Fan on the Board Reports - 2012


Well after 13 games unbeaten we finally had a bad day at the office losing to Ipswich 3-0 a game that most people thought we would get something out of but it wasn’t to be, personally I think it wasn’t a bad game to lose, luckily the team straight regrouped and threw themselves into the Leicester game a real battling game against a team who have invested heavily, our team matched them for all of the game and were well deserved winners of the 3 points. The Brighton away game we stormed into a lead and I thought we were going to win by a clear margin but the introduction of Lua Lua turned the game and in the end I personally was please with a point (I would have took it prior to kick off). We then had the Barnsley game talk amongst the directors were of “banana skins” as it was a game on paper and on current form we should have easily won, but that’s football, a number of below par performances didn’t help, when we went down to 10 men we battle back and I felt we could have actually nicked it, but that goal in injury time made me feel ill especially as I thought it was offside, but that’s football. The team have had some great results and performances in the last 2 months for me Nottingham Forest away were the pick of the bunch.

Congratulations to Kenny for winning manager of the month for November, it was a well deserved award and for once after getting the team did not fall to the curse of manager of the month by losing the game , also a mention for Danny Shittu who was nominated for Championship player of the month but narrowly missed out. I am pretty sure that if there was a snap pole of fans for player of the season today that Danny would pick it up with a resounding majority, he has really made a huge impact into the team. The same said and in my opinion best ever Millwall manager would go hands down to Kenny.

In December we also had our monthly board meeting at which we discussed Kenny’s requirements for the rest of the season and his plans going forward, obviously I cannot make public the detailed discussions, all I can say is that Kenny was very appreciative of the financial support the board have given him especially in these times of austerity. Kenny is a very shrewd manager who has turned the club from top to bottom into a very professional outfit.
Kenny has worked hard behind the scenes to try and procure the services of Chris Wood, Adam Smith and Mark Beevers on loan, going forward Kenny and the board are pulling out all the stops to try persuade the players and their clubs to let them stay long term.

The Chris Wood situation is on everyone’s minds including other clubs, all I can say is I know the salary, transfer fee and all the add ons that were offered to both the WBA and and the player, I can assure everyone we matched Leicester in every financial aspect, be assured the board went to extreme lengths to get him at the club permanently, as with all transfers the final decision is with the player as to whether he sees his future at a club, as I understand Chris Wood and his agent (his dad) felt there was more chance of getting premiership football with Leicester personally I find this very annoying as it was only 2 weeks ago the Chris echoed thoughts of staying with us, especially as Chris was getting first team football week in week out and was very well liked by us the fans.

Every time there is a high profile transfer battle featuring us, all Millwall fans want to know the ins and outs of the deal, the salary, the fee and anything relating to it, my role isn’t to pass that type of information out, in fact as a director I would be breaking my fiduciary duty if I did. When I was voted part of my role was to ensure fans feelings were taken into account at all times and I have always done that, in this case the club were willing to spend more money on a player it every had before. If you take into account the fee, the salary plus all the add ons for the period of the contract the club were going to invest a huge amount of money to land the player. I wish I was able to let everyone know the finer details but I can’t. When these financial details are made public it doesn’t help the club in anyway, all other clubs will be alerted to what money is available and that could mean they up their transfer fees as they think we have a certain amount of money available.

The Charlton game brought our biggest gate for many years, the Chairman was pleased that the gate was so big, it proved that the one way of filling the stadium is by getting it right on the pitch.

There has been a lot of recent press reporting regards racial abuse and as per normal our name is always bandied about as a convenient bit of lazy journalism, we all know as a club we have done more to engage the local communities regardless of race than any other club. We all need to make sure that we don’t give anyone any ammunition to throw at us in the press. The last to “complaints” against us have come from players who have commented about abuse via a social networking site, this is totally unacceptable, there are enough club and football league representatives available on a match day to bring up any such issues, and this is the correct way to do things. I have had letters from many fans who have lobbied the Football League asking for them to look into the issue of player’s use of social networking sites. It is wrong that a club can be judged without the chance to defend themselves publicly.

Currently there is a lot of discussion going on regarding changing the current status of all sweater stadiums to allow an amount of standing; I know there would be a huge amount of cost involved if there was to be a change from all seater to partial standing this is one of the issues that would need addressing. Here is the link to an article discussing the topic, if you feel strongly about the topic either for or against drop me a line so I can get a feel as to what the fan base think.

