Man of the Match Awards - 2016 / 2017 season

Lee Gregory v Oxford United 22nd April 2017.
Presented by Terry and Dylan Payne

Jed Wallace v Northampton Town 14th April 2017.
Presented by Mick Murphy

Byron Webster v Scunthorpe United 1st April 2017.
Presented by Harris and Millie Nichols

Jed Wallace v Bury 25th March 2017.
Presented by Carly Wade

Lee Gregory v MK Dons 4th March 2017.
Presented by Tony and Zac Thomas

Lee Gregory v Peterborough 28th February 2017.
Presented by Hannah and Gavin Jones

Shaun Williams v Chesterfield 21st February 2017.
Presented by Ashton White

Steve Morison v Leicester City 18th February 2017.
Presented by Dean Turner

Jake Cooper v Port Vale 14th February 2017.
Presented by John and Selina Morgan

Jake Cooper v Southend 11th February 2017.
Presented by Tommy Hart and Jayda Robinson

Ben Thompson v Walsall 1st February 2017.
Presented by Nicola and Frank Lyons

Steve Morison v Watford (FA Cup) 28th January 2017.
Presented by Tom Smith

Fred Onyedinma v AFC Bournemouth (FA Cup) 7th January 2017.
Presented by Matthew Hart and Kelly Albury

Lee Gregory v Gillingham 30th December 2016.
Presented by Emily Smith

Lee Gregory v Swindon Town 26th December 2016.
Presented by Claire Lyons and Jackie Bushell

Ben Thompson v Charlton Athletic 21st December 2016.
Presented by Rob and Freddie Kavanagh

Ben Thompson v Shrewsbury Town 10th December 2016.
Presented by Johnny Gwynne, Harry Kempster and Sidney Farram

Harry Smith v Braintree Town (FA Cup) 4th December 2016.
Presented by Charlie George Eldridge

Ben Thompson v AFC Wimbledon 22nd November 2016.
Presented by Frankie Wiszk and Frankie Wiszk Jnr

Harry Smith v Bristol Rovers 12th November 2016.
Presented by Ayse Smith-Coates

Ben Thompson v Southend (FA Cup) 4th November 2016.
Presented by Ray Cannon and Rainer Wazinski

Lee Gregory v Fleetwood Town, 22nd October 2016.
Presented by Maisy Keetch

Mahlon Romeo v Bolton Wanderers, 18th October 2016.
Presented by Jamie, Edward and Sandy Masson

Byron Webster v Rochdale, 24th September 2016.
Presented by Brian Horne Snr

Ben Thompson v Coventry City, 10th September 2016.
Presented by Dave and Sam Weller

Ben Thompson v Bradford City, 5th September 2016.
Presented by Harry Groves with Freya and Poppy

Noah Chesmain v West Bromich Albion (Checkatrade Trophy), 30th August 2016.
Presented by Micky Simpson

Byron Webster v Nottingham Forest (EFL Cup), 23rd August 2016.
Presented by Toni Homes

Byron Webster v Sheffield United, 20th August 2016.
Presented by John Reynolds and Tracy Scudder

David Worral v Oldham, 6th August 2016.
Presented by Marian Hart

Man of the Match Awards - 2015 / 2016 season

Jordan Archer
v Fleetwood, 19th April 2016.
Presented by Harvey and Jake Pugh, and grandads Terry Burnett

Byron Webster
v Shrewsbury Town, 9th April 2016.
Presented by Pat Skelly and Chas Simpson

Ben Thomson
v Sheffield United, 19th March 2016.
Presented by Sophie Vinall and Elliott Groves

Ben Thomson
v Blackpool, 5th March 2016.
Presented by Catherine O'Regan and daughter Nieve

Ben Thomson
v Wigan Athletic, 1st March 2016.
Presented by Amber-Jane Preston

Lee Gregory
v Peterborough United, 20th February 2016.
Presented by Ronnie Watson

Nadjim Abdou
v Scunthorpe United, 16th February 2016.
Presented by Nathan and Harry Simms

Mark Beevers
v Crewe Axlexandra, 30th January 2016.
Presented by Dave and Emily Smith

