MSC / Club Meeting - 10 December 2015

In attendance - Andy Ambler, Alan Williams (MFC); Bob Asprey, Kevin Allen, Ted Robinson, Laura Romitelli (MSC)

Half season ticket sales
35 to date (47 in total last season). On sale until Christmas Eve, as first included game is Walsall on Boxing Day. There may be an increase in memberships given the possibility of a Wembley appearance and any continued good league position.

Season ticket age pricing update
Oxford’s age pricing is 65 for OAPs and 18 for juniors, having moved from 60 and 16, given that most people are retiring later in life and full time education is compulsory to age 18, with a few exceptions. Generally, most clubs’ OAP banding is now at age 65. The club’s instinct is that we should make the same change, with a concession for those already in the banding of 60-65. For juniors, we have the £23 season ticket up to age 12, with the price to age 16 then dependent on location in the ground. To help smooth the change, the club could move the range for the transition season to start at age 59 (rather than 60). The club will look at the age range of the existing season ticket holders, to understand how many members are affected. The committee recommends that the club does everything it can for supporters that may be adversely affected by this change.

The New Screen and Surround
There have been three different clocks so far on the actual screen, in an attempt to find the best option, given the feedback received. Replays will be in place for the next home game (v Gillingham); the cost of the replay equipment being £1,600. There are further enhancements and refinements still to be made. It’s not common practice to show the game live on the screen, as we do and this may change in the future, although the committee pointed out that the match should still be transmitted on the concourse screens, so fans could follow the game if they go to the kiosks. Advertising has now been sold for the surround, so this empty space will be fitted shortly. The committee feels that the MSC could get involved in some sponsorship and/or advertising of Lions Live. This needs to be resolved with the club as soon as possible.

Pitchside presentations
There was an issue recently pitchside, given the number of people in the area; this was a game where there was a PotM presentation, so more people than usual. It is a league regulation that the area is kept clear and the referee can report the club if this is not well managed. Also, security concerns are now higher than they were before the Paris attacks. However, Andy feels that a balance needs to be found. There should be no change to the MoM presentation arrangements: two committee members with a maximum of two presenters.

Charging for teamsheets
These are chargeable when purchased from the programme shop. It’s also a rule that FA Youth Cup game entrance is chargeable, and this will include a teamsheet. It wasn’t clear what type of game was involved in the query received by the MSC and this is being checked. The club confirmed that they do not charge for teamsheets for league matches.  The club will clarify the arrangements in respect of U18, U21 and development squad matches, as these are free admittance but there then may be a charge for the teamsheets.

Closure of stands for low attendance matches
This is a case of simple economics. A supporter had brought a complaint to the MSC, as he was dissatisfied with the response he’d received from the club. He had complained about the closure of the Dockers’ Upper stand for a cup game. He was advised by the club that closing this tier saves the club c £1,000 but he didn’t feel this was reason enough to close the stand. It is clarified and confirmed that would be no closures for league games.

Review of outstanding banning orders
There was a BBC report on outstanding banning orders, which put the club high up the table. Andy spoke to the BBC and highlighted that our twelve month figures are very low, but many orders relate to the Wembley semi final. Court banning orders cannot be rescinded by the club and are usually for 6-10 years – they are general football, not club specific, bans. The club has the right to issue a club ban. Our number of club bans is reducing all the time and any banned supporter can request a review. The BBC report didn’t specify the type of banning order included in the report, but as they were police figures, were presumably court orders.

Replacement of stadium flags
These have been ordered at a cost of £389.96. They should be delivered in about ten days. The order is for four Millwall and two St George flags. The club will pay this bill for this order and the MSC will meet the next bill.

Half time entertainment
Is there a strategy here? There has been a break from the zorbs (giant balls). The marching band was popular. They had contacted the club and asked if they could perform, as one of the stops on their tour and the plan is that this will be an annual fixture. Current entertainment includes keepy up competitions and crossbar challenge. There will be something different for each match and the zorbs will appear occasionally.

Away travel – opportunities for MSC subsidy
There are no further midweek away games scheduled at the moment.

Display of club memorabilia
There are quotes for the cabinets but the type of display required will depend on the type of memorabilia. The MSC will speak to the owners of the items to clarify and progress this.