A lot of fans will have by now heard of the sadly passing away of “Tiny”. I was lucky enough to know Ian over the years I have been coming to Millwall, he will be sadly missed and the thoughts of the fan base will be with Ian’s family at this time.

As always if anyone has any questions please get in touch or via the club.


Football wise it's been a very slow start to the season, the last two games have showed a bit more promise. At Burnley we could have easily nicked it when Henderson hit the bar late on; the same at Bristol where we had chances to get all three points. There seem to be a lot more balls into the box than earlier in the season, let's hope that continues and someone gets on the end of them.

As there isn't that much going on that isn't already public I will concentrate on the catering as there has been a lot of discussion about it both last season and this. The matter will be discussed at length at the next board meeting. It is also hoped that a member of the caterer's management team will be available at the Fan's Forum to answer any questions. The club and caterers have invested heavily in the aesthetics of the concourses and food outlets so everything looks lovely. We now need to ensure that the food being served up mirrors how it looks. The club have done well to get the covered area outside the Cold Blow up and running. Opening it before the game and keeping it open afterwards enables people to have a few drinks while the crowds at South Bermondsey disperse, especially with the lack of pubs in the area.

We also need to take into account that a lot of the equipment is brand new and there will be training issues as we are only a few games into the season.

I have had actually had no formal complaints about the catering, however I have picked up some issues from the unofficial websites and this has led me to ask for feedback from fans. I want to try and get a balanced view as to fans perception of the quality of food and service on offer. I asked for some feedback and got about 20 responses. It's a real mixed bag, some people raving about the food and others completely condemning it. I have put a few letters below so people can see some of the issues raised. Obviously everyone is allowed an opinion. Just because one person writes in and says it is crap or it is brilliant we need to get a broader overview to ensure we get it right.

The issue of pricing is very prominent in most of the mails received. The club only have 23 games a season to try and make some revenue from the catering. The prices charged will be different from local burger bars/cafes as the overheads will be completely different. The prices charged are on a par with the prices charged at the majority of other similar sized football clubs, so the prices are average when you compare them like for like.

Here are some of the comments regards the catering:

  • "I had a New York Hot dog, Family enclosure, before the Middlesboro game, was hot and tasted good, Service was polite, No problem will try Kitchener side before Cardiff game and ask a few what they think and let you know."
  • "I spoke with Terry (catering manager) after the game on saturday and mentioned a few things which he assures me will be rectified. Sauce on all burgers (some plain one will be on offer). Being overcharged or short changed. Running out of stock only half way through half time. The price going up (nothing he can do about that)."
  • "The quality of the food I have had on the two occasions I have used the outlets (v Blackpool last this and V Blackpool this season) has been good. However on my last visit the beer was warm and I received the wrong pie! Feedback from my mates has been good other than the same warm beer complaint. A suggestion. Until people orient themselves to the different outlets maybe it would be a good idea to get some hanging cardboard banners so people know where to get a hotdog, pie, beer etc hanging from the ceiling."
  • "Where I sit in blk 37 the nearest kiosks are the chicken hut and the SE16 Deli. !st home game against Blackpool, feeling hungry I went down and had a look, everything in the main meals appeared extra spicy, having reflux and having to take daily medication this is a real problem for me, so I aksed the girls behind the counter what was in the chicken burger, they assured me just plain coated chicken with salad and mayo.
    When I got the burger it was in an oversized floury bap, dry, the chicken burger was extremely spicy verging on very hot, there was a brown coloured piece of lettuce, very thin slice of tomato and a finger nail sized dob of mayo, the chips were ok as was the coke but come on Pete £7.50p is taking the p###, especially as the burger was crap."
  • "Pete, my only comment is that the prices seem very high and the quantity not very much. I will be honest and say that I have only bought one drink. £2.20 for a bottle of coke. Really! I noticed the chip portions and can understand why fans purchase outside where they can get much more for less. The only improvement seems to be the queues appear to be much shorter. Is it the size of the crowd or the prices? Surely, apart from adverse comments,the income being generated should give you a guide as to the popularity. As I said, I rarely use the facility so mine are mainly observations."
  • "Pete, The kiosks and the food is much better. The only thing I would say is that they leave the burgers under a hot plate to dry out too long and the bread roll goes hard. I have heard other comments like inconsistency of quality of food between kiosks in different stands and running out of food but that's it."
  • "Tried one of the hot dogs for £3 and I really enjoyed the taste. Haven't tried the other products available yet but will give them a go. Can't understand why people moan about the catering, if you want something special to eat go to a restaurant, personally I go to Millwall to watch the football not for the cuisine."
  • "So as I see it the prices appear to be expensive but when compared like for like they are on par with other clubs. The way the food is served could be improved, the fact these issues have been raised early and brought to the attention of the caterers is a good thing so action can be taken to rectify problems."