Jed Wallace
v Oxford United (JPT Area Final 1st Leg), 14th January 2016
Presented by John and Johnny Stone, and Kaycee Benson

Byron Webster
v Port Vale, 17th January 2016
Presented by Tom Fowler and Hayden Smith

Shaun Williams
v Walsall, 26th December 2015
Presented by Terry, Andrew and Ryan Davies

Ben Thompson
v Wycombe (FA Cup), 5th December 2015
Presented by Eileen Neenan, Gobi O'Regan and Phil O'Regan in loving memory of Joe Neenan

Jordan Archer
v Bury, 28th November 2015
Presented by Matthew Hart

Shane Ferguson
v Colchester United, 21st November 2015
Presented by Big-E O.G. Poppa

Webster v AFC Fylde (FAC 1st Round), 7th November 2015
Presented by Chris Bethel, Phil Coleman and Trevor Lee

Mark Beevers
v Bradford City, 31st October 2015
Presented by Maisie and Ellie Davies, and Freddie Preston

Aiden O'Brien
v Doncaster Rovers, 27th October 2015
Presented by Jack Fitzgerald, Ted Smith and Liam Ward from Bermondsey.
They won the chance to pick and present the award at the Junior Lions Fun Day.

Aiden O'Brien
v Swindon, 17th October 2015
Presented by Johnny Gwynne

George Saville
v Northampton Town (JPT 2nd Round), 6th October 2015
Presented by Sasha and Rod Sharman

Nadjim Abdou
(presented to Byron Webster in his absence due to injury) v Rochdale, 26th September 2015
Presented by Luke Alison

Carlos Edwards
v Southend United, 19th September 2015
Presented by Megan Woodford

Shaun Williams
v Peterborough (J P Trophy), 1st September 2015
Presented by Mark McAnallen, Lorraine and Scarlet Croker

Jordan Archer
v Chesterfield, 29th August 2015
Presented by Brian Horne Snr

Ben Thompson
v Coventry City, 15th August 2015
Presented by Kevin Allen

Fred Onyedinma
v Barnsley, 18th August 2015
Presented by Charlie George from Kent

Man of the Match Awards - 2014 / 2015 season

Lee Gregory v Derby County, 25th April 2015.
Presented by Phil O'Regan, Joe Neenam, Karen Ohlsen, Pat Collins, Pat Neenam and Tony Stowell.

Lee Gregory v v Wigan Athletic, 14th April 2015.
Presented by Kevin and Frank Marriner.

Aiden O'Brien v Watford, 11th April 2015.
Presented by David Wearne, Nathan Mohamed and Aidan Mohamed.

Aiden O'Brien v Charlton Athletic, 3rd April 2015.
Presented by Steven Kempster, Harry Kempster and Mark Jones.

Jos Hooiveld v Brighton and Hove Albion, 17th March 2015.
Presented by Jack Roberts and Louie Marshall.

Aiden O'Brien v Norwich City, 7th March 2015.
Presented by Katie Smith and Anthony Adamson.

Gary Taylor-Fletcher v Sheffield Wednesday, 24th February 2015.
Presented by Mark, Josh and Lilly Foster.

Diego Fabbrini v Fulham, 21st February 2015.
Presented by Danielle Lake and Robyn Moore.

Diego Fabbrini v Huddersfield Town, 7th February 2015.
Presented by Keith Davis, Liam Nicoll and Harley Nicoll.

Jos Hooiveld v Reading, 24th January 2015.
Presented by Marion Hart.

Sid Nelson v Ipswich Town, 17th January 2015.
Presented by Brian Horne Snr.

Ricardo Fuller v Bradford City, 3rd January 2015 (FA Cup 3rd Round).
Presented by Stuart, Ethan and Jacob James, all from Perth, Australia.

Sid Nelson v Bournemouth, 28th December 2014.
Presented by Adam Cook and Chris Chappell.

David Forde v Bolton Wanderers, 19th December 2014.  
Presented by Nicholas and Wayne Scott.

Scott McDonald v Middlesbrough, 6th December 2014.  
Presented by Mark Mac, Louis Pearce, Amber Preston and Freddie Preston.

Alan Dunne v Brentford, 8th November 2014.
Presented by Jamie, Sandy and Edward Masson.