Any other business

  • JPT Area Final  - Our prices will be held at £10 adult and £5 concession. All stands and tiers will be open. The only financial gain in the JPT would be made by reaching Wembley.  The second leg for TV coverage will be selected after the first leg results. Our weekend Port Vale home fixture has moved to the Sunday and it’s possible that Walsall away may need to be moved also.
  • Lions Trust - The government expert writing a report on fan engagement has been meeting with the various bodies. Given his role with the Football League, Andy  has seen the summarised version of the report, will be launched in January/February 2016. Many of the findings are already in place and Millwall exceeds the recommendations, given our Fan on the Board and the monthly meetings between the club and the supporters’ club. However, one recommendation is that when a club is (part) owned by a supporters’ trust, there should be regular meetings between the two. Given the existence of the Millwall Trust, does a representative need to attend the monthly club/MSC meetings? It was confirmed that Bob (Asprey, MSC chair) is on the board of the Trust, so that clause is met.
  • Charities - Players will be making the traditional Christmas hospital visit on 15 December at Lewisham. There was a player signing session in the club shop today and there will be another next Thursday. The MSC offered to pay for the gifts the club gives to the children at the hospital visit but this had already been organised by the club. Consideration will be given to this next year.  Another option would be to help Evelina Hospice, which cares for children with heart problems, which holds a Christmas party at the Den each year.  Further, the Millwall Community Trust visit homeless centres to give soccer courses, including one on Christmas Day and the MSC might consider sponsoring a project, and could also give their time. The Trust also works at Feltham young offenders centre and the MSC football team could maybe play there, they are always looking for opponents. The MSC will discuss these ideas. A point of interest: Sir Simon Hughes is now a Trustee of the MCT and joins Father Owen and other board members

Date of next meeting: 21 January 2016. Meeting closed at 5.33 pm.


   MSC / Club Meeting - 28 October 2015

Season tickets, memberships and plan for half season tickets
Pro rata season tickets were available up to the Southend game; half season tickets will be on sale at the beginning of December, date to be confirmed. There is a period where pro rata season tickets are unavailable. This is partly to ensure that the supporters that make a commitment and pay their money at the start of the season maintain the best deal.  The half season ticket is not quite as good value as a full season ticket but still more economical than single match tickets. Memberships are still trickling through and may increase if results continue to go well or if the chance of a Wembley appearance comes through.
Total Memberships 3,822 - Season Tickets 5,297 - Junior Lions 586

Season ticket age pricing update
Still under review. Club will bring analysis to the committee when finalised.

Burton away, Fylde home, Gillingham home
Burton game is likely to be postponed with a provisional rescheduled date of Tuesday 1 December. Fylde is Saturday 7 November at 3pm; tickets £15, OAPS £10 and Juniors £5. Dockers’ lower tier only will be open with the other two home stands fully open as usual. Fylde may bring 200-250; their usual home crowd is around 500. Their manager was here for the Doncaster game and the club is doing well at present, being top of National League North. There are no plans to move the Gillingham game, scheduled for the last Saturday before Christmas.

Outcome of subsidised coach travel to Blackpool
Coach cost of £1,225, revenue generated £550 (55 passengers), loss of £675, £337.50 to pay by both the club and the MSC.

Promotion of Blackpool subsidised coach travel and MSC contribution
The tweet that was sent out not acknowledging the MSC’s contribution was corrected by a follow up a few days later. This was acknowledged as an error on the club’s part.

Southend supporters in ‘Arry’s Bar update
There was a miscommunication on the day that will not happen again. ‘Arry’s is a Members only bar and new signage is on order to make that clear. Andy confirmed that he has spoken to the right people to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

MSC and Junior Lions update
Bob is trying to improve the relationship and collaboration between the two organisations. One of the main aims of improving this relationship is to have a member of the JL committee join the MSC/MFC monthly meeting, clarifying the communication process and promoting a more constructive relationship.

Display of club memorabilia (Colin’s plans for cabinets)
This hasn’t made much progress. Colin has a couple of priority projects to complete, in order to meet FA/League requirements. Andy will speak to Colin in the next few days to get this moving.

Big screen confirmed date
Planned to be installed for Colchester on 21 November. The club is sure that everybody will be impressed with this piece of equipment. It’s 20mm higher and wider than the previous screen and is full HD.

