Fans Forum - August 2015

Minutes of the Fans Forum held at the New Den at 7.00 pm on 6 August 2015

Chair - Bob Asprey, MSC Chairman
Guest (first hour) - Neil Harris, First Team Manager
Guests (second hour) - Andy Ambler, Club Chief Executive -Peter Garston, Fan on the Board

The format of the evening will be as usual for this event: the first hour will be with Neil, then a short break and the second hour with Andy and Pete. Hopefully the bar won’t be too noisy, so we’ll try to keep that open throughout.

Are we looking for another strong centre midfielder? I think we need someone; we miss Bailey, Upson and Williams good players but not strong enough.
First of all, good evening and thanks for coming. All I will say, tonight I’ll be as honest as I can. If I feel that, as I go through the season, I need to strengthen, I will. At present, I’m comfortable with what we have. If you bring somebody in, it blocks a youngster from coming through.

Regarding the goalkeeping situation. I don’t think Fordey’s good enough. He had a bad season last year. I don’t think he fits in the team and he makes too many mistakes. The second goal last week, he missed the ball and didn’t come for balls in the air.
By his own admission, Fordey didn’t have a great season last season. When I took over, it was definitely his best time of the season. Archer and Forde are competing for the position. People will play on merit, not past performances or reputation. I will pick team on that basis; if they don’t perform, they won’t play.

Fordey is apparently our highest earner and had get out clauses in his contract. I hope you’re right and you won’t put him in the shop window to get him off wage bill. I don’t remember games when he kept us in it. In fact, his mistakes cost us. We need to try and move him on to release the wage bill.
Firstly, I’m under no pressure to play anybody. It’s my decision. Fordey wants to play for his country and it was made clear in the summer that he’d try to move on. He’s still here; if he reaches his previous standards, he’ll be our best keeper. I think releasing 18 players in summer shows I don’t work by reputation. I’ll pick who I want.

We have a number of under 21s on the verge of the first team. We can watch the under 21s for £5 at the Den but not at Calmont Road. Why? It says on the website that people aren’t allowed into the training ground.
Good question. I don’t know why. I’m prepared to let people into the training ground to watch games. I would be disappointed if people are refused access to the players. This will be considered. Considered, not reversed? I’ll need to check with the club chief executive…
Andy - There are logistical issues with agents/families. We are going to play as many games here or at Bromley as possible. We don’t like playing at the training ground, as we like the players to play in front of the fans. For example, when we play Leeds it will be here at the Den.

Neil Harris is managing this club, he’s a proper Millwall man. Holloway was a disgrace, everybody loves you (Neil) here.
Thank you very much, I’ll be trying, win or fail; well, I don’t intend to fail!

Do we have enough pace at the back?
We did get done a little too easily preseason. It’s not a concern of mine; with the experience we have, our defenders should position themselves well. If our defence had Fred’s pace, they probably wouldn’t be here playing for us. We do a lot of work defensively and we need to get into good positions.

Any plans for a natural left footed winger?
Yes, I would like a left sided player in our squad and we’re trying to do something. Watch this space. It’s something we’ve discussed today. I remember Christophe Kinet, for example. We have forwards who like the ball into the box. I’ve no concerns in moving Fred and Paris, but it’s not ideal. There may be a new signing before Saturday.

There’s been talk of a Shrewsbury player who might sign for them or us?
Yes, I read that as well! No, he won’t be lining up for us. I would imagine he’ll be lining up for them. I’ve seen four players of theirs playing in preseason that hadn’t signed a contract with them yet.

Is it true you were offered Sterling for £4,000 a week?
I’d have driven up north and picked him up myself for £4,000 a week.

Why are there so many injuries at the training ground?  What are they doing to each other?
Good question. Boot manufacturers are looking at this, as it’s happening everywhere. I find it frustrating. O’Brien and Martin are both contact injuries. We had none last season, now we’ve had two. Only Joe was injured in training, the others were in games. The players need to show competitiveness, to show they want to be in the team. They don’t go over the top in training, though.

I read an Eddie Howe interview, where he talked about how important it is to look at the whole player before buying them. What do we do?
That’s a well timed question. You’ll have read about new recruitment department. Andy Mills is running this, looking into their whole background and also their stats. We look at what players are best in what position in each division. We probably won’t see the benefit until January, but it’s no surprise that Morison was top with his stats.