Shaun Williams v Blackburn Rovers, 4th November 2014.
Presented by Connie, Ruby and Macy Kempster.

Danny Shittu v Cardiff City, 25th October 2014.
Presented by Lewis and Chaz Cooper.

Lee Martin v Wolverhampton Wanderers, 18th October 2014.
Presented by Danny Fenlon and Ollie White.

Aiden O'Brien v Birmingham City, 30th September 2014.
Presented by Alan Webster and Ethan Levitt.

Scott McDonald v Nottingham Forrest, 20th September 2014.
Presented by Emily and Dave Smith.

Scott McDonald v Blackpool, 30th August 2014.
Presented by Martin Webster, Lauren Chamberlain and Jake Webster.

David Forde v Suthampton
(Capital One Cup 2nd Round), 26th August 2014.
Presented by Mattheew Hart.

Lee Martin v Rotherham United, 23rd August 2014.
Presented by Freddie Dolan.

Lee Gregory v Wycombe Wanderers
(Capital One Cup 1st Round), 12th August 2014.
Presented by Frankie, Teddy and Danny Belcher.

Shaun Williams v Leeds United, 9th August 2014
Presented by Tommy Hart.

Man of the Match Awards - 2013 / 2014 season

Mark Beevers v Doncaster Rovers 21st April 2014.
Presented by Joe and Bobby Merton, and Henry Lawrence.

Martyn Woolford v Watford, 12th April 2014.
Presented by Eric Girdler and Alfie McDermott.

Fred Onyedinma v Charlton Athletic, 15th March 2014.
Presented by Brian Horne Snr.

David Forde, v Brighton and Hove Albion, 1st March 2014.
Presented by Keith Davis, Kayleigh Glasscock and Tony Stowell
in loving memory of Marcus Glasscock.

Shane Williams v Bolton Wanderers, 15th February 2014.
Presented by Martin and Jake Webster.

Ryan Fredericks v Reading, 1st February 2014.
Presented by Nerijus.

Steve Morison v Sheffield Wednesday, 28th January 2014.
Presented by Steve Sandford.

Shane Lowry v Ipswich Town, 18th January 2014.
Presented by John and Selina Morgan.

Richard Chaplow v Leicester City, 1st January 2014.
Presented to Paul Robinson in Richard's absence
by Alex and Danniella Langford, and Maya Hayward.

David Forde v Wigan Athletic, 7th December 2013.
Presented by John Reynolds and Tracey Scudder.

Steve Morison v Nottingham Forest, 3rd December 2013. 
Presented by James Hunt and Ryan Bailey.

Scott McDonald v Burnley, 2nd November 2013.
Presented by Amber Preston, Freddie Preston and Scott McDermott.

Scott Malone v QPR, 19th October 2013.
Presented by Amy O’Connor.

Scott Macdonald v Derby County, 14th September 2013.
Presented by James and Jamie Sheldon.

Scott Malone v Leeds United, 28th September 2013.
Presented by Paul and Jack Waldron.

Alan Dunne v Blackpool, 17th September 2013.
Presented by Eric Doran.

Alan Dunne v Huddersfield Town, 17th August 2013.
Presented to David Forde in Alan's absence by Megan Woodford.

Scott Malone v AFC Wimbledon, League Cup 1st Round, 6th August 2013.
Presented to Alan Dunne in Scott's absence by Joe Bannon and Finlay Lawrence-Bannon.

Nicky Bailey v Yeovil Town, 3rd August 2013. 
Presented by Toni Holmes.

Man of the Match Awards - 2012 / 2013 season

David Forde v Nottingham Forest 27th April 2013,
presented by Tony Stowell and the Coach & Horses, Bexley.

David Forde v Blackburn Rovers 23rd April 2013,
presented by Pat Skelly.

Shane Lowry v Watford 16th April 2013,
presented by Rachel Tamplin.

Jimmy Abdou v Sheffield Wed 9th March 2013,
presented by Alex Keyworth.

Alan Dunne v Ipswich Town, 1st April 2013,
presented by Andy Parker and Jamie Cook.

Mark Beevers v Blackburn Rovers (FA Cup Quarter Final) 10th March 2013,
presented by Nick, Rebecca, Sasha and Raffi Oddy.