Quiz night (tonight)
All systems go. The club is providing two teams, plus at least two from the Lionesses and one from Tobi Alabi.

Replacement of stadium flags
The club will organise a quote for new flags. James Groves may have helped with sourcing the company the last time the flags were replaced and the plan is to use the same company. Andy thought that there may be a spare set of flags that could be used to replace the existing, so this will be checked before any new orders are placed.

Notification of Supporter of the Month for Lions Live
(Also known as the season ticket draw.) George’s suggestion was that he would make the announcement of the winner as a piece of exclusive news on Lions Live, but this wasn’t considered appropriate. The club is happy for the news to be announced when they have informed the winner of their prize. It was agreed that this process would be formalised: the announcement will be made by the club on the last Thursday of the month. The winner would be asked if they would like to speak to the Lions Live show that evening, but the news will be an item on the show regardless. Alan will talk to Pru and Sammie regarding these arrangements, which will take effect from November. The prizes awarded were discussed. It was believed that the prizes should be ‘money can’t buy’ items, for example, visits to the training ground. They should at least have a high perceived value.  The club will consider this further, as it would need the agreement of the manager and special arrangements would be required.

Any other business

  • There will be a beamback for the Fleetwood game on 24 November. Jimmy Carter and Brian Horne will host the event and hold a Q&A before the game. Lions Live will be asked to run a match commentary. Ticket prices will be held at £10, despite these extra features and will include food, probably chilli con carne.
  • Contactless payment at the catering bars is going well with more terminals to be installed at further outlets. Permanent signage for the ‘cash only’ tills is on its way. There is soon to be a three way (club, caterers, brewery) meeting to discuss dedicated beer lanes. There may be some logistical problems associated with this, such as queue management, and these will need to be resolved. Hoping to trial this initiative at start of 2016, at whichever booths are currently busiest and it will be a lager only offering. Ted commented on the very slow pouring of the bitter in ‘Arry’s Bar and Andy will arrange for the pumps to be checked.
  • Andy announced that the Lionesses are to be brought formally closer to the club. They are and must continue to be a separate company and board of directors, but the club will take more control and have a presence on the board to help the Lionesses make progress both on and off the pitch. The club benefits from the existence of the Lionesses and everybody wants them to succeed. Administratively, the club will manage player registrations, finances, etc. Sunderland is a good model and something to try to replicate. Andy will probably join the Lionesses board, and a meeting with existing board members is planned, to discuss this, which the Community Trust will also attend. It’s time for the club to embrace the women’s team and this will hopefully help more people get more involved with everything that Millwall does. The MSC will be asked to help the membership be more involved, help suggest and find ways to support the Lionesses – both in terms of match attendance and financially; there are several ways this could be done. Lionesses running costs are £150-200,000 per season as a minimum and much of this needs to be raised – although there is some BT Sports sponsorship, this is due to end this season. The Lionesses are licensed with the Women’s Super League for another season.
  • The match on 7 November will mark Remembrance Day. Sean (the Cannon Street poppy seller) will hopefully be in attendance. The club is asking the league for permission to wear shirts with poppy prints, which will subsequently be auctioned with proceeds to the Royal British Legion.

Next meeting 10 December 2015. Meeting closed 18.01pm.


   MSC / Club Meeting - 24 September 2015

Season Ticket and Membership Numbers
There is now only a trickle of sales. Season tickets are still available and there will also be a half season ticket offer. Current numbers are STs 5,296 (year ago 5,655) and memberships 3,621 (5,246). Only an attractive FA Cup 3rd round draw might increase memberships, if we can make it that far. Home teams have to release 15% of the capacity to the opposition, although there is dispensation for safety reasons.

Season Ticket Age Pricing
The club intend to carry out a thorough analysis of the ages when prices step up and down. Andy has also asked the Football League to review this area, although a blanket policy is unlikely, they would rather allow clubs to manage themselves. The club will also look at the policy of other League One clubs. It seems that the majority of clubs in this division use age 60 rather than 65 as the cut off for seniors. The club will bring the results to the MSC for further discussion.