Can you take us up this season? Do you have the squad?
I hope so. You won’t get anybody more determined or working harder than me. We’ll be organized, thorough in preparation, fit, pacy, won’t be down on attitude, aggressive, not like v Tondela, but similar to v Wigan, Charlton, Derby. That may be enough, with a little luck.

Our strongest two up front?
We’ll all have an opinion. I’m delighted with our strikers, it’s a great mix, great to get Morison. That was down to two reasons: the support of chairman and Morison wanted to come. We let him go in the past Yeah, but he’s back again now!

Have you stressed to the players how important the passion of the fans is?
Yes, it’s majorly important. I asked them if they have the desire to play for the club. Do they understand what it means? Can they be brave enough, after two mistakes, will they try a third time? If not, don’t come here. Tony Craig epitomises that, along with long term players we have, and someone like Steve Morison. He still has that twinkle in his eye, fire in his belly. I’ll certainly guide them and advise them.

Holloway didn’t understand us but I think you do.
I don’t know if I do, but my team will epitomise me. You may have seen that with my team selections last season.

You’ll put your boots back on?
No, I think I have a good enough squad to not have to do that.

Why has Alfie Pavey not been given a chance?
He’s not ready yet; good potential but not ready. Marquis was a simple one for me. I saw him score at Gillingham. I saw him play five times and he was best player every time. If he hadn’t been our player, I’d have been trying to sign him, as were other clubs. The fact that he was already our player made it a no brainer for me.

View on loan signings
I think it’s a fair point that there is a place for loans. If I feel it will benefit us short or long term, then I’ll do it. If we were to take a young player from a higher division, they’ll need to be better than our young players and it would need to benefit us. A loan deal will always be a view to permanent signing. I’ve played with loan players and have questioned their desire but I’ve also played with some real good talents, for example, Dion Dublin was an outstanding asset for us, even though he was seeing out his career. Young players: Kane and Townsend were great signings. It’s hit and miss but will go back to our recruitment department. They deal with loans too. The one reason will always be to make us better, it’s not a holiday.

Why only a year for Morison?
I think in this case, we have to be mindful of his well documented wages. It was a joint decision to sign for a year. He wants to stay and the agreement is that we can extend the contract, if he does well. But we’ve seen players come in and not deliver, so there’s a diligence around the club now to sign players on our terms. Steve’s committed to play for this club and if it’s a year at a time, I’ve no problem with that.  When I came back I played for a year at a time.

We need more from the team each week to bring fans to the club
I’d love to have a full house every week. I’ve seen teams melt in the tunnel in fear. If you can come up with ways to make that happen, I’d love to hear them.

I know you had the summer clear out. How many youngsters to you expect to come through this season?
I wouldn’t like to put a number on it, but I intend to play a number of them. We saw Sid last season, we have Fred, Jack Powell, Philpott. Certainly, we have players capable and they will have opportunities and there are others, even younger, that are coming through. And that’s why we don’t want a big squad. We have a midfielder, Thompson, who’s a Millwall fan and I want him to play. If I feel somebody’s ready at 17, I’ll play him.

Only problem with the youngsters is that, at this level, they need games.
Yes, consistency and form is the key. Youngsters come and go and that’s where me and the staff have to recognise that and manage them. We won’t be playing five in one game, but will give them an opportunity. We have good players coming through all ages. If we need to loan them out, we’ll do so.

How long before Christian Mbulu is ready?
Yes, he’s an 18 year old recommended to me from Brentwood Town, centre half, just signed a contract with us – his first, we’re delighted. He needs to adapt to training every day at that tempo, so we need to be patient. I came from non-league, it’s hard to adapt to training every day.  Once he performs in under 21s, then we’ll see.

In the last ten games last season, it was refreshing to move away from Holloway’s ‘system’, whatever that was. We became more direct. Going forward, tactics aside, Millwall is two up front and on the attack. Holloway said 442 was panic football.
Okay, I’m panicking, as I’m going to play 4-4-2. I think you saw at Wolves last season 4-3-3, 3 strikers playing high. We do have tactics and it might change for a game, and maybe during a game. If I do change during a game, everybody will know their position. Millwall play 4-4-2, the game has changed but you can vary it. Direct at times, nothing wrong with that, call it ‘forward thinking football’! But we also have someone like Williams who can play a bit.