Danny Shittu v Wolverhampton Wanderers, 5th March 2013,
presented by Lenie Barnes.

Josh Wright v Preston North End (FA Cup) 5th January 2013,
presented by Danny and Ted Belcher.

Adam Smith v Hull City, 2nd February 2013,
presented by Dave and Tom Smith.

Danny Shittu v Aston Villa (FA Cup) 25th January 2013.
presented by Danielle Carter, Kaylee Benson, Courtnee Benson and Jack Benson.

Adam Smith v Burnley, 19th January 2013,
presented by Laura, Kevin and Alex Jones.

Adam Smith v Bristol City, 1st Janury 2013,
presented by Orlagh and Paul Berry.

Shane Lowry v Barnsley, 22nd December 2012,
presented by Ben Bragg, Courtney Kendall and Paul Kendall.

Danny Shittu v Leicester City, 15th December 2012,
presented by Frankie-Terri Watson and Owen Anderson.

Chris Wood v Charlton Athletic, 1st December 2012,
presented by Harry & Brian Groves and Neil Richardson.

Chris Wood v Leeds United, 18th November 2012,
presented by Lilly Brooker.

Andy Keogh v Derby Country, 10th November 2012,
presented by Felicity & Charlie Covill.

Darius Henderson (received by Danny Shittu on his behalf owing to injury),
27th October 2012, presented by Ron and Jonathan Bowdery.

Chris Wood v Birmingham City, 23rd October 2012,
presented by Barry and Samantha Blackman.

Danny Shittu v Bolton Wanderers, 6th October 2012,
presented by David and Sam Weller.

Chris Wood v Brighton & Hove Albion, 22nd September 2012,
presented by Sid and George Dickenson.

Andy Keogh v Cardiff City, 18th September 2012,
presented by Jamie and Tyler Reardon.

Andy Keogh v Middlesborough, 1st September 2012,
presented by Gary Kemp.

Josh Wright v Blackpool 18th August 2012,
presented by Matthew Hart and Alex Reese.

Shaun Batt v Crawley Town (Capital One Cup 1st Round)
14th August 2012, presented by Mick and Callum Burke.

Man of the Match Awards - 2011 / 2012 season

Jimmy Abdou v Leeds United, 24th March 2012,
presented by Louie Colvill and Nicola Lyons.

James Henry v Southampton, 17th March 2012,
presented by Jack Down and Joseph Hoyne.

Josh Wright v Reading, 3rd March 2012,
presented by Millie and Tony Percival.

Jimmy Abdou v Middlesborough, 21st February 2012,
presented by Jeff and Simon Krafft.

Shane Lowry v Bolton,
(FA Cup 5th Round) 18th February 2012,
presented by Brian Horne Snr.

Paul Robinson v Derby County, 11th February 2012,
presented by 'Grandad' John Butler.

Darius Henderson v Watford, 31st January 2012,
presented by Harry and Derek Melton.

Liam Trotter v Southampton,
(FA Cup 4th Round) 28th January 2012
presented by Danielle Lake.

Darius Henderson v Dagenham & Redbridge,
(FA Cup 3rd Round Replay) 17th January 2012
presented by Craig Wilson.

Jimmy Abdou v Birmingham City, 14th January 2012
presented by Kelly and Harry Allbury.

Shane Lowry v Crystal Palace, 31st January 2012
presented by George and Sid Dickenson.

Alan Dunn v Portsmouth, 26th December 2011,
presented by Laura Adamson.

Paul Robinson v Cardiff City, 10th December 2011,
presented by Richard, Michelle, Kaylee, Courtnee and Jack Benson.

Liam Trotter v Doncaster Rovers, 29th November 2011,
presented by Ayse and Charlie Smith.

Liam Feeney v Bristol City, 20th November 2011,
presented by Sam Masson and Michelle James.

Darius Henderson v Coventry City, 1st November 2011,
presented by Joe Bannon, Finley Lawrence-Bannon and Carrie Lawrence.

Jay Simpson v Ipswich Town, 29th October 2011,
presented by Jamie, Sandy, Sam and Edward Masson.

Jay Simpson v Brighton, 18th October 2011,
presented by Dean, Stevie and Joe Stowell and Lauren Goodacre.

