Fan on the Board Reports - 2011

1 January 2011

Well unbeaten in 8 games the last game being Derby away on Monday a game we dominated the first half more than any away game I have seen before, the same happened at Preston we could have easily nicked it, again how we never beat Swansea I will never know, the fact that both the Preston and Swansea goalkeepers got the man of the match awards tells the story, we should have won both games, but bottom line for me at any away game I would take a point, the home game against Scunthorpe showed the quality of goals we can score, each goal was an exceptional goal. A great point at Portsmouth and 2 brilliant performances to beat Leicester and Palace, the Palace game was great the atmosphere was how it should be and KJ has told me the impact the crowd has on the team when we get behind them, they play better and fight harder.

Managing to get the club to play the "living next door to Palace" record was great as this added to the game atmosphere why it was stopped in the first place I will never be able to understand.

Jason Puncheons goals ruined Palace and enabled us to leave the ground with bragging rights, for some reason the game had been built up, I think for Palace considering their current position it was their cup final, the result led to the sacking of George Burley. Well done to Kenny and the team for a great start to the New Year.

John Berylson was over for the board meeting we had a couple of days prior to the Scunthorpe game, the norm would be for him to stay over and then go to the game, as John has not seen us beat Scunthorpe in 5 attempts he decided not to come to the game in case he was "bad luck" with us winning I suspect he will never attend a Scunthorpe fixture again!

The board meeting went well mainly business as usual stuff, discussing contracts, salaries, prospective targets etc, I can report back that with the current board and Kenny in charge of the team, we the fan base do not have anything to worry about as team matters are in good hands, the board are fully committed to firstly stabilise and then make an attempt to reach the premiership, should in January we be knocking on the door of the play offs John Berylson and the board will give further resources to Kenny to give it a push as the premiership is the ultimate goal, it seems really strange writing that considering the dire straits we were in when I took on the FOTB position suffering a relegation in the first season, after a lot of hard work both on and of the pitch things are looking so much brighter at the club.
The January transfer window is now on us, silly season as they call it and that will lead to speculation regards players, ie who's coming and who's going, all I can say is KJ knows what he is doing, such decisions are left to him, Steve Morison had a bought of flu prior to the Palace game this and was unable to play this along with speculation in the South London Press stating he had been sold for 3m to Fulham spread like wildfire, well this wasn't the case when I left the ground after the Palace game, I was quite surprised actually to see Steve come out to start against Derby considering he had signed for Fulham on the previous Saturday, all joking aside and as with any bid that comes in it will be taken on its merits, every player has a price, if a club comes in with a bid at the right price and KJ thinks he can improve the squad with the money that comes in he will. All I would like to make clear is that any decision taken by the board will be done so with the best interests of the club at the forefront of all negotiations, there is no pressure on KJ to sell any player.

KJ and Andy Ambler are in discussions with several players regards contract extensions and the club will do all they can ensure KJ gets the players he wants obviously taking into certain financial constraints. Jason Puncheon scoring a hat trick was great to see off Palace but didn't help with negotiations.

Kenny also fought off a lot of strong competition to bring Josh McQuoid to the club; this along with the ability to get championship quality players to come to Millwall is testament to the fact that Millwall these days are an attractive proposition to players, so hopefully Kenny will be able to build a squad that can challenge for the top.

I must mention the pitches both at the Den and the training ground, the ground-staff have worked really hard to ensure the pitches have remained at a good standard throughout the season taking into account the recent bad weather, the pitches always look good and play well thanks to all the ground staff and fellow director Trevor Keyse who over the last few years really invested a lot of time and money into making sure the ground staff have all the equipment and expertise they need, another example of teamwork.

As you know one of the initiatives I implemented with the support of the board was the "Dockers Day" this year it will be against Doncaster on Feb 5th the team coming along to celebrate the day will be the 87/88 squad who are an important part of our history, playing in the top flight during our only visit there in 125 years, this is always an emotional day seeing the old dockers who have been following the club for 60+ years, our original nickname was "The Dockers" with this in mind I am taking a proposal to the board to name one of the stands possibly the East Stand "The Dockers Stand" as a lasting testament to our history, I will let you know how I get on.

Another great day that has started during my tenure is the Help 4 Heroes day, this year being held on St Georges Day when we play Preston, this is such a worthy cause deserving all our support, so book them in your diary now so we can give the dockers and troops a good day.

The MSC have asked me to raise bring to the attention of the board the recent 1885 celebration offering, the MSC believe that some of the tins that were sent out were damaged and the products in the tins of a below average standard. I know that all (a small percentage) of the damaged tins were replaced and this issue of the poor quality merchandise raised with the commercial manager, lessons need to be learned from any issues raised to ensure they do not occur again, as with all issues regarding the club it is imperative that people write/email in to complain otherwise there is no way I can go to the board with the data I need, I do pick up issues from the unofficial web sites but it isn't a very professional way of raising issues, especially as no one on the sites use their own names, so I can hardly go to the board and say The Bear in the Big Blue House is unhappy with his 1885 pack.

My current tenure as FOTB comes to an end at the end of this season, the MSC will be advertising how to apply to stand in January, it is a great position, hard work but well worth it, I will be standing again as I enjoy the role, if anyone wants any information or guidance about the role just get in touch and I will give you the information you require.

As always anyone has any questions drop me a line.



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