What concerns me at half time is the subs playing kick about. Other teams are properly warming up.
I don’t see that, I’m in the dressing room! It’s something to consider. When I was a player, I used to worry about myself at half time. I’d do my own bit of work then I’d join in the kick about. We’ve discussed this but a sub needs to be an impact player, so needs to be fresh. Whatever they do to give them the best opportunity to have an impact is fine.

We’ve heard a lot about Neil Harris the manager. I’d like to hear about the player. Which manager did you learn the most from and what’s your favourite moment as a player?
As a manager Kenny Jackett taught me a lot. He was manager while I was doing my badges. Also Rhino and Macca taught me the Millwall way. My most successful goalscoring period was under Mark McGhee. Wisey was successful for us for a while, but Kenny ultimately taught me the most. He didn’t always pick me and it did frustrate me, but it stood me in good stead. I have lots of memories: FA Cup Semi v Sunderland, Wrexham away, Oldham here to win the league, the Play-Off Final, Crewe and Elland Road. No-one will forget Watford away, but I could sit and talk all night about good times. Also off the pitch, Birchy and Steve Mildenhall, nights out with families, travelling away with Livers and Nethercott; I’ll never forget those times.

Women’s football: the Lionesses need every supporter they can get. Your message?
One of my daughters plays for the Lionesses, and I would say if you haven’t been to see it, you might be surprised, passion, tackles, goals. I’m not sexist but it’s surprising how good it is.

We got rid of 16/17 and brought in five, we might not go up at least we know we have a man with heart in him.

Defending set pieces last season was very bad, attacking even worse.
Any professional footballer that doesn’t have the desire to head the ball in either area, I’ve got a problem with. It’s about reading the flight of the ball and it’s all about desire. Beevers should score goals always, Williams isn’t a good header but scored at the weekend. I was never a good header, but scored through desire. At the other end, it’s about pride to not concede. I’m instilling that in the players at the moment, and will pick players that do it. If they don’t have the professionalism, they won’t play.

Do you work on that in training?
We do now!

Andy, does he still pay for his toast at the training ground?
Neil - I was waiting for someone to say that! Yes, we do!

Is Craig and Sid a direct competition for places?
Craig is my captain, but as I said, the team is picked on merit. Craig is left footed, Sid right. You’d probably ideally play one of each foot, but it isn’t essential as we’ve seen in the 00000000000000past.  Such as with Dyche and Nethercott. We want the two players to form the best partnership. If they’re not performing, somebody else will come in.

How are ticket sales this season?
Andy - They’re up, season tickets are over 5,000, about 400 more than last season.

Carlos Edwards?
Yes, I spoke to him today. I agree we missed him last year. Not just on the pitch, but his leadership off the pitch. I’m happy to say I’m a big fan, he’s a great guy, a terrific pro. He needs to prove his fitness to himself, then me and you. He’ll play for the under 21s v Forest next week, about 70 minutes. Then 90 minutes, then we’ll have a conversation. He knows he’s had a nasty injury, but he wants to play for us, and for me, and to have his experience around our young players will be invaluable. There was no reaction after his 45 minutes, there were tired legs and some relief. I had a long term injury but I didn’t really have the heart to come back to play at Southend, because I wanted to come back here. Carlos wants to play. A lot of it is proving it to himself.

Anything in mind for Barnet next Tuesday
It will give us an opportunity to change a couple of the players if I want to look at something else. You know I want to win every game. And I’ll be more disappointed than anyone if we don’t. I feel I have a good squad of 18 that could start on Saturday, so if I want to play a couple of disappointed players on Tuesday then I will. If we win, I might not want to change it.

This view includes the JPT?
Yes, there are rules you have to follow. In JPT you have to play six that started on the Saturday. In Carling Cup, you can change whole team. Hopefully we’ll have no injuries on Saturday. But in cup competitions, I want to give you some success.

Will cup games interfere with possible promotion?
I hope so! It’s a long season, the cup competitions are early in our season. I think winning is a habit, it breeds confidence and competition for places and brings more games. Week in, week out, I’ll have to judge it and pick the right team. If I do that more often than not, we should be in the mix at the end of the season.