Tamika Mkandawire v Burnley, 1st October 2011,
presented by Tracey Scudder and Jamie Broad.

Liam Trotter v West Ham United, 17th September 2011,
presented by George and Stanley Kenny.

Liam Trotter v Peterborough United, 17th August 2011,
presented by Louis Petkem and Sonny Robinson.

John Marquis vs Barnsley, 27 August 2011,
presented by Charlie Gale.

Tamika Mkandawire vs Morecambe,
League Cup 2nd Round 23 August 2011,
presented by Matthew Hart.

Liam Trotter vs Nottingham Forest, 13 August 2011,
presented by John and Reggie Hart.

Man of the Match Awards - 2010 / 2011 season

Michelle James and Sam Masson present Andros Townsend
with his Man of the Match trophy for the QPR game.

Kelly Allbury and her son, Harry presenting Kenny Jacket with the
MoM trophy for the Crystal Palace game to the Millwall Team.

Man of the Match for the Scunthorpe game, James Henry,
with Terry, Harry and Danny Melton.

Man of the Match for the Norwich City game,Tamika Mkandawire,
being presented with his award by, (from L to R), Samantha Masson,
Sandy Masson, Edward Masson and Jamie Masson.

Man of the Match for Ipswich Town (Carling Cup 3) Scott Barron
being presented his trophy by Carly and Dave Wade.

14th September 2010 - Reading: Jimmy Abdou being
presented his trophy by Jadie and Alex Willis

Man of the Match Awards - 2009 / 2010 season

11th August 2009 - Bournemouth (Lg Cup): Neil Harris,
Carrie Lawrence, Joe Bannon & Finlay Laurence-Bannon.

15th August 2009 - Carlisle United: Alan Dunne,
presented by Anthony Adamson, Laura Adamson & Toni Hill.

18th August 2009 - Oldham Athletic: George Friend,
presented by Ahmet Halil, Peter and Harry McCormak.

28th August 2009 - Brighton and Hove Albion: Jimmy Abdou,
presented by John and Nicole Hart.

19th September 2009 - Huddersfield Town: Ali Fuseini,
presented by Tom Hayes.

29th September 2009 - Yeovil Town: Neil Harris,
presented by Kevin and Fraser Lynch.

3rd October 2009 - Tranmere Rovers: James Henry,
presented by Gary Bailey and Sarah Rawling.

24th October 2009 - Leeds United: Neil Harris,
presented by Jamie, Edward and Sandy Masson.

31st October 2009 - Colchester United: James Henry, presented
to Les Briley (on behalf of James Henry) by Darren Dickenson.

7th November 2009 - AFC Wimbledon: Danny Schofield,
presented by Patrick and Kyle Quinn and Jean O'Driscoll.

21st November 2009 - Wycombe Wanderers: Danny Schofield,
presented by Brian Horne Senior.

1st December 2009 - MK Dons: Paul Robinson,
presented by Katie Hinton and Dean Turner.

9th December 2009 - Staines Town: Steve Morison,
presented by Ryan and Harry Double.

12th December 2009 - Walsall: Steve Morison,
presented by Denis and Frankie Walker.

28th December 2009 - Bristol Rovers: Steve Morison, presented
by Melanie McDermott and Freddie, Amber and Gary Preston.

2nd January 2010 - Derby County: Paul Robinson,
presented by Kelly and Harry Allbury.

16th January 2010 - Southampton: Darren Ward,
presented by Peter and Danny Heard.

26th January 2010 - Southend United: Shaun Batt,
presented by Nicola Lyons and Jason Jennings.

6th February 2010 - Norwich City: Tony Craig,
presented by Ellie and Maisie Davies.

13th February 2010 - Exeter City: Neil Harris,
presented by John and Tom Regan.

Man of the Match Awards - 2008 / 2009 season

17th January 2009 - Tranmere Rovers: Zak Whitbread,
presented by Jay and Tony Lynch, Drew Wellings and Jess Keohane.

3rd January 2009 - Crewe (Fa Cup 3rd Round): Zak Whitbread,
presented by Harry Groves, David Waterton, Joe Lawrence and Sean McCarthy.