Subsidised Coach Travel to Blackpool?
This was raised at the Fans Forum as we have two long and expensive away trips that week, and the MSC agreed to share any loss on this trip with the club. A subsidised price of £10 was agreed.

Coach to Wigan
24 tickets sold so far. The club asked if the MSC would underwrite the possible loss and Bob agreed in principle subject to the committee agreeing.

Potential Postponements in International Weeks
If three or more players are called up, the affected club has the right to request a postponement, which is unlikely to be declined. The MSC suggested that the club is more upfront with these but it is recognised that there may only be 7 days notice for this. It appears likely that the home game v Doncaster will be postponed. There has been a feature on the website about this, and club are managing this as best they can. The rearranged date would be Tuesday 27 October.

Stands That Are Open When Attendances Are Low
The upper tiers are opened as they are cheaper to steward than the lower tiers, where stewards are required at the safety gates. The club want both the Kitchener Stand and the CBL Stand open to give the supporters a choice. In the later stages of the JPT, which are televised, there may be a change of view. Can the away supporters be put elsewhere? The North Upper is cheap to steward and the safety team prefer it this way. For the rugby match Wigan wanted the lower tiers open and they paid extra for this.

Rugby at the Den
Wigan Warriors were pleased with their trip to London, and they were pleased with everything at the stadium. Millwall deemed it successful and hopefully they will return. Millwall proved it’s a good stadium for rugby league, in terms of size and the Chief Executive of the Rugby League liked what he saw. Corporate clients said it was far better than at Wigan’s ground. Other opportunities? Yes, possibly, football friendlies such as Australia v Ecuador. Or another rugby league club. Rugby union is not an option as it could damage the pitch.

Away Supporters in ‘Arry’s Bar
It was reported that some Southend fans were in Arry’s Bar. The circumstances are unclear and Andy agreed to investigate fully and confirmed that Arry’s is a members’ bar for Millwall supporters.

Display of Club Memorabilia
This is being looked at by Colin Sayer and is ongoing.

Any other business

  • Big screen - Due to be installed by 13th November. It is hoped that it may be in place in time for the Bradford fixture on 31 October. That is also Rugby World Cup final day, with a 4pm kick off, so the club may consider a 2pm kick off in the event of England being involved. Other clubs may be thinking the same way. Bradford would have to agree, and Millwall might keep the stadium open to show the match if it looks cost effective.
  • Quiz night - Confirmed for 28 October. The Lionesses will be asked to bring a team, along with Tobi Alabi, as the proceeds of the evening will be split between the Lionesses and Tobi’s charity. The club backroom staff will try to assemble a team.
  • Disabled parking - Now more difficult to book parking for disabled supporters, with the phone line only open from 9.30 am ten days before the game in question. This procedure has been brought in as some people were trying to book spaces too far in advance, to the detriment of other users. There are limited spaces for wheelchair users and some sort of rationing is necessary. The club acknowledges this is a difficult area to manage but agreed to look at it again. The club does not intend to charge a parking fee although some clubs do, and some able bodied fans are not happy with this.

Date of next meeting 28 October. Meeting closed 5.51 pm.

   MSC / Club Meeting - 6 August 2015

Season Tickets and Memberships
5,082 (4,619 last season). Some of these are conversions from memberships, some are brand new people. 388 (587) juniors, some have queried whether this offers value for money. 2,673 (4,152) memberships (big early surge last season for Fulham). The only thing that will cause a surge this season is a visit to Wembley. For Gillingham away, there is still the open stand, and away supporters have the upper section only.

Rugby at the Den and Away Travel
The chances of Port Vale being postponed may depend on a third player being called for international duty (after Forde and Abdou). Depending on who that player may be may influence if we make a request for postponement.
Coach travel if the game does go ahead - the last time the coach picked up away from the Den, the revised plan was not very convenient, with the pick up/drop off point being on Blackheath. We will ascertain how many car parking spaces are needed at the coach departure point and find a suitable alternative location for the coach pick up if needed. Regular coach users will be consulted.
Profit from the rugby deal? This should be profitable and a good take on the bars is anticipated as drinking in sight of the pitch is allowed in rugby league. All due consideration has been taken regarding staging this game, the state of the pitch, etc. .

BT Sport and Sky Sports
Agreed that subscription to BT Sport is now too expensive, given the massive price increase for Champions League coverage. Subscription to Sky Sports will be maintained.