What is the process for bringing in a player you’ve identified?
Me and the recruitment team identify the player. If I don’t have a specific player in mind, the recruitment department will scout and put a list together of potential names. Terry Bullivant will scout the player. If they pass, I will watch them. If I think I want him, we go to Andy and then the chairman, then negotiate with the other club.
Andy - The board has always backed the manager on players; that’s the way the chairman wants it. What we like is a player list A, B and C and we go for it. Sometimes it’s for reasons outside our control, if they don’t work out. We have budgets to work within. In respect of transfer fees, the market dictates and there is no limit. We will go to the chairman to see if the money’s available. Sometimes, the player isn’t available, despite us having been advised by agents that they are. I don’t read the forums otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here, so I don’t know if I’ve been criticised for transfers. Yes, I’ll get stick from the forums. For example, we thought we had Hanson, but we didn’t.
Nei  - We didn’t think Steven Morison would be available for us this season, but the chairman supported us in the move but ultimately, Steve made it possible. If he’d have been available in May, I’d have signed him then.
Yes, Stefan Maierhofer was not the type of player I was looking for this season, but I thank him for his efforts in past seasons.

This brought the hour to an end. Bob thanked Neil for giving up his time to come and answer our questions. Neil thanked the crowd. He reminded them that at the Player of the Year dinner, he made quite a passionate speech about what he wanted to give you. He promised that the team will play with passion or they won’t play again.

At the start of the second half of the evening, Bob thanked Pete and Andy for giving up their time to speak to us.

What about the security. At the last game of the season, where we sit in the Dockers’ stand, idiots run down to the lower tier to run onto the pitch. The stewards stand and watch it happen, but we get searched on entry. We didn’t even have something to celebrate, we’d been relegated. If one of the opposition players get attacked.
Sadly, some people think last game of season is a free for all. I think players have been injured – not here, elsewhere – even last season at Blackpool, a game was abandoned. It’s illegal to go onto the pitch. Most stewards have a limited safety role. You can’t close the shutters to the stand (to stop people running downstairs) for safety reasons. That’s illegal too. I think the responsibility goes out to the supporters and yes, it was embarrassing. The more we tell people not to do it, the more some want to do it. There are briefings that take place. When you see the board go up with four minutes, it’ll actually be less than that so as to get the players off the pitch. You vary on how you approach a game dependent on the crowd and the players involved. If need be, we have a response team to protect them.
Pete - Me and Andy have discussed this repeatedly. Years ago, kids always used to run on in a very good humoured way to get close to the players, but it’s gone to having police horses on the pitch and some people simply wanting to cause trouble. I think we’ve crossed a line.

Could we close the bottom tiers for last game of season
I don’t think season ticket holders would be happy. We give the message that players won’t come out if people are on the pitch. But we’ve seen people intent on causing trouble.

How to fill the ground. I live in Slade Green and my son comes home with all kinds of Charlton stuff. We need something from Millwall. Game tickets, be at the Danson Park event.
This Tuesday’s game is kids for a quid. We’re now in 32 schools in Lewisham and Southwark. Players are ‘adopting’ schools.

There’s not enough advertising of this in the local papers.
We have a partnership with Southwark News.

I see people smoking and with drugs and don’t want to bring my kids here.
We have smoking pens and we’ve won an award for our family scheme. We have X boxes and table football in the family area. If you tell us where the problem areas are, we’ll try to do something about it. However, we have trouble with stewards accused of being perverts for trying to monitor the toilets, probably by those people wanting to smoke or take drugs.

Fans have to police things themselves.
Yes, it’s all our responsibility to try to make things better. Very good point. It’s about what we’re prepared to accept as fans in our stadium.

The area where the screen was looks terrible.
There’ll be a new screen in about two months. It has cost a six figure sum, which the chairman has paid. It’s HD. Yes, it’s taken a while and you’re hearing it here first, as the order has just been placed. Yes, it has looked awful.

Will we pass FFP rules from last season and with the League One rules this season, will we pass?
We’re not in the Championship so last season doesn’t matter, but if we had we would have been embargoed in January. In respect of League One rules, it’s a different method: we forecast a turnover and can spend 60% of that on player wages. The more money the chairman puts in as equity (rather than loans), the more we can spend. We have no embargoes this season.

Do you regret not getting rid of Holloway sooner and how much did it cost.
I don’t think I can answer the specifics of that due to legal constraints. But hindsight’s a wonderful thing, if we had got rid of him in January, was it too early for Neil? Would we have stayed up? But the chairman decided to back the manager and it didn’t work. Personally, I think when we lost at Rotherham, it was the end. I agree he used to talk the talk. It did cost the chairman a lot of money. He (Holloway) had got two other teams promoted but he did disappoint in a lot of ways.

