Fan on the Board Reports - 2010

12 April 2010

We are now approaching the last 5 games of the seasons sitting pretty in 2nd place; there is a team spirit at the club that is gelling everyone together, team, club, board and fans.

Results since Christmas have been amazing with the team battling for every point they can get, the one statistic I know is if we win all our games we will go up automatically, Kenny Jackett has done a magnificent job in managing the team into the position we are currently in.

Tony Craig has signed a new contract which will bolster morale in the dressing room, Kenny has assembled great squad and knows what he wants, without doubt he is the best manager we have had for a very long time.

John Berylson is pleased that the crowds have picked up as the revenue generated helps the club no end, John has managed to get his friend Dick Press to join the board, I have met Dick several times and he is a lovely man, very knowledgeable about football as he has played the game in the USA, he has worked in a broad spectrum of businesses and his business knowledge will be of great benefit to the club, I wish Dick all the best for the future on the board.

The added numbers on the gate leads to problems regards queuing for tickets etc, the club make sure they have all tickets windows open and fully staffed, the club are trying to get more people to buy online and those that don’t to arrive early to pick up their tickets, the Brentford game was pretty problematic regards queues, this was mainly because a lot of people turned up with 15 minutes to go, for the Gillingham game a lot of people bought early and turned up early and queuing was kept to a minimum causing no problems.

The Colchester away game was a very hard game but a great result, it was my 2nd away game since I have been ill and it really cheered me up, the team play as a real unit, fighting for every ball, after the game Kenny and Robbo asked me what could be done about fans keeping the balls as this hinders the teams momentum and annoys referees, all the refs do is add on more time, I explained that there is not a lot that can be done but if we all come out and let people know it can impact the teams performance and ultimately results fans may think twice about doing it.

Finally on a personal note I have now finished my treatment and feel like I am on the mend, thanks for everyone’s support.

As always if anyone has any questions for me drop me a line.


9 February 2009

It's February and the season is building up towards an exciting climax. Time to get the latest thoughts of Fan on the Board Pete Garston.
It was a great team effort by both players and fans, and a tremendous victory over Norwich, making it four wins on the trot and pushing us into fifth position.

We need to keep winning and also make sure Kenny doesn't get the dreaded 'manager of the month award!' If the first happens the second might be hard to avoid.

I felt the referee's performance against Norwich was one of the best displays I have seen at The Den for a long time. Well done Mr Hegley.
The ref was about to penalise Zak Whitbread for taking out Steve Morison at the final whistle, but decided not to with the game already over. As a result we had a very competitive match with no bookings.

There wasn't too much action in the transfer window - Shaun Batt, Liam Trotter and Darren Ward being the notable additions.

On the reverse Dave Martin eventually left for Derby on an emergency loan and Jason Price joined Oldham on a similar basis.

Season Ticket Holders and Members have voted for the new style of shirt for next season, which will be our 125th anniversary.

It shows how far we have come when we have an input into so many areas of the running of the club. It was a great result by the legal team by "beating" the West Ham charge at the FA hearing. It reminded me of the Mothers' Day massacre. I thought it would be a completely different result. Maybe the perception of us is changing in the wide world.

A word of thanks to Chris Bethell, who along with the club staff and his band of helpers has organised our fourth Dockers Day. When I originally suggested it, a Dockers Day was a really simple idea. I thought it would be a one off, but here we are, fourth time round. So don't forget, February 27th Hartlepool at home, be here with your cap.

It's been very quiet behind the scenes recently which is how I like it. The Chairman made a special trip over for the Norwich game, and at the end he said to me "that's what its all about Pete." He had a group of friends who are all now well converted, they could not believe the atmosphere.

Anyway, as always thanks for all your messages of support. Any problems drop me a line.


6 January 2010

Well another year over and we are just on the edge of a play off position, lets hope our slow start doesn’t impact our ability to reach at least the play offs, we have had some good home results and performances in December we need to try and get the same results away from home.

I attended my first game against Walsall, it was a bit too early after my op and I should really have stayed at home, but you know what we are like, how can you stay at home when Millwall are playing that’s the 8th wonder of the world.

The 3 games I have seen Walsall, Bristol R and Derby have all been very exciting games and we at times have shown some good quality, its great to see Steve Morison finally start scoring and be rewarded for the effort he puts in, personally I have always seen something in him that made me think he would come good. Let’s hope Lewis can do the same after a real good performance and goal against Derby.

I still find it hard to get my head around Tony Craig with a phantom mask on, seeing him powering at you to get the ball a 100 mph must be scary enough, so I think the mask is working in our favour!

We have now reached the January transfer window and Kenny is busy working out his options, he is being fully supported by the Chairman and board, I have mentioned before Kenny keeps his cards close to his chest when we make any signings he has normally been working on the deal for weeks, so many possible targets fall through, so the moment you start naming names the information is out of date pretty quickly. Kenny normally has 3 players for each position on file ready should he need to move on them.

I have been able over the last few weeks to deal with all emails and letters received from fellow fans, nothing too major, just a complaint regards stewarding and a few people writing to say how well the family enclosure is working. I have passed to the appropriate people at the club and the complaint will be looked into.

I missed a board meeting late December as I wasn’t well enough to attend, Andy Ambler and Trevor Keyse came to my house to go over a few bits, I think this shows the continued commitment the club have for the Fan Director position.

The AGM went through very quietly, the Chairman once again was annoyed that some shareholders were blocking the clubs attempts to raise new monies, this mean John Berylson has had to continue to commit himself to the Millwall cause, which in itself isn’t a bad thing.

When I attended the Walsall game John Berylson on behalf of the club presented me with a signed photo "to our hero" a very moving moment for me, the soldiers in the picture are the real heroes not me!

On a personal note I have another batch of chemo starting soon this is as a precaution, this will last 9 weeks then it will just be a matter of recovering from the chemo and the op, i am slowly getting there, I have lost two and a half stones since the op as I am unable to eat as I used to, it will improve I have been told!

Anyway, as always thanks for all your messages of support. Any problems drop me a line.



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