MSC Funds
The new screen, which is HD, is now ordered, and will hopefully be delivered by November 13th. Warranty is one year warranty and so there is no maintenance charge for the first year. The cost of screen is into six figures. There will be new commercial opportunities brought by the new installation, and potential new sponsors under discussion. Turning the screen to face the railway and advertise outside of match time is not an option at the moment, due to the prohibitive cost of steelwork.

Fans’ Forum
Happening later this evening, in ‘Arry’s Bar. More than 80 are attending.

Quiz Night
Now scheduled for 28 October. The plan is for it to be in aid of Tobi’s charity and the Lionesses, equally split. Hopefully the football team will win some games on the pitch to rouse enthusiasm for all things Millwall. There is a possible clash with the fourth round of the Capital One Cup that week.

Lions Player move to HD
There is a problem for lapsed subscribers trying to renew their subscription, as the old provider has not been able to transfer the stored records of lapsed subscribers to the new provider. It was noted that Lions Player subscriptions are not managed by Millwall FC. The MSC said that it was concerned that people will log on to listen to the Shrewsbury commentary at 2.50pm on Saturday and they’ll be unable to login in time to catch the start of the match. Alan agreed to issue a warning on the club website, Facebook, Twitter. The MSC will do the same.

New kit – Adult and Junior
The shop isn’t aware of any issues regarding delivery of new adult kits. There has been a problem with some of the infant and toddler away shirts, which were made of inferior fabric and returned. Affected fans have been compensated. Sales of the new kit are very good.

The Olympic Stadium Effect
Millwall Community Trust is being much more proactive regarding getting out to the schools in Lewisham and Southwark. There are plans to go further afield and to use the players as ambassadors. Most children decide on their club by the time they are 8 years old. Whilst the experience at the Olympic Stadium will be “different”, Millwall has just won a matchday experience award. Andy reminded everybody of the regeneration that will vastly improve our local area and its infrastructure. Ted said that he feels that recent revelations about taxpayer subsidy of the Olympic Stadium may still have an influence on the situation. These are particularly concerning Charlton and Leyton Orient fans.

The New Overground Station
The station has to be built as part of phase one of the regeneration, likely date is unknown and name is now presumed to be New Bermondsey. We will pursue getting ‘The Den’ or ‘Millwall FC’ on to the station signs.

Display of Club Memorabilia
There is a large quantity of memorabilia owned by Chris Bethell, Dave Sullivan and others. It was suggested that the cabinets in the Press Room be extended to accommodate some of this. The club is very keen on this, as the existing memorabilia in the Press Room generates a lot of interest during the stadium tours. Andy agreed to ascertain what is possible and to get costings. The MSC agreed to contribute to the cost and this would need to be acknowledged.

The Lionesses
They need to improve their attendances to ensure their league licence is renewed. Jeff Burnige is acting General Manager of the Lionesses. The club have a lot of ideas to help the Lionesses and will give as much help as they can. MSC will be encouraging crowd attendance in all the ways it can, including having Dionne Lennon as a guest on Lions Live.

Any Other Business

  • Minutes from the previous meeting, had been previously reviewed and accepted.
  • Jamie asked whether we can use the Chairman’s contacts to try to get involved with NFL in the UK? The club have tried this but to date no-one has been interested.

Next meeting: Thursday 24 September. Meeting closed at 6.05 pm.


   MSC / Club Meeting - 25 June 2015

Andy Ambler (Football Club Chief Executive), Alan Williams (Club Commercial Director), Bob Asprey (MSC Chairman), George Lampey, Kevin Allen, Stuart Lock (items 2 and 3 only). 

Season Ticket Sales 2015/16
Alan gave up to date figures on the sale of season tickets as of 25/6/15

  • Adults - 2,342 (last year 2,086)
  • Seniors - 1,209 (last year 1,140)
  • 16-21 - 334 (last year 298)
  • U16 - 261 (last year 223)
  • U12 - 551 (last year 452)

At the same point last year the club had sold 4,199 and as of today 4,697. There are 368 new season ticket holders who have never been members or STHs before, and 207 members have upgraded to season ticket holders. The point was made that should the season start now we would have more season ticket holders than last year. Everyone was confident that STHs and memberships will increase.