Bannings/Ejections - The club do not want to be banning and ejecting fans each game as it doesn't help anyone. The club has to ensure people can come and watch games in a safe manner without having to endure any hostile behaviour. I know a lot of people are split on the swearing issue. Many people say it isn't a problem, but for every one who says that there is someone saying they don't want their children to be subjected to aggression and bad language especially in the family enclosure.

Just to give examples of bannings/ejections (which by the way are decreasing) for the Middlesbrough game there were the following:

  • One arrest for racial abuse towards players. (This was over the last t home games.)
  • Three ejections: One of a 21 year old using a 12 year olds ticket. One for someone constantly standing in the emergency exit staircase after being warned several times (complaint initiated by other fan). One for foul and abusive language towards match officials from the family enclosure (complaint received from officials).

Each of the above could have been easily avoided. We all like to have a rant but the family enclosure is not the place, I am pretty sure anywhere else in the ground there is a lot of leeway given and more tolerance. Again its not about someone saying "F***ing hell ref!" its the vitriolic screaming abuse that is the problem.

There has been one case whereby a fan was banned for foul and abusive language and there have been many people intimating he was banned for swearing when this wasn't the case. As I have tried to point out it isn't the odd "F" word that is the problem but the continual aggressive abuse that becomes a problem. In the first instance there should be a warning then action taken should the foul and abusive language continue. In the above case I have spoken to all parties, including the fans who sent in the complaint who are fans of long standing and who attend with their families week in week out (ST holders). Here are a few of the comments from the letters to give you an understanding of what the issue for them was.

  • "I have been a Millwall supporter all my life and have had a season ticket for the last 25 years, I have grown up listening to swearing on the terraces, in al lhonesty this type of behaviour doesn't bother me its the vile comments about players and officials families I find unacceptable."
  • "Swearing is part and parcel of football, I accept and do not have a problem with that, but this was unbelievable."

These fans have as much right to be heard as anyone else and for their issues to be looked into. My aim as always is to find a compromise whereby everyone is happy and is being listened to. The ban is being appealed and will go through the normal process. I cannot and will not discuss specifics with people who are third parties, I need always to talk to the people actually involved otherwise the "Chinese whispers" factor comes into account.

I am arranging a meeting between fans and the club to discuss the stewarding, once a date is set I will advise everyone. If you wish to attend write to me using the contact details below.

It looks like the club's plans for the regeneration have taken a blow. Much time and heavy financial investment may be have been wasted due to a recent change in direction by the powers that be. John Berylson has always seen the regeneration project as something that would have solidified the club's future for years to come. Recent events have jeopardised that vision and the security it would have given us and the board are currently in discussions as to what to do next to try and protect our position. I will keep you informed once there is any further information available.

Finally, I would like to make the point that although at times we can think players are different from fans, when it comes to events in their lives they too have to go through all the difficult things life throws at them. If there has been a major event/tragedy in your life, the last think I can think of wanting to do is walk out in front of 10,000 people and put in a shift. Sometimes when a player isn't as lively as he is normally there may be personal circumstances that have had an impact. Food for thought

As always if you have any questions or queries let me know at or via post to the club.


Well it's been a fairly quiet preseason with Kenny as normal trying to go through his business quietly and discreetly. I have managed to get most games and only missed the two Dublin games. Travelling to Northern Ireland for the first time was something of a change from Dublin. Preseason is a funny time as you can go through scoring lots of goals and then struggle when the real thing starts. Let's hope when we are ready to play Blackpool that Kenny has a good idea of his starting eleven as preseason is a time to try everyone out with the performance rather than the result being key.

Hopefully with the changes made to the catering there will be improvements in the quality of what is being served up. This can only help the club as the more attractive a day at the Den is the more likely we are to get increased gates. Towards the end of the season the issues around stewarding seemed to quieten down with no complaints in the last half dozen games. I had a meeting provisionally booked with the club and a number of fans, hopefully there will not be any major issues, should there be we need to get on top of them straight away and make our points known to the club.