How did Holloway get the job?
We’ve answered this before, but when you’re in the middle of the season, you don’t interview loads of people. Kenny recommended him. He’d just come off two promotions and was hot property. If I recall the press conference at the time, we all felt it was a good fit and like you guys I was disappointed with what I saw from the inside. Lomas did have credentials. We’d had Billy Bonds as an ex West Ham Millwall manager years ago. Again, I think we’ve talked about this last year but Lomas shone at interview. Ultimately, the decision is made by the board and they didn’t think him being an ex West Ham player should be a problem.

Last year I was on my way to Middlesbrough and they put Brentford tickets on sale the same day.
Pete - Do we know if they were online and on phone sales. We need to look into why it happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again.
Andy Yes, Pru manages the ticket office very well usually. In hindsight, she’ll probably admit that should have been handled differently. But we’ll learn from that.

Why are the Scunthorpe tickets not available yet, it’s only 2 weeks away?
We probably haven’t received the tickets from them yet, so that’s why they’re not on sale.

Bradford supposedly sold 17,000 tickets at a reduced rate.
£149 tickets. It’s a very difficult thing to do. It’s been done in the past elsewhere and was deemed the worst thing the club ever did. Once you’ve done it, where do you go from there? I think we have a good scheme, with early bird discounts. It would only reduce our revenue and that affects our spend.

FL fixtures say they take into account travelling. Our longest three trips this season are on Tuesday evenings. Will the club subsidise our travel? For example, we have Blackpool on the Tuesday and an early kick off at Sheffield United the next Saturday.
We have subsidised coaches in the past. It’s difficult with so many northern fixtures to get every game on a Saturday, but in order to subsidise coach travel I need to find the money. I’ll ask the chairman. Or the supporters’ club might help?  For the Wigan match there will be a beamback, so supporters can watch the match at the Den.

Regeneration – is there any good news and will the car park will be lost?
Yes, there will be a reduced number of matchday parking spaces - 280 to c 150. It’s not clear what the parking arrangements around the Den will be. Any good news? The compulsory purchase order has not gone through yet and we’re still fighting that. Yes, we want the regeneration but we want a fair deal for this club. The chairman is defending the club and it’s costing him money. Next move needs to be from Lewisham Council. Their last offer to us to surrender the land was derisory. The developers Renewal own land in the area, if they’re looking to sell it, I hope we have a better relationship with the new owner. I’ve said before that the regeneration is vital to this club. It will bring a better environment, new station, etc. to help us increase the fanbase.

Are you considering park and ride, etc?
There’s talk of underground or multi storey parking under the residential development, but then the new station should make access much easier and more pleasant. Reality of the station is something that we’re watching very closely. We have permission to expand the stadium to 26,500 if need be. Transport has been something of a nightmare for a couple of years, with the work at London Bridge but hopefully it will improve when the work is completed.

When is Bolina Road opening again?
I think it’s another couple of years and when it reopens it’ll be pedestrian only and it’s going to be landscaped.

Neil said we’re about to sign a left winger. Morison’s wages are significant. We have to get back in the Championship and we can’t afford to waste any more money. Is the ambition there to go as far as we can?
Yes, the ambition is to get back into what has become a brutal division in the chase to the Premier League. We’re investing in the academy. A few years ago we took the decision to scrap the old one, which was considered not fit for purpose. Now the EPPP money is in place, we need to produce more academy players. Last season we had about forty appearances from academy players. Previously it was just a handful. The chairman is not going to heap too much pressure on the manager, as we think he will do well for seasons for come. With Holloway we expected immediate results. Now, it’ll be fabulous if Fred becomes the next Sterling and we bank £10m for him, because that’s what happens now. That’s how we turn the investment in the academy into success. We don’t want to get into the Championship and find the players aren’t good enough to stay there.

We had Hulse and Fuller and substantial money went on them. I’m questioning the board’s decision to back the manager (Holloway). Will Neil be given the funds he needs to build the team he needs.
Yes, we know we need a smaller squad, and Neil is focusing on that. The board is backing Neil, we’ve just signed two players. In respect of players coming in, Neil’s mentioned the player, it’ll be on loan, with a view to a longer deal. Let me recap, the manager has final say on players. We’ve gone with the recruitment department, because modern managers have no time to focus on this. He needs a network. I think some of the players we brought in last season, weren’t properly scouted and scattergun. Maierhofer I agree was not a success but the board always back the manager. We’re changing the way we approach that to support the manager. We can’t say, he’s tall, he’ll do. Last year it cost the chairman £10m to run this club and I’m sure he doesn’t feel he got value for money. This season we’ll lose c £4m, so it’s only right that our recruitment is good, as this is where the club has fundamentally gone wrong recently. Kenny was very old school, a chief scout and him. At Wolves he has a separate department of about 10 people and he loves it. So the game’s moving forward and we’re getting there, we were slow and it cost the chairman money.