Replica shirts for 2015/16
Stuart  explained that the home shirts are with the printers and everything was on track for the new home shirts to go on sale on July 10 (pre-order now), the price will be the same as last season £43. The away shirts are white as voted for by the supporters, the sponsor's name is not on the shirts, they go on sale August 1 (pre-order July 17). The 3rd shirt is yellow the same as last season. The general feedback was that the new home shirt had a retro look about it and had been well received by supporters.

Training kits
Stuart showed us a number of garments which would go on sale very soon.  One of the items was a “walk-on jacket” which would go on sale from Friday July 17. There was a tracksuit top, polos and various training tops The price range was broadly the same as last season. The designs were presented to the club. Macron who produce our garments are in the last year of their current deal. Overall shop sales are up 40% from last year across the outlets.

Life in League One
Andy explained that because of relegation there has been a review of expenditure by the club, as there will be a fall in TV money. He was pleased to report that no one had been made redundant and everyone was pleased to hear that. The overall budget will be reviewed at the next board meeting. Neil Harris had reduced the playing squad because he felt the size of the squad was too big anyway. More money would continue to be invested into the academy. A discussion took place about the upcoming season. Unlike the previous occasion when the club was relegated, the mood around the club and the supporters is upbeat. The supporters were looking forward to the further progress of our young players coming through the ranks to the 1st team. After three years of poor home form everyone wanted to see that turned round.

Player recruitment
Andy explained that the new department set up to deal with player recruitment is working well but it is early days yet. Most of the present targets were being scouted before the new regime. The Hanson deal was probably off at this stage - the club had made three offers, one of which was finally accepted but the Bradford manager,when he found out what had happened, persuaded the club and player not to go. There are new targets which are being looked at. Neil Harris has said he needs another striker and at least one more central defender.

BT and Sky Sports
It was asked if both channels go to all TVs in the ground. The answer was yes but it was pointed out that whatever channel was on was the only channel that could be watched in the ground. Next season BT will cover the Premier League and the Champions League live. At present the cost of BT is £250 per month but that will increase because of the coverage of the Champions League. Given the change of coverage next season, we need to consider whether BT Sport is still required.

Euro Ferries
The contract has been terminated by the club and now we have moved on.

Olympic Stadium
Clearly the club which will be affected most will be Leyton Orient, but the MSC had received information from Charlton Supporters Trust regarding the prospect of West Ham flooding the market with cheap tickets.  The view was taken that Leyton Orient and Charlton are potentially more affected than us, particularly considering the high speed link into Stratford from Kent. It was thought that efforts to get sight of the contract between West Ham and LLDC, under Freedom of Information, will not be successful until it is too late to make any difference. However, we need to ensure that we secure the next generation of Millwall fans, despite the additional competition.

Fetes and Festivals
Millwall will be at the Lewisham and Bermondsey events over the next two weekends and Millwall Community Trust will be managing the club’s activities.

Next Fans Form
A provisional date of 6th August was discussed but this will be confirmed or otherwise.

The meeting closed at 18.40. Next meeting is scheduled for 6th August.

   MSC / Club Meeting - 23 April 2015

Andy Ambler (Football Club Chief Executive), Alan Williams (Club Commercial Director), Bob Asprey (MSC Chairman), Stan Godwin, Paul Robinson, Laura Romitelli and Graeme Smale (all MSC)

Season Ticket Renewals
Alan said that season ticket sales were ahead of this time last year. Last years’ total was 914. This year it is 1,610. The club had detected an air of optimism, as fans are keen to see Neil Harris succeed as Millwall’s manager. With the Academy players coming through to the first team, supporters are looking forward to next season. The MSC asked whether the club would extend the Early Bird Saver period, which finishes at the end of the month. Alan stated that there will be no extension. The saver period last year was only four weeks whilst this year it has been six weeks.

Matchday Ticket Prices 2015/16
The club have decided to retain the same matchday prices for next season even if the team is relegated. In the past ticket prices have remained the same if a promotion was achieved. Alan stated it is necessary to retain a balance between matchday ticket pricing and the value of season tickets. The value for money aspect of purchasing a season ticket must be maintained. Category A and B match pricing will still be in operation next season but the club will continue to look at deals which link popular with less popular matches.