Season ticket sales have held up this season not far off last seasons, the last 8 games obviously had something to do with that. Let's hope the team carry on the momentum along with the sales to fill the coffers with much needed cash.

The shirts went on sale prior to the season starting for the first time in a while. There was a lot of discussion around the shirt design. I must admit the picture that was originally leaked made the shirt look awful but after seeing it on the players it didn't look that bad, mind you there is always a lot of debate when the shirt comes out normally about the delay in getting it on sale. This time it's about the design. All that said shirt sales are very promising. In seasons gone by there has been an input from fans regards the shirt design. This will not always be the case as at times decisions need to be taken quickly to get the shirts in prior to the season starting. The MSC will be discussing the need for fans to have an input where necessary at the monthly meeting and if possible this will happen if time permits.

The club are also currently in negotiations with a number of bookmakers to take over from Matchbet. The service Matchbet offered wasn't really ideal for fans and it is hoped that a mainstream bookmaker can be contracted in that offers a more comprehensive range of bets. One of the main problems is the advent of betting via mobiles. As a lot of people bet this way it doesn't make having a betting shop at the club for a few hours on a Saturday an attractive prospect for any bookmaker and as with everything these days any decision the bookmakers take will be revenue driven.

I will answer all questions I can or put people in touch with the right people at the club, I will continue to put forward our views and ensure any decision taken by the board is done with our views taken into account. I argue our point when needed. I can make sure any questions in reason are answered but what I cannot do is go into the club and tell people they are doing their job wrong. Obviously if there is an issue brought to the board that shows some failings within the club it will be investigated and actioned if appropriate

With regards to Player Transfers both in and out plus player transfer requests, the moment there is an official approach by a team or player with regards a transfer the board are verbally informed. Obviously as per protocol the Chairman is made aware first. I get many emails and requests asking why we don't up the bid on a certain player, why don't we offer more salary on another. I cannot answer these types of questions and if I were to it would be counterproductive for the club. For example if it is publicly known we are offering £5000 per week and a fee of £250k for a player, if there were other interested parties they could then put in an offer to beat our bid. If the player was a major factor in our plans then the manager would have to increase our bid thus costing the club more money, whereas if the deal was kept private the club would get the original deal at nearer the original price. A lot of the time agents feed information though various conduits to get teams into an auction over a player; the only losers are the clubs.
There is a need a need for discretion in respect of details of players contracts and salaries as if they become public the knock on effect could have a disastrous impact on the team. For instance if the club bought in a player who was getting more than others and the salaries or contract details became public morale would take a hammering and the end product could lead to poor performances on the pitch and ultimately relegation.

Any information with regards to players we approach or who approach us should be kept private to us. Football is a very small world and word travels fast. Many agents (but not all) spread information and misinformation like wild fire with the one aim of improving their player's contract. There is always a financial implication and the club/supporters ultimately pay the final price. If players are told they are not in the reckoning for the following season they are quite in their rights to look for another club. Normally it is only when discussions become formal that the board become aware. If someone's says "my brother's mate's uncle said that Hurlock is making a comeback" there may have been discussions at some level but not ones that even Kenny Jackett is aware of. It is not a case of the board keeping things from fans; it is that they are not aware themselves. As soon as there is something concrete then the information will be made public.

I do feel under a lot of pressure to quash rumours but there are so many that it would become a full time job. As soon as there is something formal to announce the club put out a statement to advise fans. This happens very quickly these days a lot quicker than it did 5 years ago.
We as fans may not like some of the decisions that are made at board or managerial level but I can assure you in my experience all the decisions taken by the board or manager are done so with the club wellbeing at the core of any decision. It is not taken to sell more papers, it is not done to get more hits on a website or to have a negative impact on the club's coffers.

I know how desperate people get to have the latest news straight away, I have tried to set out above some of the reasons why it isn't good for the club that certain information is made public particularly at times when there are complex negotiations going on.

Since I joined the board the amount of money being spent on non playing staff related projects has increased immensely. This close season saw a huge investment at both the training ground and the Den. Fellow Director Trevor Keyse oversees all ground related works and investments. Trevor spent a lot of his time ensuring the pitch that was selected and finally laid was exactly what the manager wanted. Although the final decision to invest was taken by the board as a whole Trevor drove the decision. Trevor's bargaining skills with contractors is renowned and he always gets the best deal available. So he is mainly to thank for the quality of pitch you will see at the opening game. The club invested well over a quarter of a million pound on these projects.