Talking of money: sponsorship, advertising and raising money.
Last season was a good one apart from one company that we won’t mention. The commercial side is very good. Obviously we take a hit by being in League One, but otherwise everything’s very good. Retail is doing very well with the revamp of the shop. The downside is a lack of a major sponsor. Are we ever going to get a big brand on our shirt? No. Thank God for Wallis Teagan, CYC, Racing Plus, all Millwall fans. Euroferries was the same, the chairman was a Millwall fan. There wasn’t a queue of three or even two. Leeds don’t even have a shirt sponsor. Scunthorpe no longer have Rainham Steel, they have gone with Prostate Cancer. Company budgets are going on social media. The big shirt sponsor days are gone except for big Premier League teams, so we need to move away from that big ticket item and work hard on individual companies and those with an affinity for this club.

When we got rid of the players at the end of last season, did our commitment end?
It depends on the individual deals. Fabbrini is an interesting one, his stats show he doesn’t actually create anything. But he looked great. Anyhow, the commitments are each dependent on each contract.

It seems like we’re going back to the Millwall way. Are we losing ‘stronger together’ and going back to ‘we fear no foe’?
Stronger Together was always a one year deal. Ian Holloway liked it and bigged it up. This year we have ‘We Are Millwall’. We will have different campaigns but ‘no one likes us’ and ‘we fear no foe’ will always be around but we need you to tell us what you like.

Why do we have to produce new season tickets every year? Other clubs don’t do it.
Good question, I will ask Pru. Some of the fans like the different pictures but yes, there’s a cost. I’ll ask.

We need to get back to being proper Millwall. I don’t think Neil is the man for that. He was only a non league player. Give him one season, if it doesn’t work out, get someone else in.
Bob - Personally, I’m optimistic Neil’s the man to get us there.

We’ve had fan votes on the shirts. This season will we have the chance to vote on the royal blue?
Yes, we’re moving in a different direction with a kit manufacturer next season. This is probably the last season with Macron and an announcement will be made. There is a plan to involve the fans in the kit next season, but in a different way. This year’s kit is selling very well. You have to change kits to keep them fresh so we’ll see how we go with our new direction. Other people are saying why aren’t we playing in white again. We’ll see.

Can we have an amnesty for banned supporters?
We don’t have many banned supporters. The number has reduced a lot in recent years. If it’s a court ban there is nothing we can do. There’s a procedure for club bans where the person can appeal, if they feel they’ve spent their time. This has happened on occasions and Pete has been involved with this. Club bans are assessed on individual circumstances.

We’ve talked today about how to bring more people and families here. Yes, we need to come up with more ideas for you to bring your friends along with you.

The easiest way to get people down here regularly is to start winning games.

Are you making any money from the rugby game?
Yes, this game came about as I spoke to their owner previously and they wanted a game in London. I’m hoping we’ll bring in quite a few thousand pounds, that’s why we’re doing it. We don’t expect any damage to the pitch as it’s rugby league and there aren’t any scrums, and it’s a one-off.

Coach travel last time there was an event at the Den was poor. Fans were dropped off at Blackheath in the dark at 8.30pm.
You tell us where you want the coach for the Port Vale game and we’ll try to arrange it. I’m not going to apologise for trying to make £20-30,000 for the club.

Tesco OKR Car Park was suggested.

Can we buy our own seats for the rugby game?
No, we’re giving the stadium over to Wigan. I’ll see if we can get some kind of early sale to our season ticket holders but it probably won’t be earlier than sales to Wigan season ticket holders/members.

Will we be introducing contactless payments to speed up the catering operation?
Yes, contactless payment is available in two kiosks, with three more to follow. If it is successful it will be in all kiosks by the end of the season.

Bob wound the meeting up by repeating his thanks to everybody involved, especially our guests from the club and everybody that made the journey despite the tube strike. He wished everyone an enjoyable and successful season. The meeting closed at 9.36pm.


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