televisions but this had not as yet been done. MSC should therefore ask the club to provide such a plaque.

A discussion arose about the club needing to get accurate coach manifests for away travel. Andy Ambler seemed to want this idea pushed into the long grass but it was decided that Tina, the club coach steward, should be consulted to ascertain whether she needed accurate coach manifests.

Bob handed the floor to Ian Toal, MSC Treasurer to give details of MSC funds throughout the last year.

Treasurer’s Report
Ian commenced by reminding the meeting that MSC obtained £1 for each season ticket holder and adult club member from the football club. The supporters’ club also raised its own funds through quiz nights, man of the match sponsorships and website advertising.

Ian has produced two separate accounts for the Club held funds and the MSC funds. The MSC financial year runs from the year ending 31st May.
Ian continued by looking at the Club held funds. These had an overall balance at the end of the 2010 / 11 season of £8,993.39. The club contribution for the 2011/12 season was £12,475 and following outgoings of £9,947.29 which included payments for items such as stadium flags, stand signage, kit sponsorship, Lionesses donation, MSC badges etc the Overall balance as at 31st March 2012 is £11,521.10.

Ian reported that the supporters club own accounts showed a £25.13 surplus for the ten months to 31st March 2012, which gives a balance of £3,646.25 as at 31st March 2012.

Graeme stated that Lions Live had been mostly self financing with monies raised from sponsorship and advertising. Equipment such as new microphones, new telephone equipment and a new sound card had been purchased throughout the year.

Bob asked George to provide the Committee with financial details for Lions Live.
Jason asked about MSC plans for contributing to a statue for Barry Kitchener and funding for the Lionesses and it was decided that these issues would be discussed at the next regular MSC Committee meeting.

Fan On The Board Report
In the absence of Peter Garston no report was given

Bob ended the meeting by saying that the Committee year had been generally good but as ever there was room for improvement. There being no other business the meeting ended at 9.03 pm. Date of next MSC Meeting 29 May 2012.

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