Most people by now will have purchased their season tickets investing once again in the club we all love with the money helping to keep the club running, fans investment is crucial to the upkeep of the club and we the fans are the club, one can't survive without the other. I know John Berylson and the rest of the board are appreciative of fans coming week in and week out especially in the current climate. In some respects it isn't an option for us we have not to come as it is in our blood and a major part of our life. I regularly thank the board on our behalf for their continued financial investment and the time they put in especially as it is time they could use toward their own business interests; I am talking about time outside of the normal matchday activities.

John Berlyson, Demos Kouvaris, Trevor Keyse, Constantine Gonticas, Jimmy Berylson, Richard Press, Andy Ambler and Tom Simmons along with a lot of others who keep the club going collectively have worked hard throughout the close season to ensure the manager was given all that was readily available also ensuring we are not a boom and bust type team. The financial strategy at the club is one that I hope will see us survive in the football world that see so many teams fail. We may not have the biggest budget available but we are trying to work within a budget that will ensure stability at the club for years to come.

As we do every year we start the season with a budget and we are determined to stick within that budget, but with the amount of injuries etc that budget is normally surpassed very early in the season, when it is and further monies are required it is John Berylson and the other directors feet that the responsibility to find the funds falls to.

The renaming of the West stand against Blackpool will be an emotional moment for all of us. Barry Kitchener was truly a legend. A gentle giant who touched us all. On the 18th August Barry's Daughter Nikki is riding the 140 Miles from Kitch's home to the Den. Let all get there to cheer her on and let her know what he meant to us all.

I will try as normal to get a short report out every month, I do report back to the MSC once a month and attend the monthly board meetings at the club. As always if you have any issues or questions for me email me at, I try to keep an eye on all the unofficial web sites as much as possible but the best way to get in touch is by email.


We are currently hovering just above the relegation zone only two points clear, after watching us have most of the play at Bristol City I honestly thought we would come away with a point as a minimum, how disappointing was that, especially after the Palace result, we needed something to give us a boost, I hate getting beat by Palace especially at home, I suppose the only way to look at it is it was their cup final and whatever happens they will always live in our shadows no matter what division we are in.

Saturday we travelled deep into bandit country, expecting our minds to be taken off of our current league position I thought we would be easy winners and get straight into the next round, I was sorely wrong, a poor performance against a lowly team didn’t do anything to fill anyone with confidence, the players must have wanted the ground to open up rather than have to walk past our travelling fans, I would hope they remember the disappointment they saw and heard from fans and try to ensure they put in a better shift next game, there was a big positive for me at the game and that was the appearance of Sean Batt, he was only on for 12 minutes but he impressed me and showed promise, I know he is not fully recovered but a bit of match fitness can only help towards his full recovery. Once again we bagged a high profile big draw, we never seem to get a big draw.

We have been given 1436 tickets for the game at West Ham, months of negotiations have gone on to get this amount of tickets, we initially asked for West Ham to match the 2000 tickets we make available to them at the Den, we felt as there were no issues at the home tie West Ham and their Safety Advisory Group would agree but they wouldn’t, it seems at times the authorities treat us differently from other clubs, we do seem to get the brunt of low ticket allocations and the moving of kick off times, the club do try and push back to get more tickets and keep kick off times at the normal 3pm on Saturdays, we obviously have a bigger say at the home games and as such we have been able to keep most kick off times normal, but away we have less leverage against the local clubs, police and Safety Advisory Groups.

I have been getting many emails asking about team selection, transfer targets and transfer budgets, any decisions regarding team selection etc are ultimately made by Kenny, Kenny has his reasons for every decision taken, Kenny does explain his decisions to the board both on a weekly and monthly basis whether it be on the day of the game or at our monthly board meetings. There is a an obvious need for discretion, that is why this type of information is very rarely in the public domain not just for us but for all football teams, there are solid reasons behind this, I called Kenny to let him know what fans were asking for and he explained that the information people are asking for should always be kept private, if the club were to let fans know everything regards salaries, transfer targets, injuries, bust ups and other contentious issues not only would our fan base know but so would our competitors, this would hamper our chances of moving players out should we need to, Kenny also mentioned that at times players move to a club from another part of the country and find it hard to settle this can also affect their performances.