28th December 2008 - Yeovil Town: Zak Whitbread,
presented by Andy and Ryan Stephens.

20th December 2008 - Crewe Alexandra: Adam Bolder,
presented by Jackie Bushell.

6th December 2008 - Bristol Rovers: Tresor Kandol,
presented by Francis and Frank Lyons.

29th November 2008 - Aldershot Town FA Cup 2nd Round: Chris Hackett,
presented by Dwayne Gibson and Jason Roseman.

25th November 2008 - Carlisle Utd: Paul Robinson,
presented by Barry, Tina and Ryan Brown.

15th November 2008 - Stockport County: Neil Harris,
presented by Jason Roseman and Grandad John.

28th October 2008 - Hereford Utd: Tony Craig,
presented by Diane Lyons.

18th October 2008 - Leeds Utd: Neil Harris,
presented by Claire and Nicola Lyons.

4th October 2008 - MK Dons: Chris Hackett,
presented by Todd and Billy Hobbs.

20th September 2008 - Cheltenham Towm: Gary Alexander,
presented by Reece and Bailey Searle.

6th September 2008 - Hartlepool United: Lewis Grabban,
presented by Emily Farman.

2nd September 2008 - Colchester Utd (JPT): Chris Hackett,
presented by Matthew Hart and Kelly Allbury.

30th August 2008 - Huddersfield Town: David Forde,
presented by Jamie and Michael Reardon.

16th August 2008 - Southend Utd: Paul Robinson,
presented by Kevin and Ben Radenhurst.

Man of the Match Awards - 2007 / 2008 season

18th August 2007 - Cheltenham Town: Danny Spiller,
presented by Jamie and Michael Reardon.

1st September 2007 - Huddersfield Town: Danny Spiller,
presented by Todd Hobbs.

15th September 2007 - Walsall: Chris Hackett,
presented by John, Nicole and Tommy Hart.

29th September 2007 - Swindon Town: Ali Fuseini,
presented by Alex and George Bell and Jordan Carrigan.

2nd October 2007 - Northampton Town: Paul Robinson, presented by
Harry Gosbee, Danny Barber, Jamie Gayle, Terry and Freddie Amor.

20th October 2007 - AFC Bournemouth: Jamie O'Hara, presented by
Jason Roseman, Jack and Joe Bassett and Anthony Stafford.

3rd November 2007 - Hartlepool United: Ahmet Brkovic,
presented by Charlie and Georgia Mason.

6th November 2007 - Swansea City: Alan Dunne,
presented by Ginge.

24th Nov 2007 - Yeovil Town: Ali Fuseini,
presented by Harry Gosbee, Danny Barber and Jamie Gayle.

15th December 2007 - Oldham Athletic: Zak Whitbread,
presented by Harry Garston and Jessica Benner.

26th December 2007 - Brighton and Hove Albion: Gary Alexander,
presented by Ellie and Maisie Davies and Amber Preston.

29th December 2007 - Crewe Alexandra: Jay Simpson,
presented by Nicola Lyons, Kelly Allbury and Josh McFadden.

19th January 2008 - Tranmere Rovers: Adrian Forbes,
pesented by David and Sam Weller.

23rd January 2008 - Nottingham Forest: Adrian Forbes,
presented by Alan Webster and Elizabeth Connell.

12th February 2008 - Southend United: Dave Martin,
presented by Ryan and Joe James.

23rd February 2008 - Port Vale: Dave Martin,
presented by Alfie Hough, Glen Malyon and George Petters.

1st March 2008 - Bristol Rovers: Danny Senda,
presented by Dominic and Greg Rudd.

15th March 2008 - Leyton Orient: Ryan Smith,
presented by Harry, Ellie-Jo, James and Andy Warner.

24th March 2008 - Luton Town: Paul Robinson, presented by
Darren Spinks, Danny Barber, Micky Pitman, Kevin McEvoy and Harry Gosbee.

5th April 2008 - Gillingham: Paul Robinson, Presented by Craig Wilson.

19th April 2008 - Leeds United: Jay Simpson,
presented by Bill and Nancy Lismore.

26th April 2008 - Carlisle United: Neil Harris, presented by
Keith Davis, David O'Regan, Catherine O'Regan and Tony Stowell.


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