Season Ticket Prices for 12 to 16 year olds
The MSC asked the club to review the jump in pricing for junior fans’ season tickets when they move into another age category. The under 12s category jumps from £23 to £135 and the under 16s price increase is between £60 and £129 in various parts of the ground. It was also pointed out that there was some inconsistency in pricing as if an under 12 stays in the family enclosure when he / she moves into the under 16 category the price increase is from £23 to £50. MSC emphasised the need to attract and retain new young fans. Family budgets are still under pressure and such price increases make it difficult for children to attend. Alan stated that as prices have been already been announced for next season, it will not be possible to make changes now. The Club need to build up evidence to suggest price changes to The Board and will heed MSC’s observations by investigating season ticket take up for junior fans in the current age groups, for season 2016/17. 

The Wolves Away Game
MSC queried the need for fans with tickets for this game to also take their membership cards to gain entry. Andy stated that this requirement has been imposed by the West Midlands Police and Wolves were implementing it. Millwall have had nothing to do with this stipulation. The club had however managed to obtain another 500 tickets for Lions fans. The problem around this game is that the Police have received credible evidence that crowd disorder may occur and are ensuring that every step is taken to maintain crowd control.

MSC Constitution

Bob reported that at this week’s MSC AGM, the stipulation that any future Fan On The Board should serve a year on the MSC committee, had been passed into the MSC Constitution. The MSC had sought this change in the Constitution to hopefully safeguard the future of the Fan On The Board position, as the club will have some knowledge of a candidate before he applies. Andy said he would report this to the Chairman.

Last Home Game Of The Season
MSC asked whether the club would change its policy for dealing with fans invading the pitch after Saturday’s last home game. Andy replied that he thought the club’s policy was sensible and abided with current laws.

Player Of The Year
Following MSC not wishing to arrange a vote this year, press officer Deano Standing is conducting the vote for the club. The result will be announced shortly.

Club Strategy
With relegation staring us in the face, MSC asked whether Andy would consider that mistakes had been made. Andy thought that the biggest mistakes had been made in the area of player recruitment. Steps had already been put in place to improve this area of deficiency with a Head Of Recruitment being appointed. In looking at player signings, the club wanted to take the pressure off the manager allowing him to share the burden of player recruitment. The club must now move on and as stated earlier Neil Harris has given real hope for next season. The Board will hold its usual strategy meeting at the end of the season.

Any Other Business

There was no other business and the meeting ended at 5.50 pm. The date of the next meeting is provisionally 21st May 2015.

   MSC / Club Meeting - 5 February 2015

Those attending were Andy Ambler (Football Club Chief Executive), Alan Williams (Club Commercial Director), Bob Asprey (MSC Chairman), Ted Robinson (MSC Vice-Chairman).

Season Ticket, Half Season Ticket Membership And Junior Lions Totals To Date
To date the club has 5.712 season ticket holders, 46 half season tickets holders (compared with 79 last year), 5799 members and 931 Junior Lions.

Away Season Tickets 2015/16
The MSC asked if the club intended to repeat this offer next season. The scheme has been well received and it is intended that it will happen again next season with the same terms and conditions.

Season Tickets 2015/16
“Earlybird” publicity will be launched on 27 February and tickets will be on sale from 2 March for six weeks.

The Future of “We Fear No Foe” and “No One Likes Us”
It had been speculated that these taglines were being sidelined by the club. It was agreed that whilst “We Fear No Foe” is only used in a historical context, “No One Likes Us” is our most marketable tagline and it is alive and well and available on numerous products in the Lions Stores.

The Current Position Of The Fan On The Board
Peter is having another operation next week and he will have to reduce his role for the time being. Pete has not made an announcement and intends to carry on as best he can. Bob confirmed that if any consultation is needed during Pete’s absence then he is available, and the chairman is aware of this.

Euro Ferries
Andy said that there was still nothing that could be reported on this.

Security at The Training Ground
The question of kids and adults at the Training Ground was brought up, particularly considering that half term is not far away. The club confirmed that as a general rule there is no access to the Training Ground. Supporters can apply to have access but it may not be given. However, consideration will be given to holding an open training session at the Den during half term.