Kenny made it clear he is fully aware of our need to improve in the 2nd half of the season, he realised we are lacking creativity and goal scoring opportunities, he is looking at moving some people in and some out in a bid to turn the season round Kenny is confident he can do it.
It has been well reported in the press that Darius Henderson has been involved in an altercation in a club/restaurant until a full investigation has been carried out by the authorities there isn’t too much that can be said, Darius has the full backing of the club and is being selected for games when fit as per normal.
I know everyone at the club will want to wish Darren Purse all the best at Plymouth, Darren is one of the players who through his career I have always said I would like him at Millwall, he has always shown the battling passionate Millwall qualities we all love, coming from a Millwall family and a Millwall fan himself it must have been great for him playing for the club he has followed all his life.

There has been a lot of talk regards players using social networking sites i.e. Twitter, Facebook etc, I spoke to Kenny and he told me that there is no club ban on using such sites, players are just asked to consider the impact on the club when posting both personally and professionally.

Throughout my term I have been asking for people to come forward and quiz the directors with any questions they might like to ask, for some reason there has never been any takers but I have managed to get 10 fans who will be coming in before the Birmingham game to have a meeting with the directors that are available on the day, we will have Andy Ambler, Trevor Keyse and Constantine Gonticas, I will take notes and get a short report out after the meeting.

With the transfer window on top of us, John Berylson along with the other directors have decided to invest more money into the club, some of this money will be made available for Kenny to go into the transfer/loan market, what fans need to take into account is that although the board have cut club loses substantially over the last 5 years, we are still losing a 6 figure sum each month so a percentage of any new investment will be apportioned to ensuring the club is able to run as a going concern in the coming months, existing wages need to be paid and the gates do not come anywhere near covering the outgoings all this said money has been made available to Kenny.

I know we all have our idea and opinions on team and transfer target selection, the ultimate decision lies with Kenny. With the current financial climate everyone is trying to hold on to every pound (or dollar) they have, a football club is no different, the board and everyone in the club have worked tirelessly to reduce the losses, we are still losing money every month, if we weren’t there would be no need for the chairman and fellow board members to continuing bailing the club out, hopefully at some point this may change.

The investment from the chairman and his fellow directors in the last 5 years well exceeds £20million with the chairman investing the lions share (pardon the pun) It would great if we could get more fans through the gates to take some of the burden off of the chairman and board members, the only way I believe to do this is through increased gates and the formula is pretty simple, win football matches and fans will come along, so if you know any lapsed fans who you think you can get back give them a shout as we are all in this together.

I don’t normally “bite” in regards criticism, if anyone has an issue with the way I carry out my role I am very willing to listen to their complaints and take on board anything constructive, if anyone does they can contact the MSC or the club to raise any serious concerns, one thing I refuse to have aimed at me is issues around my integrity, it may have been a throw away comment on an unofficial website but it did annoy both me and my family, it was suggested that I receive financial benefits from the club in the way of my car and other benefits that are given to the company I work for, I have carried out the role for 5 years and in that time I have never taken a single penny in expenses or payments or given a car!! The club have never given my company any work or benefits, if I attend any functions i.e. player of the year or testimonials dinners I pay for my table, I do get match-day tickets for myself and a guest but I feel that compensates for the 20 days a year I take off of work to attend board meetings and other functions in order to give the role my full input.

I hate the fact I am having to explain myself, the accusation is so far from the truth, in fact I introduced one of my clients to the club and my client has now used the Den for their team meetings and used the facilities non match days every month for the past 4 years raising a 5 figure sum for the club which we all know is well needed, I have also matched up the club with another contact from a major car manufacturer with the hope a deal can be done that will help the club save even more money, if you know anyone you think can do a deal with the club or sponsor the club in anyway drop me a line you never know it may work out. Anyway that’s my rant over.

I am now in my third term, I am enjoying the role I haven’t had any opposition the last 2 elections on the first re-election the other candidate stood down very close to the election and in the last one the opponent wasn’t able to stand as he was on a ban at the time of applying, both elections were open to all members.

Finally I have a had a few complaints regards racial abuse/chanting at the Palace game, I have asked people from different areas in the ground if they saw/heard anything but no-one saw or heard anything, if you have any information that can help either confirm or deny these complaints it would help me a lot.

As always anyone has any questions drop me a line.



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