Leeds Away
Bob related that he had been contacted by Cliff Stott, an academic and respected expert in the policing of crowds, particularly in the environment of football, who is based in West Yorkshire. Non-traditional policing methods had been used at Bradford, but this would not be the case at Leeds. He will contact Bob again after the match to obtain feedback.

Rotherham Away
South Yorkshire Police have contacted Bob in order to open up a channel of communication to enable them to get their messages out in advance of our trip to Rotherham.

Player Of The Season
Votes will be taken around the Watford home match on 11 April. There is still a demand for non-internet voting. Presentation to be made before the Derby match on 25 April.

There being No Other Business the meeting ended at 6.35 pm. The date of the next meeting is Thursday 19 March.

   MSC / Club Meeting - 8 January 2015

Those attending were Andy Ambler (Football Club Chief Executive), Alan Williams (Club Commercial Director), Bob Asprey (MSC Chairman), Stan Godwin, Kevin Allen, Paul Robinson and Graeme Smale (All MSC).

Season Ticket, Half Season Ticket Membership and Junior Lions Totals to date
To date the club has 5.712 season ticket holders, 46 half season tickets holders (compared with 79 last year), 5799 members and 931 Junior Lions.

The Price of Next Years' Season Tickets
The MSC pointed out that the poor home form was eroding core support and the club acknowledged this. There was an intention to freeze season ticket prices next season.

The Current Position of The Fan On The Board
Peter had become ill again and required an operation. It was clear therefore that he will have to reduce his role for the time being. After limited consultation with Peter, Bob suggested that for the period of Peter's current difficulties, the MSC should step in and Bob should be the regular fan contact with the club. Andy thought that this was a good idea and would discuss this suggestion with Peter when he saw him at the Blackpool away game.

The Current Position of Euro Ferries, The Shirt Sponsor
The club were unable to comment on this.

The Ground

  • Stewarding in the East Stand
    The MSC asked why there were a line of stewards in Block 19. Although this block was close to the away end, it was in the upper tier and there was little chance that a fan could reach the opposing supporters even if something was thrown. The line of stewards seemed more of an incitement to the fans rather that a measure to ensure orderly behaviour. Once fans ran past the line there was not much they could achieve anyway as they were also hampered by the side of the East Stand. Andy said he would discuss the matter with his security staff.
  • The Old Jumbotron Site
    This was now beginning to look very shabby with the old scaffolding and the plastic sheeting. The club is still deciding what to do. It maybe that a simple scoreboard and clock could suffice.

The Operation of the Ticket Office over Christmas
Stan said he had received a complaint from a fan who tried to buy tickets for the Bradford game on 31st December. The ticket office was not open on that day but he was not made aware of this when he attempted to buy his tickets by telephone. The recorded message asked him to hold and he stayed on the line for a long period without success. Andy was surprised by this and would investigate. Stan gave him the fan's contact details.

The Shop
It had been reported to the MSC that the shop had run out of junior kit sizes. Alan said this was incorrect. Although the Junior XL size had run out, most junior sizes were still in stock. Unfortunately once stock had been exhausted there was no facility to replenish it as the club buys in its entire stock for one season. That is how business is done at most clubs. New stock will be available in the new kit design which will arrive next June. Some supporters had apparently had problems returning kit that had been initially bought in the wrong size. Again Alan was surprised to hear this and thought in cases where returns may be resisted, this could be down to a staff training problem. If stock had originally been bought by mistake in the wrong size, it will exchanged provided the return is in good condition.

The Regeneration 
Things seem to have gone quiet again and there was no news to report.

Any Other Business

  • The Visit To Leeds - Andy said that this will involve a voucher scheme again as the Police are refusing to drop the procedure. Further with the change of ownership at Leeds, the club is less sympathetic to Millwall's cause. Once again Andy had tried hard to get the voucher system overturned.
  • Colin Sayer - the Stadium manager, has been diagnosed with kidney cancer and received treatment. MSC will send best wishes to Colin on behalf of the fans.
  • Arry’s Bar - Paul pointed out that there seems to be problems in 'Arrys about changing barrels - again it appears staff training is required.

There being No Other Business the meeting ended at 6.35 pm Date of next meeting either 5th or 12th February 2015.


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